[REVIEW] Air Warriors Covert Squad | Built-in Walkie Talkies!

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Christina Garza says:


Marin Marinov says:


Colton Eagar says:

Coop will love the modulus demolisher, it has a maximum of eight rails

SGC Schatzmanjr says:

i love love the vis but at 5:03 you said the barrel is to long to hit any thing

Ozzymortal says:

Nerf should come out and rerelease an updated commlink in retaliation

ProfLong_ Bow says:

Should I get infuns or rapid strike or hyper fire or all

Thndr_ says:

“Both of these is green”

BlancBestGirl says:

So a Predator/Range Master without a scope, long barrel, or size/storage stock. But with walkie talkie function! haha no.

Oliver’s Productions says:

Coop did you start with youtube can you make a video to tell us all how to start if we want to

Sharkin ‘ says:


Willverine88 says:

Yay! New review with the dart catcher

Super Waffle says:

Go back to the snap battery loading

MonkeyBoy says:

1:22 I do that with every bolt action from buzzbee… No bad performances for me.

IOS Gaming HQ says:

Actually very tacticool. My friend has it and its fun to use!


Covert squad stock vs. nerf walk-in talkies

A sAvAge bOi says:

Another “sniper rifle”?? Lol

Aaron Hydes says:

Do it, make it into a bolt action side arm. And show us the process

radio aktywny says:

Nice blaster

AsaTraps says:

ITs a jolt reskin

Cool Cucumber Kyle says:


TheUnknownBrony Mc says:

Sad they didn’t call it ¨walkie-shootie¨.

i like things says:

You should make that gun magazine fed if you can

Remove Kebab says:

Nice obrez


It’s like the vintage comlink blaster

Waluigi says:

walkie stocky

Fausto Gerssen says:

Nice vid bro

David Moss says:

Maybe someone could 3D print a normal sized stock bit and attach it to this thing.

Yahboilevi Ice says:

He said squat when it’s squad

DjDogYT says:

Yes!! New coop video!

Grady Moxley says:

To all of you commenting about the buzz-bee has a headphone Jack and apple doesn’t just stop. You got that from the person who commented it on his toy-fair vid. So unless you are him your not original just stop

Datric Martin says:

Jolt reskin

Sonar Gaming says:

the future of snipers: *0.2 inch barrels*

James Murray says:

make a verses of the stryfe vs regulator

Obsidian Grimoire says:

With how the loading port works, i’m curious if it’d be difficult to add a hopper/gravity-fed magazine to it

NOAH says:

What do you think about the modulus longstrike ?

Typhoon EF says:

reminds me of the BFG 50

RezRukaR says:

Is it like Bluetooth or something, so could you have 2 kits and they would both work with each other?

The One True Eggroll says:

So a obrez

Den Gyldne And says:

Do you have a girlfreind

Tim Lewis says:

Do more stereotypes

oII_Skinny_IIo says:

This is super tacticool dudebro

Coolguy 298 says:

Ok if the blaster was good I’d buy it but the handle sucks

The Lord Tachanka {-}7 says:

When will nerf stereotypes come back??

Mike M says:

Is it just me or does the blaster remind you of a scout rifle(not the destiny 2 ones, the real ones)

Pokemon_assassin says:

It is a good idea

SGC Schatzmanjr says:


no name says:

Oh the grip is a sin

The next gentry stein says:

Walkie talky more like Walkie stalky

1337W422102 says:

Definitely dual-wield these at the next meetup. Build some cross-draw holsters. No one will step.

PL4Y3R says:

Should I get the rapidstrike or the stryfe?

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