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Garmin fenix 5 Review! I did a full Garmin fenix 3 HR review last year (and before that a Garmin fenix 3 review) and was all about the Garmin fenix 3 sapphire, although I also owned the standard one. I did think it was kind of funny that Garmin skipped the Garmin fenix 4, but it’s not like it really matters what the name is. In any case, I do think it will end up on the top of the list for Best GPS Watch Watch 2017 and Best GPS Running Watch 2017. The big new things with the fenix 5 are a slightly more high resolution display, QuickFit bands, a reduced HRM nub, improved battery life, and additional training features (Training Status, Training Load, etc.). Also, it’s a smaller casing that’s lighter, although I don’t know that it’s any more or less comfortable. In any case, it for sure is on the mind of people for Best GPS Watch for Triathlons and Best GPS Watch for Marathons. There are for sure some missing features (native storage for music) and I hate the price point, but the build quality is great and I really like its smart features and activity/sleep tracking capabilities. At the end of the day, this is a sweet Garmin watch. I have actually reviewed or tested darn near every modern-day Garmin running watch like the Garmin Forerunner series (ex. Garmin Forerunner 935 or Forerunner 235). We are still compiling our list for the Best GPS Sportwatch 2017 and Best Fitness Watch 2017, but it would be hard to imagine that we leave this one off despite it’s crazy price tag. You can watch the video for more details and also stay tuned for our Garmin fenix 5X review!

Garmin fenix 5S Review:

Garmin fenix5 Review (after 3 days):

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cindychr1 says:

I’m not getting the battery life you talk about. My watch was fully charged yesterday and this morning is sitting at 78% and was just sitting on my dresser. No activity. Any idea why this would be.

Svein Are Presthus says:

Is’nt this the 3rd review of this watch?

Emmanuel Frisch says:

Off course I’ll get it… but the cheaper, lighter and Wifi standard version… the Garmin Forerunner 935!!!

fitnezzfreak says:

I can’t afford either and am tired of wearing my forerunner 25 with its purple band on a daily basis. I love Garmin and I love this watch but I think I would like just an activity tracker that had a more appealing look. What would you suggest? Would love the Garmin 5s as a daily wear but way out of my range

Madison Elise says:

great review riz! as always, but yeah- im sticking with my fenix 3 for now

Bill Wilson says:

Bot the Fenix 5 from Clever Training with the performance bundle (HRM-TRI) couldn’t be happier. If I had the Fenix 3-HR though I don’t think I’d upgrade  but I had the apple watch 2 for a week and hated it. All the running apps constantly tried to get you to upgrade to premium versions and the native running app was barebones at best.

Leo Flores says:

I’m on the fence here, fenix 3 HR vs Fenix 5. It will be my first gps/smart/tri watch. Looking at the specs of both, I’m leaning towards the F3HR, coz I think it’s more than capable of what data that I want plus it’s cheaper. What do you guys think?

danny apolos says:

I love your reviews! Keep up the good work

Evans Degraft Johnson says:

The chronos is the ultimate and with new software update it’s unmatched

Bora Gamerz says:

From the get go this is a biased review!
Just like a cars salesman

Gigo Sulakvelidze says:

Hey guys, really need your opinion: Garmin Fenix 3HR Vs Suunto Spartan HR, I need good HR monitoring for Resting Heart Rate, I will not be using it for workouts (I will stick to my Polar H7); what do you think?

Wjm Barcelon says:

Any idea if these ‘quicker release’ straps can accidentally get removed…. Especially while swimming? Means losing $700 to the sea.

Nestor Retana says:

To dressed up the watch you can use any of the 22mm watch strap bands from the Fossil or J.Crew like stores (the ones that go under the case) they come on either leather or polyester. I got a few at the Fossil store on sale for 2.99 and the fit is perfect.

Saso Stoilevski says:

Does the fenix 5 have the same display as the fenix 3 where you need to search for light source to see the display or use the light?

Serge Messier says:

How is the floor count accuracy. I have the Garmin vivoactive hr and it sucks. It would be great if the review had more to do with accuracy

Blake Mayer says:

Riz – I have a Fenix 3 HR and I use this while I run. I figured out how to use music controls and shift songs and volume up and down. For some reason, anytime I start an actual RUN and use the GPS, I lose access to music controls. Do you know if the capabilities of music controls are not active while using GPS or is this a setting I can make? I really appreciate all your videos and look forward to more!

Matej Rybársky says:

Hey…could you do a review for new released polar M430? and to test “your favorite” swimming with it? Since its the only watch I know about which can measure wrist-based HR in the water:)

Eddie Aho says:

Rizknows does an excellent job in reviewing Garmin watches, but I think a huge feature is being left off the review. The Fenix 5 has a big improvement over the 3 HR in that it now offers a better daily tracking – but most importantly it offers a cumulative recovery mode.

The Fenix 3 HR only shoes the recovery needed for the workout that was just completed. I went on a trip where I did 5 days of intense workouts. After each workout the watch was so nice to tell me to take off 36 hours (or there about). By the 4th day – I knew I needed a day off – but I went out anyway as I wanted to go with my friends. It would have been great if the watch had given me credit for all those overtraining hours. Instead it simply gave me the same results as I got the first day. The Whoop band is making a big splash by doing this monitoring. It might be going further than Garmin – but I think the new Fenix 5 is doing so much more – I would love to see Riz give Garmin some airtime on this and explain it to his viewers.

Youssef Bellamine says:

Thanks for the review. If you can review the GPS in depth, that would be great. I’ve recently bought and returned it due to GPS issues. I loved the look of the watch, but I was constantly getting bad GPS tracks and distance similar to what you have shown and that’s using GPS + Glonasss with 1 second reading.

Ravikumar Rajagopal says:

Any update if we are going to get these software updates on Fenix 3? If not then Garmin is doing a con job! We have all spent a lot of money on Fenix 3 and they can’t expect us to upgrade once in 2 years!

criscraft65 says:

Garmin fix the altimeter on this one yet?

Rob Ollerenshaw says:

Been really happy with mine over the past month of use. I’ve found the altimeter goes haywire a lot… like if I was as far below sea level as it thinks I am quite often, I’d have to develop gills.

One thing I’d like to see in software updates is the ability to send GPX routes from other mapping apps on phones directly to the watch to track the breadcrumb trail. There’s a couple of apps in the connect IQ store that sort of muddle through the process but I can’t see why Garmin couldn’t integrate it into the app/watch interface.

boxer1029 says:

Best reviews by far

omer aktas says:

Dear Riz, any smart watch you can recommend, which do heart rate monitoring while swimming or even diving?

Z Corp says:

I’ll keep my Fenix 3. The Fenix is basically the same watch but you have to spend another $600

Felipe Rios Moreira says:

Please Can I suggest please review the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and compare it to the Garmin. I own a Frontier also have a Garmin Edge 520. I noticed one thing that stands out. The calorie count on the Frontier is a lot less even though the Heart rate is about the same on my wrist compared to the Garmin edge. Thanks.. Great videos Riz..

Infidel Gastro says:

It’s a very nice gadget but far too pricey for what it is. I’d like to see something in between, with all those functions, except that smartwatch rubbish… and not as flashy. It’s main function is an activity, workout, sleep (personally useless to me, I sleep just great for 9 hours every night) and sport tracker. If you want a stylish looking watch for the occasion, rather get a traditional analogue time piece. It’s not as though you’ll ever be be running an ultra marathon or sparring 10 rounds with Vladimir Klitschko dressed to the nines. I’m strictly all about function over form.

Keith Yiu says:

What’s the advantage of the fenix5 compare to the 935?

Minnesota Dad says:

Dang it….I still haven’t ordered the Fenix 5x…
Why do they all absolutely need wrist-based heart rate monitors? The thermometer doesn’t really work unless the watch is off the wrist, but then the heart rate sensor won’t work. Dumb.

Seriously, I wish Garmin would make a pure hiking/adventure watch for exploring wilderness areas….like an Epix but without the array of fitness metrics. Not knocking fitness stuff, just not a serious athlete (and if I were, I’d use a lighter watch and good chest HRM…) In that vein, why no music storage? It’s a fitness watch; music storage would be ideal. It’s like Garmin wanted to hurry up and get these 5 series watches out to consumers without really fine tuning them. (One reviewer says the Fenix 5x said it feels like a “rushed product”.)

Damn it, Garmin…I really want to like these watches…but my Fenix 3 is just to good to abandon…

Claudia Salinas says:

Thanks Riz ! I got my fenix 5s saphire a few weeks ago thanks to your review and I’m loving it! It is my first garmin watch and I’m so happy with the quality and features, also the bands are so easy to change 😉

Дмитрий Матвеев says:

Hi! Thank you for the review. Have the Garmin improved altimeter in Fenix 5? I have Fenix 3 and if I use calibration with GPS it never shows right numbers.

CheapAssReviews says:

dose graphics doe. AE skills coming in hot. Favorite watch as a kid was my sister’s Swatch watch. Looked wild with the protective cover.

GonzaJ01 says:

I have a Garmin 735XT, which of course has the elevate heart rate monitor hump on the back…. so which bike mount do I buy to accommodate the bulge while holding it safely and not damaging it?

Tobias Dahlberg says:

Great video, I published a pros and cons video of the same watch. Maybe you agree with my points 😉

hey says:

I would buy one if Garmin incorporate in Fenix5 solar power as back up. I would need ABC and time keeping at least.

John Drake says:

As always, fantastic job and really good explanations of the pros and cons of this watch vs the Fenix 3. I am a recent convert from Suunto and I think the Garmin products, like my Tactix Bravo, are just a far superior products – can’t wait to see your Fenix 5x review. But don’t make it too good – I don’t want to have to get that one too!

Tom Grieve says:

Would love to see a review of the garmin 935 when you can get your hands on one.

Yaron Shwartz says:

Please do a comparison with suunto spartan ultra.. These two watches are the best in the market today and no one video has been released comparing them both

Kev O. says:

Would garmin make that firmware available for older models? I have the tactix bravo

Martin R. says:

What about FR 935? Cheaper, lighter F5 with wifi…

Patrick Buckley says:

Love my Fenix 3HR! I have a lot of bands and love changing out them out. Will try the leather 5X band soon. Rizknows video sold me on the watch. Got Jaybird X3 based on his recommendation. Still love watching all the videos! Check out @Road ID for Garmin watch band Road ID.

Miguel Amurao says:

Hey riz! What’s your favorite face?

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