The BEST LICENSE FREE walkie talkies on Amazon. BTECH MURS-v1

BTECH MURS on Amazon:

BTECH Website:

We could even get MORE range out of them than we tested. FCC certified, solid build, pre-programmed out of the box, re-programmable with CHIRP, USA warranty, complete manual, great transmit and receive, stellar range even in NYC, highly competitive price. In our opinion, these are the best license free legal walkie talkies you can purchase new, right now.

Ok, I say “license free” but it’s not license free. It’s “license by rule”, which means you just have to follow the rules. We own a lot of CB/HAM/GMRS/FRS/MURS equipment, but these are absolutely stellar when you consider everything. ESPECIALLY vs the other illegal options, hassling with second hand radios (more pricey, used, heavier, old NICAD batteries), or the bubble pack FRS radios.

Thanks again to BFTECH for supplying these radios they are shockingly good.
This is some of the equipment I use for my videos:

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro:
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Rode VideoMic Pro:
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Sennheiser MKH50 P48:
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Tascam Lav Recorders:

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John Renz Caballero says:

How far the range of the radio ???

Carpenter Rick says:

That’s decent!!!!! Cheers!!

Dub-C says:

im looking for radios i could use when i travel anywhere in the world. Do you have any recommendation? i have no claue about radios…

Rotciv says:

What gloves are you using during this video?

Carlos Puentes says:

Any updates on your riptide Kegel pulleys?

Drkninja2k5 says:

70s cop show / tech review awesome combo

Shane Parrott says:

came for the radios… stayed for the star wipes… YESSSSSSS. 😉

Kieran Foggon says:

The frequencies preprogrammed on those are not usually legal ones to transmit on without a license. FRS are legal if I’m not mistaken Murs also requires a License. I own multiple ones and had to reprogram every one so my friends could use them unlicensed.

James sr79 says:

Another great video, great review.

Dave Taylor says:

Are you ever going to review any evolve skateboards?

Arnaldo Segui says:

Hello Press Reset, I recently have been looking to get involved in the HAM radio world. I’ve been reading that if the antenna is removable it’s not considered a license free radio. Can you please confirm. I’m asking because I plan to purchase radios but I’m not licensed and I want to make sure I comply with the rules. I will appreciate your thoughts. Best regards,

Mic Mucky says:

U can program the frequency on them in chirp software and unlock more frequencies a think it’s a locked up uv82

David Purves says:

What is your favorite HAM HT?

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