[REVIEW] Nerf N-Strike Walkie Talkies Review!

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Video review of the Nerf Walkie Talkies!
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Adam Smith says:


Destiny_212 says:

nerf combos : walkie talkie

nichita valentin says:

dot buy it. buy a phone

Jasper Beekman says:

Its a jolt reskin

jennifer carruth says:

twat da f**********

Jonah Linze says:

It’s a jolt reskin.

Afif Nasseredine says:

3:28 i unsubbed


3:29 is weird

Cicero Bully says:

I know Morse for S.O.S! it’s : … — …

Adam Smith says:

I am a RapidStrike reskin

Ischmael Brown says:

Such a nerd

Factorybase18 says:

what about the firing test LOL 😉

Flarkus Productions says:

Why does mine take 3 aaa batteries and it doesn’t work

Kush Gohil says:

Do the radio waves shoot further than an n strike walkie talkie?

Jack hammer says:

these things r junk. my friend has one and it SUCKS!!

Aleyamma Alexander says:


Jack hammer says:


Jace Buscher says:

Yes, I Am Human, I Like To Use My Belt Magazine.

Andy Hernandez says:

My sister has rebelle walkies and it has better audio. It even picked up a police channel nearby.

AX5 Gunner says:

4:22 isn’t it the other way around?

Travio Raptor says:

i am a jolt reskin…

Shinya Hiiragi says:

430 darts challenge with walkie or talkie!

PeasantTights says:

I like Crunch more than KitKat

Noble None says:

Hmmm I wonder what the fire rate is

Cyber Dash [BlackjackLeWoozard] says:

Just turn them on, toss one towards the enemy and then just transmit a constant morse beep with the other. Aucoustic flashbang! Next-Generation operator gadgets!

Nicholas Sanchez says:

that’s just a jolt reskin

JeffyVision says:

amazon sucks

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