Are Invicta watches any good?


Invicta Watch Quality


Fred Calabrese says:

I’m not an Invicta fan. I just found this video, and I’m digging it. The old Invictas are actually really interesting. The new Invictas are not my cup of tea. If collecting Invictas make you happy, than go for it.

The Underdog says:

I used to be a hater but not now. Invicta has made leaps and bounds in fit and finish as compared to 10 years ago. I bought a 2 toned 8926 from an eBay seller. The watch stopped because a screw lodged in the balance wheel. The customer service was bad, I sent it off and they sent it back. 2 weeks later the screw for the rotor came off. So, I hated Invicta based on one purchase. Also the gold plating on the band wore off in 3 weeks using a mouse at work. I just bough a brand new Grand Diver and I love it. has the Seiko movement, I’m giving them another chance because I really really love this watch. so bored with the Seiko and Citizen offerings. $82 shipped for this beautuiful watch, the Gunmetal Grey and Navy Blue Grand Diver.

Mason's carnivorous plants. says:

People don’t compare rolexes to these watches, they compare how they look, for example the invicta pro diver looks exactly like a rolex submariner.

steve edwards says:

i brought my Invicta to a jeweler to have the battery changed. During the course of a conversation, he told me Invicta has the cheapest Swiss movement known to history. i also contacted Invicta about getting an extra link for the band cuz mines too small for me to wear and was ignored. So theres that. ill probably just sell it. I would’ve prefered to have given it a chance. Other than that, i really dont have much opinion based on experience. This has nothing to do with your video. And anyone who compare these to a Rolex are a little whacky

jon trent says:

I have ten and of the ten, 2 Corduba Ibizas and 1 Subaqua Noma III, have all had bracelet issues. They are the poly and stainless bracelets. The poly links literally decomposed where the pins go through. The watches fell off my wrist, one on the sidewalk in front of a client and one onto my desk. These watches were not worn that often to warrant that to happen. Invicta had no remedy other then to say, buy a new bracelet for 75-150 dollars because they do not provide links; even within the warranty period. Evine had to get involved to get Invicta to respond to emails sent more then a month prior. Do not attempt to call them as they either don’t answer or put you on hold forever. Their customer service is non existent. They give you a nice watch for the money but hope it is assembled in China properly. Yes, they are made in China as are so many things and don’t let them tell you otherwise. There s nothing wrong with that but as a company don’t say it to be what it isn’t. Stay away from the poly links and their “silicone” straps. The links wear through and so do the straps. The watches I have with all stainless bracelets have been fine. They work well but there are too many brands out there that are just as nice, just as affordable and provide CUSTOMER SERVICE. Invicta does not!!! They have a rabid following that tends to be blind. Nice watch but TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Believe what you will.

Jesper Lövgren says:

I’m about to order a pro diver and I would like to know if you recommend the 8926 or the 8926OB? I would like to have an automatic watch and I know the OB is that but is it worth it if it isn’t as accurate?

Kratos zeus says:

Those monstruosities that you call watches .. are NOT personality watches ..are just lousy big flashy heavy garbage they’re not any good .. no offense and the movement are really bad but the worse is the fact that they advertise as swiss.. they’re NOT .. ok .. they are the furthest thing from swiss that’s all

Liam Rowe says:

my brother brought me a waterproof Invicta, It seemed nice but I guess it was not river proof lol cause it stopped working, even changed the battery, I bought a 377 so not sure what ti think . I wish it would work

Rosy SRC says:

definitely personality watches… 🙂 … I’m a female and love them!!! 😀 It catches people’s eye and I get compliments by both male and females. 🙂

Randy Ward says:

I have a Grand Diver, and within a few months, banged it against something at work and cracked the crystal, no longer water proof, about 6 month ago, it stopped working altogether. My son received it from Amazon, should I send it back? Its probably been a little over a year now and it has been sitting in the closet with my pen turning stuff. (Was considering parting it out and making a pen out of it)

AJSKappa says:

Is the Invicta Pro Diver watches any good? I just bought one like 30 mins ago

Frankie Eisenberg says:

I’m thinking about getting an Invicta 6750. Have any thoughts?

TheAirheaded1 says:

I was curious about Invicta watches as well , because one of those TV shopping networks always does specials on them, sounds like you like the quality and they sound good so far, but I’m still wondering what the deal is with that big ole plastic case, actually the one on your desk, am I missing something or what is the point in that? Just like a bonus storage box or what?

Edgar Sanchez says:

Do you have a review on the Invicta rally S1 16010

Billy Galloway says:

Just got my first Invicta watch (sea-spider) after watching you talk about how good the quality of the brand is, and all I can say is that it is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, thank you for the info!

yas2733 says:

For quality and low cost check out Pulsar watches. Owned them since the 80’s and never got a bad one or one that didn’t keep perfect time. Of course you always get what you pay for so the cheaper ones may not be as good as the more costlier ones.

BorisBollokov says:

aga the big D ego watch, certainly for people with big personality

chikoike ike says:

The ploy strap Invicta watches cut often, i want to know how u deal with that.

Howard Dixon says:

I currently own 32 Invicta watches luv em to death!!!

Preston Etheredge says:

You should compare Citizen to Invicta.

Review Cabin says:

Invicta makes fake rolexs you stupid nigger!!!!!!

Alfred says:

good I have 15.

Austins yacht photography says:

what about the invicta 19270 aviator

psyphi407 says:

I heard Invicta customer service is pretty bad. Have you had to deal with their customer service?

Vincent Bailey says:

hey im just curious, how much is your collection in total, retail value? nvm like you say about horology, “i just don’t care.” As soon as i heard that in another video, my theory that you were just an attention seeking loser, who knows nothing really about time pieces, was confirmed. So honestly, have a nice day. Hope those worthless hunks of metal get your rocks off.

Senio Sue says:

hi phatkat collections its the my time i watch your videos, and i then sub emidiately, And i love your videos. Its just that i desperetly need a invicta free watch because i cant afford one and if i can get one of your watch if you mind. Im sorry.
good day sir

Paul Gieselmann says:

granted I bought my invicta used but it works one hundred percent to me black stainless steel.chronograph love it

Shardy Shard says:

oh ma God Android watches are off the chain, I gave it away to my little nephew,but I’m planning to order some more soon

Corvetteman2013 says:

I have owned two Invicta watches, both quartz, for 3-4 years, and I have had no problems with them.

Shardy Shard says:

yup I got 3 Deisal watches and they’re awesome


I’ma grown ass man dog!!! priceless

Mark Gray says:

Rolex may be better but, they’re also way more expensive. Whoever said that (I imagine it was Captain Obvious) should know that it wasn’t a great compairison

JidAllUNeed says:

great watch i jus brought one for $400… one of the best watches i had

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