Unboxing my Pofung Walkie Talkies Radios

Check out this item I found on eBay: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=141379680671&alt=web

Music by: https://youtu.be/3qQQJUK9Azk


Yasmin Rios says:

Lol why did you do your voice like that? XD …how much were they?

Dario de nero says:

Definite drug runners.

Giovanny Perez says:

eres bien puto


Oye amigo me podrías decir por favor cuánta distancia de hablar uno con otro es la máxima?

William Ti says:

sounds like I’m listening to the minions

shady shaheen says:

i need a copy of this user`s manual

Kirito Suyokabe says:

jesus no offence but your hands need to be checked out they are huge look like they are swelling kinda scary !!

Pablo Ramos says:

pinche voz de puñal Padilla

Ayaan Qhureshi says:

How much

DJ Ffin says:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The title is in English,
The video should be too.

Robert Ramirez says:

Jajajaja “ta mas chiquito ke mi pi…” Jajajajajaja te mamaste

kim fright says:

where did you get the walkie talkie from

younus akkasali says:



oneug–ste5ttttdddddxitkfjuijhhjgjhkoijiiji nnjh I I 9jojoujjgj7u7899000r556677888888889900000ikik

Mathew Studios says:

He said “ Awesome man “ a lot in the vid

marcoxoteful says:

pinche voz de niño rata, mamila

sv1jbf says:

Little Smurf !

আমীর সাব says:

price ?

little penguin 16 says:

your stupid

song warrior says:

from which site you ordered

Roland Sahm says:

What is wrong with ur voice

Willie Martin says:


LaRRy L33T says:

why u buy a knife ?? plis link !

Skater Ollie 1004 says:

Where did you get yours

Florence Kamau says:

wow that’s nice

Pritom Mondal says:

how km range?

Michael Scott says:

i’m going to order some offline

Dallami Gomez says:

Cool I never got one!

Homiluis™ says:

me la pelaz puñetas

Bashir Ahmed says:

what is price of this set and how many km did he work properly

March 60 says:

wikis vavavx on toborot

Awesome Ducky06 says:

Can you order me one and I will give you the money back

i.3do0ol 98 says:

what is name for song ?

4tec TV says:

le prix !!:)

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