WWT#28 – Why Every Gentleman Should Have A Wrist Watch, Sinn Watches & Amzdeal 8 Watch Case Review

In today’s “Wrist Watch Talk” (WWT) episode I discuss why every gentlemen should have a wrist watch and if you shop wisely you don’t have to spend thousands to get a high quality piece. I also review the Amzdeal 8 watch storage and travel case, I open a very special package of handmade leather straps form Rome and lastly I look at a few Sinn watches that have caught my eye.

To buy the watch case reviewed in this video check out:

To buy the leather straps featured in this video directly from Colareb in Italy check out:

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Andrew Tran says:

I was wondering if you got into wet shaving,

Dusan Veselka says:

You have the best video reviews about watches. You have a various and fine, requisite taste, you understand watches and you make the videos on a professional level. Your videos are interesting all way through, you talk to the point and you make me think about what you are saying. I love watches and I love so many of them that Im just simply on the way of starting to collect them. The greatest beauty of collecting watches is that watches are mechanical pieces – they work, they move and are a result of engineering ingenuity. Keep it up.

Joshua Tsau says:

Manners maketh man! Also, it’s really cool to see the beginnings of your interest in the Sinn brand when the 104 is one of your favorites now XD

stockholm17 says:

Mechanical and Automatic more accurate than Quartz? That’s just wrong and you know it. However, I agree, the beauty, the style, the craft involved in the making of a self-winding watch, the tic tic tic tic tic – it’s something closer to our hearts and minds.

Flandry Flandrien says:

Men’s wristwatch = 1. Steel case 2. Manual wind 3. Preferably made before 1997
Cool case for 8 watches

World Of Gavin says:

I want to see you revew a Omaga sea master revew

spencer giorgio says:

You strike and analyze excellent points. I have been watching your channel for quite some time now, this is one of my favorite episodes. Cheers!

Johnny K says:

You’re right the wristwatch needs to come back. Men should invest in the one piece of jewellery..the watch is it. A classy wristwatch beats looking at your iPhone anytime

Rodrigo says:

take a picture of the watches and lock that case

Człowiek Wiking says:

What if I prefer pocket watches? It’s hard to get inexpensive new ones these days, but a used USSR-made Molnija can be dirt cheap and pretty accurate. I got a beautiful one for about 35 pounds, but sadly a jewel has broken in half after some sand got in the movement. Now I’m using my phone for checking time (I know, like a pleb…), but I’m going to fix the watch ASAP, maybe buy a new chain, too (the one I got with it had poor quality nickel plating that started wearing off).

Garry Perkins says:

I love your videos, and I recently became a REALLY minor Patreon supporter, but I was mildly offended by your disregard for education. Perhaps this is simply because I worked so hard at this aspect of life for the first 22 years of my life, but education matters.

I have traveled extensively. and I respect travel, but I have noticed a substantial difference between the man who plans, studies the culture, does some crude language study, and feels the place he visits. Then you have the anti-education chump who does ten countries in two weeks and brags about how many countries (s)he has visited, No one likes the latter.

Education is a wonderful thing, whether one attends the best schools/universities or not.

Again, I respect you immensely and I am not criticizing you, but education matters. Those who worked hard to get into the right university deserve at the least some respect for their sacrifice.

Also, if you wanted to review a watch, why not review some watch winders? Then again, perhaps you already have.

R1112 says:

what’s the point of a 8 watch case when there is 7 days in a week!!

john sullivan says:

i just got the new citizen 300m diver, all black with white markers, it would fit your wrist what do you think

T Harris says:

I wish we had this thirty years ago

Rodrigo says:

fuck man. be careful with the TSA they suck. they stold my fathers rolex last week

iuseto lovemilk says:

funnie intro! liked it

Henry Lembeck says:

may I ask where you got this handsom shirt from?
It looks great.

PS: great video keep up the good work.
Sincearly, Henry from Germany.

Garrett S says:

Can you do a review on the Borealis Estoril 300 please !

Joseph Gizzi Jr says:

I ordered a Sinn U1 after watching your show with Frederico. Purchased from WatchBuys, they have a good inventory and fast access to the newer releases.

Francisco Gonzalez says:

Hi, really liked your channel, do you know anything about the Armogan Spirit of Saint Louis watch? Is made in Luxembourg and looks pretty good but I can’t find any info about this watch and appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Francisco Gonzalez says:

Also, do you recommend the Edox Les Vauberts Automatic watch? It’s a $700+ watch and I really like the design but don’t know much about this brand. Really appreciate your comments. Thanks.

Tony Oliver says:

just curious TGV, how do you distinguish a horological piece from a fashion one? I always go by asking the question, does this brand primarily focus on timekeeping versus other business pursuits or is a watch just a side business

Squirrel says:

A life unexamined is not worth living 😉

Tobias Laws says:


Peter Kotrčka says:

True. I am new into this, but since I have changed my job, it feels right to have a nice shirt, nice suite, nice shoes… and wristwatch. classic one, decent, simple, with leather strap.. Junghans, of course 🙂

MrLoughneagh says:

Are you a Freemason lad ?

Kuok Liang Chin says:

Keep up the good work, TGV

joseph burtulato says:

I have a modest 3 watch collection. They consist of a digital Timex Expedition compass, an analog Timex compass and a Timex Flyback chronograph. I’m looking to get the Japanese Seiko dive watch with a navy and red nato strap. Ps loved your review on the Seiko dive watch.

Moment in Time says:

Does Sinn or Chris Ward hold better resale value? What about Damasko?

Rheza Maulana says:

all I can think of is the price value of that travel bag / box, when you fill it with ALL of your watches haha. it might be secure, but I’d still be nervous haha

Laura Adshead says:

Page and cooper are a big Sinn stockist

Giancarlo Rosselli says:

Amazing episode, Tristano. Un abbraccio, fratello!

Bryce B says:

TGV thanks to you I’m learning an appreciation for watches. Great channel. Keep up the good work.

Jay C. says:

I’m a car guy but you can’t take your car into a restaurant, I love this channel, best watch channel on YouTube in my opinion.

pavy415 says:

hey my friend do you review watch collections as well?

kevin miranda says:

I like you channel it has a great content thanks to you I got back in to watches. I like your point to the fashion channel they get really tong about the watches they usually recommend watch that they are going to last 1 year and Chinese brands, with really bad quality.

crazycool chick says:

I know I am girl but I still belive in the old fashion watch two I work in a store and I keep my phone in my locker so it doesn’t help I still where my watch I always had your one think every girl and lady should. I am learning to repair mines by starting with replacing batteries on them.

Watchfreak Kumar says:

Please review sinn 103 st……the vintage one….please….m dying to get one

Rob H says:

Nice channel, check out megir on ebay for sublet and paneri homages! excellent.

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