Review of the Cobra Micro Talk CXT 145

This Is a review of the Cobra Micro Talk CXT 145. This radio features durability and reliability at a cheap price, but will the limited range, features, and accessories give it the disapproval? Watch the video and stay tuned to find out!


Dax Parham says:

how about for work? 52,000 SqF. Which, it really doesn’t seem that big as i go through the whole building about 200 hundred times in one night (8 hour shift). Anyways, how about for work? using it only about 3 to 4 times every hour and maybe quite frequently with in the last hour of our shift. My supervisor and I, as well as one other coworker, bought four of these tonight because our huge bricks of walkie talkies are out of date and complete crap (battery doesn’t hold, and the walkie talkie itself is falling apart). Did we make the wrong choice or do you think we’d be okay. Because communication is key, and we depend on these walkie talkies, we just didn’t want to spend 60 dollars on one walkie talkie when at least four of us have to have one.

Hector Alberto Rodriguez Vigo says:

Porque carajo no hacen un tutorial hablado en castellano (español) ? Espero que cuando lo hagan lo difundan y sea lo suficientemente explicativo y no se la pasen manipulando estupidamente el aparato manoseando el equipo sin siquiera explicar para que sirve cada uno de los botones o teclas. No puede ser que pongan a cualquier tarado que no sepa de lo que habla.No todo el mundo habla ingles.

Karen Powell says:

thanks for the tip, I got these for my daughter to walk around the neighborhood and keep in touch with me at home. Coincidentally we’re planning a cruise in a year and I had no idea we can’t use cellphones on the cruise!

alex lopez 400 says:


Alex Levy says:

what batteries did you replace them with?

Dirt Bandits Automotive Detail Specialists says:

We bought a 3 pack for $35

jejrstans69 says:

What batteries did you buy? Thanks!

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