Two Way Radio Buying Guide: PMR446 Licence Free Walkie Talkies FRS/GMRS/LPD

Here are my thoughts on buying a PMR446 Licence Free radio. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any question.

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Riza Cabico says:

You travel to philipines and go to lancaster kalayaan ss11blk1lot79

jake keys fit sam says:

hey handyradio what happen to a bf 888s radio broken ptt

sevenman96 says:

Great vid there are some big hills where I live and I’ve achieved 30 miles with 0.5w and standard antenna but normally it’s half a mile to a mile.

jake keys fit sam says:

i get the pofung bf 888s radio

Riza Cabico says:

can we meet and i will buy that for 1000 you want

Dale 26.C.R.01 says:

PMR446 QSO RECORD IS 333KM North East England to Holland using 500mw

leon vdd says:

just for fun

jake keys fit sam says:

fix it

RobWhittlestone says:

Hi H, a nice pre-Christmas topic!
I think one of the reasons that the _perceived_ performance of a no-name PMR transceiver may be subjectively “better” than a reputable brand is that it may not obey the strict specifications about output power (500mW ERP) and out-of-band emissions that a reputable manufacturer like Motorola or Kenwood will ensure. Additionally there may be issues with the audio – like compression – so it may be perceived as “louder” when it’s actually not directly an objective performance criterion. There is little that the consumer can do about these and is at the mercy of the manufacturers that the promise of being a kosher PMR device is in fact true.
I had a surprise visit from our Federal Office of Communications who took away some 2-way radios I had imported (they were notified by customs) and measured them. Apparently the “CE” stamp is treated rather lightly by disreputable ‘no-name’ OEMs so now I would always tend to go for a known brand – even though usually more expensive. Once bitten, twice shy!
All the best, Rob

whosregis2000 says:

thanks for video

Jonathan Warner says:

Taking a step back, and thinking about the best way for establishing cheap radio comms between unlicensed people, say going on a road trip with multiple vehicles, I would say that cheap CB radios are better.

You can get quite small and cheap AM/FM CB radios for about 50 quid, and they have many more channels, you have a maximum of 4W instead of 0.5W and you have a much broader range of much larger antennas. OK part of the reason is that the wavelength is considerably longer, but you are so much more restricted with PMR.

One of the problems I find with PMR446 is the number of people who see the cheap brightly coloured plastic radios and think they are children’s toys. They are really designed for serious adult use, and I don;t think parents have considered the safety issues as anyone can be talking to their kids. Children on the frequency could cause serious problems for people trying to use these radios for a serious purpose like coordinating the use of a crane for example.

Riza Cabico says:

how much is that

Pussy Stroker says:

are these analog or digital digital
is supposed to be better

leon vdd says:

I got way too much of these

Riza Cabico says:

you want

Hell Memories says:

100 pounds???

jake keys fit sam says:

handyradio guy i like the bf 888s radio what are the range and what happen to a broken ptt and broken monikey

Jack Odriscoll says:

My school uses motarola xtni and they Bearley reach to the other end of the school

BonelessEar says:

yep, all tesco craps…. if you are looking for a RADIO you go Japs – Yaesu or Kenwood… And remember – the best radio is good antenna 😀

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