Xiaomi Mi Walkie-Talkie Unboxing, Demo & Range Test in Outdoors

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bipin garg says:

is that the airport branch of decathlon??!

ebin k says:

Using walkie talkie in india legal?????

Vinod Kuwar says:

Great video, can u tell me how far its range is? like 1-2km?

Birajit Kalita says:

useful product…

subhasish mohanta says:

Looks cute.
Need rugged design.

Dhyana Chetty says:

Can i connect more than 2 walkie talkie with it please? For example if i have 4 of these?

Vaibhav Hayaran says:

walkie talkie 101 : you have to say *over* at the end of the sentence….

swapnil potdar says:

really great walkie talkie I love it great work Xiaomi


But do we need licence for it??????

Jam S says:

i have no idea what r u talking i nnever seen before and also first time i listen the word “walkie talkie” anyway love your video to see whatever u put your thoughts in the video and review..and also remember i m from u.p

Shivam Kumar says:

Sir aap Xiaomi ke fan ho kya hamesha Xiaomi ke product Ke Review hi karte ho

Kim Gary says:

Please give us a longer range test. Is this a digital or analog radio?

Techy Farooqui says:

The Motorola Walky Talky which I am using is much better.

Vishnu Prasad says:

sir so after 5 mins u learnt Chinese

Krunal says:

Ohh.!! Now its time to talk on Walkie Talkie 🙂

vasili vega says:

I have to stop this video he’s English make my balls explode.

Naveen Dharmareddy says:

Ru from Hyderabad?

Mayank Singh says:

fantastic wakitaki

nikhil nigam says:

Is it a uhf walkie talkie or vhf?
I am assuming its uhf and it works best in line of sight even in far distances. Please confirm.

Saad Sarwar says:

Teza returns with his awesome review.

saito_san says:

I want to know about the position reporting function that can display the position of you buddy on your smartphone connected via bluetooth even when you are out of cell coverage.
That’s the main feature of this xiaomi walkie talkie.
Just talking with PTT is ordinary. It is just a conventional ham radio or any other license free radio.

प्रखर नागपूरे says:

thanks amit sir for making this video

Rohit Kavathekar says:

Nice unboxing & demo. works great even with long distance without any problem. ✔

chess guruji Indian says:

Hindustan me Hindi chahiye

HGST says:

a bit too expensive and too big. you can get a pair of motorola for the same price

Aman Dubey says:

hindi ka channel bnawo

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