The Truly Unique History Of Ball Watches & Trainmaster Eternity Automatic Watch Review NM2080D

Today I look at a terrific dress watch from Ball. I have never experienced a Ball watch before but have always been drawn to their high quality and interesting designs. However, the real strength of the brand is in it’s truly unique history which is like no other brand in the world. So, if you are into American history, especially locomotives and want a Swiss made quality timepiece, this is just the ticket!

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chris lynch says:

I just purchased a Ball Flying Scotsman limited edition. It would be a fantastic watch for you to review.

Samuel Weltjen says:

Just fell in “Love” with the Ball Trainmaster 60 Seconds – NM1058D-S3J-WH
If you get a chance I would love to see your review of it.

Plutonium says:

Consider the Ball Trainmaster Pulsemeter Chrono COSC.

Arthur I says:

the bracelet reminds me of railroad tracks, really complements the overall theme of this watch

EXT3RMIN8R says:

Great Review. Been catching up on a lot of videos. I’m looking to get a Ball Engineer ii Marvelight. If you could get your hands on one and review it, it would be great. I look forward to more videos. Thanks brother.

red car says:

Glad I came across your channel love all your tastes in fashion, music and especially watches; also you add great content and offer something unique and different from other channels. Certainly subscribing.

Peter D says:

I hope one day you visit Iceland Guv and spend some time with JS watch co for a video. Superb watches and a great little company.

tripler says:

Nice video. interesting piece, kinda Seiko=ish… Love that crown.
…and they’re dauphine hands, not sword hands gov. 🙂

Mohd Redzuan Devan Abdullah says:

please review the ball trainmaster 60 seconds 2.

Waffle PC says:

Have you ever made a video on cheaper watches ($100 – $300)? I do not know where to look for good watches in that price point.

Time Heist says:

i cant believe you never knew about Ball!!!!!!!! its one of the most beautiful watch brands with the best use of tritium in a watch ive ever seen

mbnv99234 says:

Hey TGV ! Could you please get the Ball Big Boy in for a review ? This watch here – I’m thinking of adding one to my collection. Thank you !

Eric McGhee says:

I’m just pleased to bits that you did a Ball Watch review. I’ve owned 3 and absolutely love the brand. Their drivers are unbelievably robust and worth much more than they sell for. I’m currently debating on whether I want a Zenith El Primero Original or a Ball Racer chronograph.

Robert Escalona says:

Great review! the channel is getting better and better IMO. I’m thinking of getting a ball engineer ii marvelight, if you could get your hands on one and review it that’d be great!

Cheers! 🙂

Donald Mei says:

Can you provide a link to this specific watch. I can’t seem to find the exact one. There are a number of NM2080D watches that all seem different from this watch. – thanks.

TimeKeeper says:

Lovely watch! Great to learn about this brand.

Alam Buzz says:

You shouldn’t have removed the bracelet—just my opinion.

LemurKrazy says:

Pure class and quality video. The intro, history and watch – brilliant.

Swiss Watch Craze says:

I am not a fan of Ball watches. I can’t stand the look of those retarded square/ rectangular Tritium tubes. With today’s improved lume, these stupid tubes aren’t really necessary.

Angelus Avila says:

Hello, could you review Paul picot watches? they’re considered to be high grade. Thanks great to see you back.


I love ball watches they’re on my buy list

dasman66 says:

I LOVE this watch… saw it in person and now I want one badly… would be a grail for me if it was date only.

John Doe says:

Ball grabbed my attention back when they had limited editions of BMW, but that watch is beautiful! The dial is gorgeous, I love it! The discount sounds interesting ! Thank you TGV

teboho sitole says:

Trainmaster doctor’s chronograph 18k

Markus Sontheimer says:

Hello TGV, thanks for giving me some advice about this brand recently. So now I think, I’ll devinitly go for it 🙂

Velo Owl says:

That is possibly the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen. Wow. Someday, maybe.

Alex Solito says:

Could you review the Ball skindive 2 ? Thanks

Alberto Interian III says:

+The Urban Gentry: if you are interested in rail road history, check out the Gold Coast Rail Road museum next time you are in Miami, or the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC if you ever go. Of course, I’m sure you’d love the National Air and Space museums in DC as well!

Distantranger says:

I’m a retired locomotive engineer and trainmaster. When I started on the railroad in 1973 Ball was a popular brand. I opted for a Bulova Accutron which was a piece of junk. It never did keep good time, just good enough. We had to have our watches inspected once a year by an authorized jeweler. I only had 2 watches in my 38 year career, the other was a Pulsar which I still have.

Moment in Time says:

Great to see you review a Ball watch.  They have an amazing history and are very unique in their Railroad history… something that watches/time has a significant role, even today, with maintaining schedules and safety of transit.  I do agree with the case back, would have been better with a solid case back and a train engine engraved like one of their other watch models.

If only Ball watches were still made in the U.S.A.

sushi man says:

very nice review on all your watches.
what’s your opinion on the SEIKO SBDC027 LE ? is it worth collecting ?
thanks !

dizzy rider says:

I’d argue that to gain or lose 30 seconds a week is not that stringent.

Robs Marvelle jr says:

SkinDIver II

Peter D says:

Have owned four Balls. Night train, tmt diver dlc, stormchaser and now down to the stormchaser dlc. These watches are bloody hardy and very accurate. In the UK sales are often making them possibly the best value brand for quality ratio one can buy

Scott Warmbier says:

Governor – Please look into the Engineer Hydrocarbon Nedu or Orbital models – they are among the pieces on my “Grail” list but for their features and overall level of quality quite reasonable for the money spent (in my opinion). After getting the first little one through college I’ll likely treat myself to one. Thank you once again for your great reviews and well produced videos!

ProenskiKaproensky says:

Would be great if you could get any Europe based companies to offer UBG promo deals…

Allen Janes says:

nice review. You earned yourself a new subscriber. Regards, AJ

Stewart Miley says:

Master II skindiver II, I’d love to see that reviewed.

crexz says:

It’s a pity to see Ball cutting back on the movement decoration. I remember seeing a 2012 review of the same model with decorated rotor…. perhaps cost cutting measure made them replace it with this “meh” rotor

Ahsan Awan says:

Really great video, like yourself it is a brand that I have overlooked and will be paying more attention to them in the future.

On a separate note, I came across your channel a month back and have been watching the videos intermittently. Really refreshing to see someone that talks about all watches from Seiko to Rolex and reviews each piece on merit, without bias to a movement type, mechanical or Quartz or brand. Great to see, I’m subscribing! Keep up the good work.

Bruce Williams says:

Nicely done TGV, absolutely beautiful watch! I love that textured dial and all the attention to detail. Looks very nice and of serious quality 🙂 I agree as well, shame it wasn’t slightly smaller, and more decoration on the movement. Would have liked to see a COSC certification for the price as well. Still a really cool watch

William Sung says:

great review! please consider reviewing the Ball Trainmaster Cannonball 2! very great looking chronograph!

Carl Weeks says:

If you get a chance please review a Ball Trainmaster Power Reserve

druno82 says:

We have a dealer in town, and I like their pieces. However, as a small-wristed gent, most of the models I admire are much too large for me.

John George says:

Beautiful watches — I have the Fireman Racer and it’s a favorite and versatile piece. I’m a bit biased being from CLE and NorthEast Ohio, Ball has great history. Site of the Kipton train wreck is a short drive from where I live and I have visited a few times. Great info TGV.

The Young Salesman says:

What is your thoughts on TAG Heuer. I’m really getting into watches and wants someone’s thoughts. Also any input on great watches for professional occasions

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