Superb Budget Radio – WLN KD-C1 – Range Test

A test of the superb WLN KD-C1 a budget radio available to buy in the UK for £8.99 packing a full 2W of power on UHF, programmable with Baofeng type cable and bespoke software.

A link to Ringway Manchesters channel where he puts this radio and loads of others through some great test, please check him out and subscribe.

Link to the software on 409 shop

Link to the driver software for your cable

The Amazon seller I got my radios from (not the price has increased slightly) but they were UK stock.


Pedro V. says:

test a cb radio please

Radoslav Gulik says:

Not so cheap on ebay: 19,50 + 4,00 USD. BF-888 is around 14 USD. But still interesting radio.

se7vennld says:

It looks like a Nokia bl-5c battery. If so there are 3100 mah battery’s for it.

f4bscale says:

The instruction leaflet doesn’t make it clear but to Scan the channels press and hold the -(minus) key for a few seconds. The ‘Add Scan’ should set to Scan (and not Del) when programming the radio.

Bashir Ahmed says:

wht is price and how many km range of this set?

Andrew Howden says:

Was that simplex and no repeter at all.

Andrew Howden says:

I am thinking of going down the gmrs route but a lot of hassle.

spudth says:

having trouble programming. How do I get it to recognize the port? please and thank you.

Volentry says:

How does this compare to the BF-888S?

john cannon says:

just got 2 of these for £18 under the retevis rt22 brand.exact same.cracking little radios.not got my licence yet but ideal for listening to local repeater and per a fright when I read the tiny manual and seen the desktop charger was optional accessory and didn’t know how to charge then I seen yours and ringways video and found the charge port under earpiece socket.great videos by the way

roey paster says:

does it have channels? like in bf-888s?

Ringway Manchester says:

Paul thanks so much for the shout out, I really appreciate it. Will definitely return the favour as and when! Fantastic review, more detailed than mine too, love it mate. The range test worked well, good performance on that small antenna. Cheers again and best 73, Lewis

John Wilkerson says:

Thanks for a great review. I love operational tests.

marsradio says:

Did you ever try to see if it would accept a VHF frequency and then actually key up and receive decently on VHF? I realize the antenna may not be resonant, but I’m curious if the radio actually functions on VHF?

arnis rascal says:

Great radio for price, i got my set from here:

spudth says:

do these scan and how many channels?

Peter F says:

You can now program the WLN KD-C1 using CHIRP


whats the best 2 way these days? also best budget

Jonathan Kim says:

Do you need a license to use some of the channels on the bf-r5?
P.S. I live in the U.S.

chamkila420 says:

can’t find it at that price, any links?

Mr Aphoristic says:

A good review vid along with ringways. Great radios. I got a Zeadio clone and I can’t fault it. It cost me £5. love the video keep em coming!

Lucas Nencetti says:

does anybody know if you can use the United States. I would love to get these for the United States and program them up with some of the FRS gmrs stations in United States. and the USB is that just for changing or can you program it through the USB cable

Music Matt 76 says:

The BEST cheap radio at the moment is baofeng bf-888s and also has a scrambler!


Estoy buscando un radio marca zastone b – 180 urge

Ringway Manchester says:

Yes! Here we go. Just got here and looking forward to how this unfolds mate

John King says:

I saw radios like this and someone said they had a Scrambler function in the software programming. Can anyone tell me if these have that feature?

Antti Kannisto says:

Are those able to Repeater operation? 73’s OH1EXC

stalingrad19431 says:

why do you need to programme them, cant you just use them straight from the box as walkie talkies?

Sam Jones says:

Do you have any experience with the Retevis RT22 or the RT24 models??

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