The Best Automatic Watch Under $100 – A Perfect Place To Start – The Iconic Seiko 5 – SNKL23 Review

Today we go back to my roots! My very first automatic wrist watch was an old 70s Seiko I inherited as a child from my father. Unlike my grandfather’s pocket I was also was fortunate inherit, I could actually wear the Seiko. And so it kicked off a love affair that would last most of my life. One of the most frequently asked questions I get on this channel is: what is a good place to start with watches and preferably something automatic for around $100? There is only one company in the world that has such an extensive range, rich horological heritage and the manufacturing capabilities to supply that demand. Today I talk about the Seiko 5, it’s ideology, concept and history behind it. In this video I review and talk about my favourite from the range, the SNKL23.

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AndyT:08 says:

this watch is sold out everywhere geez

kmilo93 says:

this watch is hard to find. its been out of stock for a long time in longisland watch

Ryan Jenkins says:

Just got myne in.

Max M says:

Discovered this channel a few days ago, and already spent many hours watching the excellent videos. Big thanks, TGV.

Want to replace the strap for this Seiko. Can anyone confirm that the lug width is 22mm? Thanks in advance!

Dieshelmon says:

I’ve been looking for this watch online and noticed a website I’ve purchased from before has a snkl23k and a snkl23j. Can anyone confirm if there is a difference in these two models besides the j model maybe having a Japanese day/date? And are they assembled in the same facility?

Mikael Turnip says:

Oooh! …Straton Curve! …Come on, TGV! …Integrity check?

Colton Franks says:

There’s got to be a hackable version, or a hand wound one. I’d buy it in a second. No pun intended, but I love this watch.

Tony Lohi says:

This Urban Gentry dude does know his watches, he definately knows style and value, history and manufacturing, and presents the watches in an entertaining way – as far as value I have owned and always sold Seiko@s for more than I paid for them, I have one thats 25 30 yrs old still like brand new, runs perfect but is battery powered – anyone with info on Labor watches? Ive bought a few of them that were “old stock watches” new but never sold look to be circa 1980s Seiko / Swiss really fantastic design “punk rock” pyramid band also 23k gold plated Texas style watch – a very high end small watch company this Labor I think must do custom orders only if your interested in this brand please reply!

H0nest Ab3 says:

I get compliments on “fashion” watches. I haven’t found any $100 price range “traditional” watches that are anywhere near as sexy

Abo Bader says:

what’s the difference between same model one of them written insaid and back said MADE IN JAPAN?

Markes says:

Excellent review and great watch. Referring to built quality and precision what would be better option, Seiko 5 or Orient Bambino.

peter tuann says:

TGV, have you ever seen a Seiko Bell-matic? in the late 1970s, my Dad bought his and hers Omega Constellations, and so he was not wearing his 17 jewel Seiko Bell-matich. I hijacked it and wore it every day from 5th grade on, I figured out the calendar, alarm, the bracelet adjustments, all by myself. I damaged it years later and it could not be repaired. It was stainless steel with blue dial, it started my watch career, I now wear an Omega Speedy X-33, but I miss my Seiko Bell-matic. In 5th grade, I was the only kid with a watch, and it was an $100 watch in the 1970s, when you could brand new Rolex for $500, brand new Omega for $300.

slimjim355 says:

Cant find this watch for sale anywhere wondering what the deal is

philj212 says:

where can i buy these?

dAdA GI says:


Lexi B Jones says:

This watch REF and that strap combo is perfection. Sorry to be obnoxious but where do you get your Seiko’s and do they ship to Australia? my past two watches have been in the $5k ball park but i want this exact watch more than either of them!

W. C. Chang says:

I’ve collected almost 20 Seiko 5s since 1994, and now I have to buy a separate watch box just for these watches. They are cheap, but valuable in my mind. Every Seiko 5 will triggers some memory in the past.

I have the exact same one in your show, and I still remember I was incredibly excited riding my broken Honda motorcycle with this Seiko 5 on my wrist, after I just purchased it from a jewelry stores. What a beautiful, elegant dress watch with such a low price!

This is something you could not experience from Swiss watches, except Titoni. Seiko 5 is poor man’s Rolex in my eyes.

Definitely A Black Guy says:

They even have one for $55 lol with a fabric strap.

woot woot says:

Is this brown or dark brown Spoleto strap?

TekGeekHD says:

I got mine a couple days ago with a padded gray suede/leather strap and I absolutely love it. What a brilliant watch for the price. Thanks TGV!

peter tuann says:

agreed, after watching your channel, I bought entry level Seikos for my kids, aged 9 and 11, gotta start some time. I don’t want them to miss out on watches by using cell phones for the time.

Noel Christian says:

Are the Seiko 5 line of watches all shock proof ? I have read there supposed to be. they should have 5 requirements and one of them is being shockproof, hence the name Seiko “5”

Sb Sb says:

how much did Seiko pay you? you have to wear it every day to know that it is very poor in quality. I can’t understand why you kept saying it is good. do you actually own a Seiko’s?

kolijahc says:

My first automatic (first through like 10 lol) was a Seiko 5 ebay find from india. it was like 18 bucks shipped. It doesn’t fit my style at all. Was all gold at some point and badly stripped to SS on case and bracelet. Gold faceted face. Can’t take a nato strap because it one of the few crappy seiko cases with a 10mm opening for the first link. 7S26(A)-01R0 But what made me keep it, get more, and start a life altering addiction that will never go away, was that display back. Gateway watch is an accurate description. But get one with a traditional 18mm lug and silver or black so it goes with anything. Or whatever floats your boat. Now I’m hooked on 6309. Anyone know where I can get a display caseback for the 6309s?

Jake Lipsett says:

if it’s not sold out, its almost $200

Nguyễn Minh Đức says:

what link web sell?

Sandy Beachcomber says:

Great review, thank you. I have the SNKL17 – silver variant with gold markers. Equally stunning and incredible value for money.

trinidad villagrana says:

thanks for video very helpfull.

Gourav Kumar says:

nice reveiw can u make video on best Swiss automatic in all price range

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