Spy Gear Spy Video Walkie Talkies, Full Review August 2015

Spy Gear Spy Video Walkie Talkies http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the cool new video walkie talkies from SpyGear. No WiFi needed – be a spy anywhere!

Here is more information –

Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie

Don’t just talk to your friends. Video chat with them! Capture all the action on video with the Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie. With just a simple button press, you can wirelessly communicate with your friends with video and audio for up to 160 feet! No Wifi or 3G mobile network required. A foldable design allows for compact storage and screen protection! A Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkie is just the tool you need to accomplish your mission!

Age: 6+ Suggested Retail Price: $69.99

Please visit http://www.DadDoes.Com to learn more about the Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies


Mason Hardie says:

how much was the toy and does it run out of battery quick?

Kayden Burgess says:

love spy gear

iiABDub 13 says:

Can you connect to another Walkie Talkie that is not in the pack?

abeer khan says:


Rayan Alnasser says:

Do they need batteries

Angelo Di Canio says:

hi can u give the link please i can t find it…thanks

StrikerFX47 says:

This thing is really cool. I will probably get this.

Riot Eclipz says:

for some reason my little brother opened them up and it only shows the face of what that one sees, there is no second screen to it and we can’t figure out how to talk through it. 🙁 And when we press the button to talk, nothing comes up. :/

Andrew Kelm says:

it is stiupid

Brittini Montgomery says:

how do you know when someone wants to take to you

Braven Lainez says:

Where do you buy that spy gear

yehia radwan says:

I want to buy it



Studio Nova says:

hi I ‘m French so I use software to translate what I tell you . This will be to see if you could put subtitles translate into French please do and you’re great continuous way.

Aggie Ramsay says:

Thank you guys. We got these for our 5y/o, opened it up at a party last night and within 2sec the instructions were gone with elfs! lol We couldn’t figure out how to get them to work….sad face on my kids face 🙁 Thanks to your instructions we learned that you had to pair the darn things first. Christmas is saved!

Patricia Reyes says:

love the videos

John Moran says:

Chris,three AAA batteries per unit. come on,people. go online.research it.do I have to think of everything?

John Moran says:

chase the wind.Walmart, toys r us.get it.going fast.

graley F says:

I like how he covers all the features.

James Mccullough says:

can i have a woky toky

John Moran says:

braveness,ask mom my friend. she will get you one.they are cool. have fun with your friends.

Kimberly Ramirez says:

I can leave

Noah Robbins says:

weird voice

Emily Betancur says:

can you send me 2 to my house

jeopardy60611 says:

These walkie talkies are amazing!  It’s so cool how in this day and age, it is possible to send and receive video as well as audio over a walkie talkie device.

Levenis Wright says:


cool gamer says:

how much are they

The Inquisitor says:

How do I connect them? It wont connect and only display what each camera sees

UzzyBagels Rand says:


Charles Sandt says:

How much is it

Bumberflip *IEJ7654321* says:

The range isn’t great. Motorola Walkie talkies have 23 mile range. These ones have a .0303 mile rage

Safiyah Alli says:

I will pay you 20$ for those

abeer khan says:


John Moran says:

as for frequencies I’m still reseaching.

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