Motorola TLKR T80 Walkie Talkie Long Term Test PMR446 Radio Review

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The Motorola TLKR T80 is my favorite PMR446 radio. I used to like the TLKR T8 until I upgraded them for the T80. There has been several improvements over the T8 model. Feel free to post a comment if you have any question. I have also made reference in this video to the Binatone Action 1000 and Cobra MT975. The operation is identical to T80 Extreme. Ideal for camping, airsoft, walking or skiing.


walkietalkieguy says:

sure calc, I have this model and it said that the range is 10K but obviously that depends on your terrain and distance, it usually does about 5K as the walkie talkies range in built up areas it is half.

Stefan Lowe says:

Holy Crap! That is expensive!

Katia O says:

Hi, just wondering. If the underchannel doesn’t change on a scan, could that be wrong?

Bobcat says:


Stalin Montalvan Mendoza says:

me encanto

Yair Cohen says:

Thank you so much for the review, you really helped me to decide whice radio to buy

Jasen Smith says:

which is BETTER THIS VS TERA 505

Christopher Conroy says:

no clock on the radio it doesn’t tell the time

radiosification says:

Why is the audio only in the left channel?

MediaBrighton says:

Hiya…. Great video…Will these work in Mauritius as well as Europe? Cheers Ben

1packard says:

Can the antenna be removed so that an external antenna be connected?

Fire Alarm Person says:

Quick question, when you press the talk button on the radio, does it make a sound when you press the button to talk like some other motorola walkie talkies do?

Creeper Jake Vlogs 123 says:

Can i have 1 walkie

Dominik Bilko says:

I’ve got few questions but on the beginning I want to apologize for my english 😛
1. Do U know what is the diffrence betwen models T80 extreme and T81 hunter?
I know there are another packs of accesories but is that all?
2. Scanning. I didn’t get well what U said so can T80 do a scan of all channels and all subchannels on every channel? Or is there any problem with?
3. VOX. Does it work with and without the speakers or only with/without?
Once again sorry for my eng. It will means much to me if U can answer.

Rider says:

The light isn’t the “torch” but small key-chain-like light

jonneil smyth says:

do they come in v h f and does the antenna come off ?

RhyleyBerry says:

Unscrew the bottom bit it stands up better

Music Matt 76 says:

wow what a price! It must be gold integrated…

HandyRadio says:

Ben Capon I think the TalkAbout is a FRS radio so it won’t work with PMR446 radio like this T80. They use different frequencies. 

Csaba Zahorecz says:

Concorde fx-122 bigger range performance, about 40 dollar

Thorsten Bolzé says:

…well done.

OrientalBrandon says:

They should have put the flashlight or “torch” on the bottom of it because the antenna is blocking a side of the light.

mike tones says:

Hi – Good review – will this radio charge ona 12v system?

Stuart Thompson says:

Thanks for this report/review.  Very informative.  My question:  if the battery is low, will it recharge immediately when connected to the recharger, or does it discharge first before the recharging starts?

Lawrenzo says:


I do offroad with a lot of people , I need 10 of walkie Talkies with a distance option and obstcales like a mountain between us . which Version do you recommend.

raj15max says:

Is it compatible with Midland G9??

semmyroundel says:

Hi there thanks for a very informative video. It spurred me on to buy a T80 Extreme twin pack. My problem is, I can’t get room monitor mode to work, the instructions tell you what to do with one radio, but not the other. The first shows it’s in room mode but I hear nothing from the other. Motorola support are worse than useless, a Polish girl there emailed me instructions she was reading from the previous model, when I asked if she could get someone senior to help she just told me to get info from a reseller. Like they are going to help me? NOT!!
Please, please please help get this room mode working, it’s the main reason I bought them.

James Baker says:

would thease be compatable with the t81?

Gil Elbaz says:

I can not turn off the option room please help me thank you

Filip Hulsman says:

does iPhone earpieces work on this

saviour514 says:

The batteries just don’t last on the T80, you should have mentioned that in the cons, but a great review!!

Maximus Heronimus says:

Hello Handy Radio,

would you suggest this set for dayhikes with multiple hikers? distance between persons would be 2 to 3 kilometers in dens woodlands

viceroyliht says:

Question: How is the speak qualiti indoor ???

Christopher Conroy says:

dose the moto tell the time dose it have a clock like the moto t8

El Blog says:

Whats the mile range?

MLGDogecraft2255 says:


Michael Loughlin says:

xt180 has free ear piece mic with diagonal plug which can plug in facing front or rear raised rubber back does not effect plug as it is slightly raised when plugged into unit also vox works okay with ear/Mic plugged in also has group call these xt180 are a really good set and I would recommend them…..

Andrea Topaz says:

Thanks for the Test!

Mladen Mijatov says:

One small correction. These and T60s (which I have) do have VOX which works over headset. Issue is however that Motorola flipped pin-out of the connector so if you plug in regular headphones your left earphone actually becomes a microphone. Unless you used OEM headset this could have tricked you. Sadly there are no adapters for these in the market so I have to resort to making my own. Still, a good radio and a good review.

Johannes H says:

Hi, I made a Range Test too, in the city 😀

The Third Wheel says:

Hey, (newbie question follows):

I bought 2 Baofeng UV-5E radios to use with my partner on a motorcycle trip
in scotland. We are looking to use the free frequences in the UK as we
do not want to pay for the licence, just yet!
Can anyone suggest a setup – eg frequency/power setting etc, so that we
are not annoying anyone with our chatter/ not breaking the law. (we wont
be more than 200m apart at any time). Is this something that is viable,
or are these radios not something to be used for such a trip. Ideally
we would be the only people who can transmit or recieve on the
frequency, so as not to annoy others who may be using the same
frequency. Thanks in advance for your help!


Michael Loughlin says:

xt180 door catch sticks just the same but a small press just above it releases it and it clicks into place still agree a bad design fault would have been better with a better design…..

Andres Garzon says:

Hi, do you know if there is a wall charger to charge directly each radio without the base? Like with the T50. The supplied charger in the T80 works only with base. Or is the 9V DC side port on the radio just for a car charger? Thank you.

JimmyGunXD556 says:

I wish people would stop titling their videos”walkie talkies” if you need a liescense to use them.

Gavin McDonnell says:

Good review. Can you compare with the t60? I know there’s a big price difference but is it worth the extra?? I’d really like to have vibrant alert though.

RhyleyBerry says:

Unscrew the bottom bit it stands up better

Michael Loughlin says:

are you gonna get the Motorola xt180 in to test this set has group call on also the Midland g.18 I love you’re range tests what you Di so professionaly thought out ……

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