Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme – 10km Range Test

A line of sight signal test of the Motorola PMR446 walkie talkies. Do they work at the maximum 10km range stated in the specs?


We filmed this test up on the Wirral Peninsula in North West UK and performed the test across the River Dee to Holywell in North Wales…a distance of almost precisely 10km.

The T80 Extreme devices were running on fully charged Ni-MH batteries and are unmodified in anyway so were outputting 0.5 watts which is the maximum allowed unlicensed for this type of radio under UK law.

Thanks for watching and please let us know if you enjoyed the video.


Ramin Saadat says:

Well done boys nice job 🙂

shoidul islam says:

Same time how many people talking same frequency

Michael Loughlin says:

Intresting to see a long range test on the t.82 extremes if you acquire them …..

Sam Sephton says:

I am from West Kirby 5 mins from Thurstaton. Great video.

Drpepper99uk says:

Hi, Yes I’d like to see you extend the range test. Being up nice and high both ends 😉

Extensions on houses Builders F B S says:

This is a bit untrue I just tested my 4 new radio set and I walked 1.2 miles down the road and they failed, so all very well stating 6.3 miles accross an open filed but thats not going to happen very often!!

TDCatTech says:

If you’re looking to buy some of these walkie talkies and would like to support the channel, please use the links below (updated Nov 2018 for current models)


Vic Green Daily says:

Great video, next time bring a “green laser pointer” so you can see where your friend is exactly at.

Michael Loughlin says:

I’ve ordered mine….

Sergej Kravchenko says:

I owned T80 Extreme Quad for several years now, I think its the best on the market among FREE LICENSE radio for range, usability and PRICE!!!! Its a winner winner.

Rochajoel says:

Nice work, next time go at night and use flashlights to understand were you are 🙂

Db8s6 says:

you are on dcs channel that can go beyond ctsc

Michael Loughlin says:

I’m sire half a watt from tip of antenna….

E s e l says:

Great vid!!!
Can you test the 10 km range on the Motorola T92 H20?

Agung drajat ansori says:

Its amazing 11 km in outdoor test range,how about in door test range?

Arek says:

Very good sensitivity and demodulation, super super cheap, very durable, good housing. However, such a great range and height is the result of height. In a straight line, close to the ground, even with direct visibility, it would not succeed. Because the earth absorbs electromagnetic waves and the wave also propagates vertically and the part absorbed by the earth is re-reproduced from the horizontal beam which quickly exhausts.
UHF is a very good band for the maximum range, for VHF or HF the results would be worse, eg the 27 Mhz band has many times higher grounding attenuation because the main (horizontal) wave is radiated too close to the ground in relation to its geometric size and is almost immediately absorbed in its entirety.

Tamás Zahorecz says:

rálátással 50km is simán megy,teszt:város-falu-dombos környezet stb.

shoidul islam says:

How many price of per unit USD?

Jesse Cabitac says:

Imagine 5 watts 50 miles ? Lol

Michael Loughlin says:

Just got them today first impressions they look good but when you stand them up they rock from side to side I will take off the bottom yellow plates and file them a bit so they level up better that will alleviate the rocking….

Abdul Shahid says:

I ordered mines, but says 10km, but doesnt go even 1mil far signal


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Johnny Smallcock and his vile tasting toffees says:

Do a jerk off instruction video using all the filthy sex language

PK GAMER says:

I live in pakistan .can u send this model for me .

Daniel Gringmuth says:

nice video 🙂 this was a great range fir this T80 extreme Motorola .

Carl Good says:

Great job guys now I know what radio I am buying

Mike Chapman says:

Thanks for the test – the truth was out there..
You’ve done what I always wanted to do but I couldn’t find anyone who would like to be dropped off at the top of a large hill while I drove away in a warm car – with a promise that I’d collect them later in the day 🙂

xniloveganx says:

I bought them last year, working perfectly. I can confirm they were working on distance roughly 5-7km in the forest I was realy positively surprised. Don’t have any video unfortunately. But meaby I will do some video tests soon 🙂 great product

TDCatTech says:

Just published an urban range test of three devices (including the T80). Take a look if you’re into this kind of thing.

Akis Tz says:

Hello great vid but did you choose a specific channel for this distance?

koako N says:

Good job, thank you from Thailand.

Kodiak and Grizzly Bears says:

Extremely good considering an output of 0.5 watts!

Gugi Ginanjar Maulana says:

How satisfying. I was always want to see this kind of range test. Good job, guys!

Casualty ! says:

I have business radio xt420 can you show us how to change to dcs code on business radio and also do a range test with them please?

USER112358134711 says:

You have to try it in the woods or in the wild in general.

shoidul islam says:

This model is maxcimum talking range kilomitar from set to set

sve sie says:

Great Job…

Ramadhani Nugroho says:

wow. wow

luqmannur ikhsan says:

This Clear area, not any propogation…. Can you test with driving

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