Two Way Radio Review / Range Tests – Part 1

Review and tests of 10 two-way radios, FCC and licensing.
Full review data and links here:
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Motorola RMM2050 MURS VHF
Midland GXT950VP4 FRS / GMRS
TYT MD-380 UHF Analog / Digital
Baofeng UV-82HP UHF / VHF
Midland 75-822 AM CB
Midland LXT600VP3 FRS / GMRS
AnyTone Termn-8R UHF / VHF 5W
Tera TR-505 UHF / VHF

Tests conducted:
* Vehicle to vehicle (car to car) – neighbourhood watch
* Line of sight
* Urban mix
* Through trees
* Over hills
* In a building
* Mobile to hand held radio

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tanh van says:

what is this submersible vxa-710 good for? can I use it to communicate with CB, marine CB, walkies talkies, VhF, UHF and all others?

David Game says:

That Tera GMRS/MURS radio looks suspiciously like a Baofeng BF-888. Same factory perhaps?

computerjantje says:

Please look into the camera the next video. This looking to the side is so annoying for people like me who always look at people eyes at communications

nunya business says:

omg, cant even watch i keep yawning your so boring.

Philip Briggs says:

Very intersting,thanks for taking the time to do the tests and make the video.

Red Brick says:

Finally someone has created a video like this thank you!!

Ted Schrijvers says:

Hi MJ, I assume you’ve tested the Midland 75-822 with its standard antenna and not with an external car antenna or with a longer ‘rubber duck’ antenna? There are 25″ ‘rubber duck’ antennas available, which will double the range as far as the reviews tell me. And well, with the car mounted antenna you can go as tall as you like… 😉 Did you get a chance to test with any of those? Very curious to hear what your opinion is on that.


incubusman421 says:

Have you ever thought about/do you share work with Miklor?

ali habibu says:

my i use them withut priogramed?

Jacques Lourens says:

You sound South African?
Thanks for the Vid.

Pio Teki says:

can you teach us how to use it in talks

ihavetubes says:

whats the best long range two way radio? need one that can reach 1.5 miles. thanks, good video.

Tyler Watthanaphand says:

I’m seeing these maps, and i’m thinking to myself. This looks an awful like suburban cleveland. Turns out it is. Nice to see somebody local on youtube.

Dino Papas says:

Thanks for all the effort for this series, very interesting. The performance differential of the Tera UHF radio is surprising since the frequency since the range of the channel spread is only about 5MHz. Were those differences possibly the result of an inadvertent change between the 500mW and 5W power levels? 73 – Dino KL0S

Mark Pacholczyk says:

That is excelent work.
Thank you

Christopher Lydon says:

What radio would work best in a town, from house to house about a 4 mile distance? Keep in mind I want a radio for my friend and I to talk to. But we like 4 miles away with town/houses in between each of us

Scott Dempsey says:

Outstanding effort!! Thank you for making this video.

I clicked on the link to view the results graphs / charts… Is there a reason why the TERA TR-505 data doesn’t appear on most of the charts???

I’m really keen to purchase this radio (or its successor, the TR-590) but cannot review your findings in the charts….

thanks for a response.


Thanks for info.

Steven Clark says:

No Yaesu product!?

Oscar Lechuga says:

Mr. Lorton.
Hello Sir, have you “tested” the TERA 590 model of this unit? HIt is kinda pricey, however, how do you rate it?
Thank you, Sir.

NaN x Sando says:

Nice video mjlorton

kylebike128 says:

Would you recommend the midland handheld cb or the cobra handheld im looking to get two so I really want to know what one would be the best. I plan on using them for hunting with my father and if i am going camping or a road trip I can just give one two the person following so we can communicate

buzzsah says:

uhf has always worked better indoors and vhf better outdoors and in distance. good video

RFI-Crypto Lab says:

Nice equipment.

Robert Calk Jr. says:

Thanks Martin.

SamKool lego leger says:

whats the cheapest and best walkie talkie

Craig Brannan says:

go top urself u sad cunt

Adventurekeys Surf & Yoga says:

Thanks for the info, what about the FD 850 PLUS 10W ?

u50214 says:

This looks to be fantastic real world test. Thanks for the enormous effort you are putting into this project.
Hats off to you!

nunya business says:

get to it already,,, GET TO THE POINT….

Hussein AL Nasser says:

What is the best radio with high range and clear voice

JetNmyFuture says:

That is a LOT of work – thank you.

nintendobacon1 says:

Radio is, in many ways “black magic.”
I love it

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