Retevis RT45 Walkie Talkie (Review and Range Test)

Discover why walkie talkies such as the Retevis RT45 are so popular in Europe.
Part 1 – RT45 on Amazon ➜
Part 2 – Range Test ➜ (7:46min)
Part 3 – Summary & Conclusion ➜ (9:18min)

In this product review, we will have a closer look at a license-free PMR 466 radio from Retevis.

Part one will be an unboxing where I show you a few closeup shots, so you can learn more about the build quality of this radio.

Note that PMR radios are meant primarily for close range communications.

They are not meant to have a huge range! This is because of the comparably low output power 0,5 Watt, that these radios have.

This has both advantages as well as disadvantages.

Depending on your country and local regulations, you may or may not be allowed to use radios such as this.
These low output power PMR 446 radios are mostly used by people in European countries.

People in the United States will most likely use the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) or Family Radio Service (FRS).

The benefit here is a potentially higher output power of 2 Watt or even 5 Watt, that will boost your range significantly.

Always make sure to check for license requirements, for example when using units that have a higher output power.

Best to look up your local laws and regulations, to see which radios are license-free, and which are not.

One thing I also noticed is that these radios are not waterproof.

My impression is they are designed for occasional use in dry, close range environments.

People who want to go hiking, use the radios regularly, or need more range, should look for waterproof models that come with a docking station for changing, as well as a higher output power and more battery capacity.

If on the other hand, you just want to use these radios occasionally in and around the house, then the Retevis RT45 should perform just fine, as I demonstrated in my review and range test.


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