Retevis Ailunce HD1 GPS dual band 2m 70cm DMR walkie talkie review and teardown.

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Terry Cook says:

Like all your videos Mike, this one was a special treat. I’ve been using one of these, for a while and love it. Connector is same as Motorola GP328 plus.

Randyc2800 says:

Offset is .6 Mhz on 2 meters

Matthew Davies says:

Will CHIRP program this radio or is it too new?

James Price says:

Enjoyed your video greatly, just purchased one very encouraging VK6NJP

Matthew Davies says:

When will the Chingbao 148 GTL’s go on sale?

Harb's Elecronics Lab says:

Well if anyone says these reviews don’t work you can give them this……I am going to buy one of these and only because I saw this on your channel and then looked further……to be honest I don’t even need one, but what the heck, it will be handy to have and is cheap.

kirtog takki says:

10.2 dbm = more than ten watts?

Robert Burns says:

Did you test for spurious emissions? Some of the Chinese handhelds are notorious for exceeding the limits prescribed by FCC 97.307(e).

Matt says:

did they cheep out on the charger?

Sean Van Diijk says:

Dmr is bad for military specs, is very prone to malfunction. Digital technology could fail at any moment

Signal View Radios says:

he say he is buying lunch for everybody lol

fixitdaz says:

Hay Mike Great Revue the best way for testing would be to get a speaker mic for it and bypass the ptt connections and put a time switch in its place, love watching your videos, Mike Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Brian Whelan says:

Mike, great video. Nice to see a proper teardown too of the HD1. BTW, the mic connector at the side is compatible with some Motorola speaker mics. Also there is a couple of very active and technical forums on Facebook dedicated just to the HD1, loasd of info and schematics, etc. Good work! 73, EI8EJB

DL1BD-Radio says:

Thanks great Testing !

Randel Stuckey says:

I agree with you on how nice that radio looks. If and when I can I may get one for myself since most of the other DMR hand helds out there are a little more complicated than that one seems to be.

The Radio Shop says:

Interesting little radio Mike. Thanks for the review.

me3333 says:

A lot of the cheap Chinese junk still has manuals that I’m almost positive is English translated to French translated to Russian translated to Mandarin translated back to English again.

John B says:

I’m taking my tech test this weekend and looking for a nice radio that does DMR as well as 2m and 70 m is this the radio I want.

Dave Sutherland says:

no you can’t encrypt messages on the ham bands even if your radio allows it ( dmr is/was business orientated and they are allowed to)

Harb's Elecronics Lab says:

Another nice feature……


Interesting but cannot stay and get some shuteye.

Phil Kashmirkaraoke says:

Hi Mike nice review and teardown (first time I have seen that in a handheld radio review) the Retevis and TYT radios are very good I have the MD380 UHF DMR badged TYT and both the Retevis RT2 and TYT DFUV10 Dual band DPMR digital PMR radios which are great, another interesting little DPMR UHF only radio I have from China is the realy small Recent RS309D 3w radio 400-470MHz PC programable also in a less featured option the RS308D but like most Dpmr radios made in China they have a specific vocoder so they only talk to each other in digital mode or a few other brands, even with the restricted power and strange vocoder choice they are great for standard analog PMR due to the restricted power setting in the program software and amateur use with all the repeater settings available when programing also a fantastic whisper mode which realy works well, cheap as chips feel great in the hand built very well and receive and transmit better than my old FT51r on 70cm, I have seen a lot of these little radios being sold into mainland Europe and I would think they are being used as PMR radios as they have public PMR repeaters over there.

radiosification says:

21:31 It’s not really hard to put a superhet circuit inside a handheld radio. All the good brands manage to do it. Motorola, Hytera, Icom, Kenwood. Even the TYT MD-380 which is a cheap chinese DMR radio.

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