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TOP 5 Best GPS Running Watches Early 2016. I’ve taken into account everything from the size and configuration of the watch to the software and price. Additionally, in this video I discuss the heart rate capabilities of each watch. If you’re looking for the best GPS watch for running, this is the list to start with. There are dozens of really great watches out there, but I would start with this list if I was you. I do many fitbit reviews and gps watch reviews, including garmin forerunner reviews and I’ve compile the best of the bunch. Below are my individual reviews:

Garmin Forerunner 225 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 235 Review & 230 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 630 Review:

Garmin Forerunner 25 Review:

Fitbit Surge Review:

TomTom Spark Review:

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piano trumpet says:

Pretty much every high school cross country runner has a Garmin forerunner 15, unless they’re rich

Vishal Jain says:

How about the Smart B-Trainer?

thetommantom says:

Garmin? GPS? Never heard of that before lol these are sick

Scooter 123 says:

Why are you pushing Optical Heart Rate Sensors. Anyone who spends just 5 minutes using Google will arrive at the conclusion that they are so unreliable they are nearly useless. BTW, Garmin is currently dealing with a class action suit over the Fitbit and it’s optical heart rate sensor that just doesn’t work as advertised.

Yeah, the older chest bands do require some small amount of effort to put on if you keep the straps clean they feature near perfect reliability for an accurate heart rate. So, why does it matter. Past experience has demonstrated that when people are given a choice between “easy” and excellence that requires some effort most will go for easy, even when it is clearly inferior. My fear is the day may come when the only choice is an optical sensor that just doesn’t work nearly as well as the chest band.

Brent Fischer says:

How does the fitbit Blaze rank on this list?

Kia Bryant says:

What do you think about the Fitbit charge 2?

God Bless Texas Epting says:

Am I getting the sense that Garmin is good at making GPS watches? No. I am getting the sense that you are paid to say these things, because no true athlete will honestly believe that an optical heart rate sensor is as good as the strap. Also, where are the Suunto products?

Melyna Doyon says:


I just had a Vivoactive HR for 3 months and I didn’t enjoy it! The wrist sensor does not work properly. For example, last weekend I was at least at 190 of heart rate and the Vivoactive watch was showing that I was at 117. :- The watch also froze a few times and I couldn’t do anything until the batteries were completely down.

Now I am shopping for a new gps multisport watch and I feel a bit afraid to shop for a watch that has a wrist sensor instead of an elastic band sensor. (I had before the forerunner 305 and except the size I was happy 🙂

Does the wrist sensor work nicely on other watches or the technology is not yet at its peak? (Sorry for the spelling, not my first language)

AKSHAT Here says:

I really love TomTom Spark Cardio+Music. It is really the best activity tracker. Fitbit surge is not accurate and good.

robert Mothersdale says:

been looking at the tomtom runner 2 cardio + music just wondering your thoughts on it

seiberg sanchez says:

What do you think about Garmin forerunner 15? I´m runner and biker just in weekend…

Blake Mayer says:

Riz. I need advice. I have Garmin Forerunner 920XT. I bought this (square version) and like it but looking for a different watch. I primarily run (do not currently swim or bike). I was thinking running marathons with Fenix 3 but maybe I should stick with forerunner and move to 630. To me, the Fenix is “fashionable” and can be worn to work etc. The Garmin 630 isn’t terrible but more just a sport watch and that is why I was thinking switching to Fenix 3 but not sure if the weight of the watch is not great for distance running. I appreciate the input.

Super Sonico says:

at least he is honest about sponsorship

Mathias Pahlman says:

I live for rusning but in a HS Runner so My budget is not to great :/

Jose Viveros says:

Is it still worth buying the garmin forerunner 220?

Alexander Ekermark says:

I’ve watched a few of your videos now because I wanna buy a sports watch! But I’m not sure yet! What sports watch that track pulse and so on is the best when doing Crossfit? Thanks for answering! definitely subscribing!! 🙂

Connor Humphreys says:

what about tom tom spark

Griffin Coleman says:

So the low end model is for those who aren’t into running as much? Or maybe it’s for those of us who run daily but don’t want to spend $200+ on a GPS watch…

Fred eric says:

stupid marketing video. You’re just promoting your links. In your link the prices are crazy, better buying on eBay for half the price or even less.

Roberto Sakaguchi says:

Rizknows, after watching your video I was planning to buy the forerunner 235, but when I run I have trouble looking to the numbers ( have to take my glasses out to see better) ,, so I wanted to know which has the biggest numbers??

Sam Cross says:

the Surge rocks. can’t lie about it.

Iker Hidalgo says:

Omgwtfbbq allegation The vid really looks heaviny epic primarily =]

A. S. says:

Great video! Thanks! Question: I’ve been disabled and housebound due to illness for a couple years and now am finally getting back outside to recondition. I need to accurately measure the distance of my walks. The walks will be over very short distances, initially (about 4-5 mins in duration, at a very slow pace). Can you suggest which watch at a mid-level pricing can measure such short distances accurately (as I’ve heard some aren’t able to)? Also, do all GPS watches require stride length measurements done by me in order to measure distance walked? Thanks!

best songs Lyrics says:

apple watch nike+??

zuelgaray santiago says:

Hi what about the suunto’s watches? Like the ambit 3 or something a bit cheaper like the ambit 2 or ambit 2 R?

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