Midland X Talker Walkie Talkie – Handheld Two Way Radio Review

The Midland XTalker walkie talkie or handheld two way radio works on both the GMRS and FMRS bands. It can work with many other hand held 2 way radios for short range grid down communications. #walkietalkie #survivalonpurpose

Living Survival’s Video: https://youtu.be/Xt2UzNWDfS4

Reality Survival’s Video: https://youtu.be/q540vI66LCc

X-TALKER T75VP3 Two-Way Radio

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RViscara says:

Man I really cringe when amateurs start talking radios when they really dont even know what they are getting into or talking about let alone dolling out advice.. NUMBER ONE RULE GMRS requires a license! YOU MUST HAVE A LICENSE to operate above 1/2 a watt! if you are operating at 4 or 5 watts you are in violation of FCC Laws… BE WARNED.. None of the people you mentioned to go watch the videos actually know about GMRS or operating such radios “Nice guys but they dont know what they are talking about”.. I suggest if you want to operate on GMRS or above 1/2 a watt get your Technician license at a minimum it cost 15.00 dollars and hour or 2 of your time to take the test. It will not cost you 80 bucks to get your license. Also you will come out understanding far more then watching some walkie talkie video. These are not real radios.. Get a HT handset for a 100 bucks well worth the money and decent antenna.. also you can not get over 6 mile range with these radios no matter what the manufacture says. you can not change the antennas on these radios nor can you get the full 5 watts out of the GMRS modes only 1.5 watts. Which is next to nothing compared to a real HT with a antenna that is far superior and the full 8 watts allowable. You cant program channels into this radio and its barely and I mean barely a above a baby monitor radio spend your money on a real HT not some gimmicky marketed product. Get your license its not that hard and will be able to do leaps and bounds beyond these kids toys. Sorry brian I am not harping on you but this is a serious taboo to be using GMRS illegally.. Things need to be explained to end users to be in compliant with FCC Rules and laws.. Because they will show up at your door… Despite what a manufactures claim to sell a product.

Bruce Clark says:

realistically,if you could rely on them for 1/2 to 3/4 of mile RELIABLY that is a pretty good amount of ground to cover on foot.i know some nut will claim 7miles in the forrest but next time you travel outside of camp or travel in a pair see how far you actually get away from one another.it’s never as far as you think.

Antonio Brandao says:

Micro-USB is one of the weakest, most fragile ports out there. A pity.

Elijah Robbins says:

bought one they are awesome, have a 5 mile range in the woods

Bush Craft Bros. says:

Hey i love you channel but can you please change the name of
that video of yours? Whenever people search up my youtube channel that video always comes up first and i’d like it when people search me up they find me not you.

Rumrunner 1 says:

I’ve been kicking around the idea for letting my boys have one each for comms on the farm. Will the privacy setting stop bleed over from someone else using a handheld like it?

Kevin Rosales says:

Cool features!

ronnie b prospecting says:

With the use of headset they would be good for burglaries

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

It was the way YouTube formats on my phone, I found it.

happymark1805 says:

Well they advertise it for upto 38miles range, thats a load of b.s. maybe if you sit up high on a mountain and the other one is also high up a mountain with nothing inbetween it, but never in real life with just 1.5Watt and that short antenna, but one real advantidge is that it can use AA batteries, the weather alert radio is great

knives are cool says:

haven’t used a walkie talkie since jr high schools back in Brooklyn new York that’s how we chatted before cell phones started being cheaper

Jake Riethmeier says:

see if you can get them to send you a 75-822 and maybe also a regular cb that they offer unless you have an old one lying around. the 75 822 converts from a walkie talkie to a mobile in seconds and don’t even need any adapter to plug it into a cb whip. it’s an awesome spotter radio for wheelin and I also sometimes set my truck cb on a quiet channel put It on PA turn It way up and park over by the smoke break area. then I call my truck and scare the bejibbers out of my friends. I know I know maybe not the most mature thing.

Josh Lloyd says:

It drives me nuts that they want you to be licensed to use GMRS. With cell phones, and the other available communication technology, I think opening that up to the public for free is about time.

Mr Cow says:

i want to get a pair but i live in europe anyone know where to buy it

TarpBuddy says:

Nice explanation vid Bryan. Nice features. I really do like the two charging options as well as the interchangeable batteries. Thanks for sharing, Dan

Arthur Leslie says:

The terrain I frequent, those would be a waste of time. Even 5 watts is ‘short range’. Being just two States west of you, I’m sure you can identify with that. 🙂

Wheels gone Wild says:

I’d like to see more reviews on comms.

Mr Cow says:

those radios look really neat

Kroos Kroos says:

As always great vids, an very helpful, thanks, when you came to México????

FloridaBoy Bushcraft & Survival says:

Great review. I got set of the 35 mile range X Talkers and my wife and I used them on a cruise ship when we had no cell service at sea. Worked great. Would be very handy in the woods when you have no cell service.

John 47 says:

Neat devices. I wish I had a use for them. Thanks Brian.

Faisal Albaldawi says:

Awesome vid, I REALLY want to see a review of the midland t55

Chris Duhaime says:

they never want to tell you the freq it use or mode

76aussieguy says:

weather chanel scanning is a neat idea, ill stick to my icom but 🙂

Brian Spencer says:

Thanks for the video & happy Canada day. Brian 76

Adam Huffnagle says:

I guess these radios are simplex only. Nothing wrong with simplex, except limited distant. I imagine in large urban areas, the maximum range is less then 1 1/2 miles. Maybe up to 3.5 mules in Suburban areas. Anything past 6 miles unless they’re repeater capable, you better with CB walkie talkies.

John Clayton says:

That charger base in MICRO USB – not NOT MINI USB. Hope all is well 🙂

RDLaw88 says:

Good review Bryan. Thanks.

T.W. Milburn says:

10-4 Roger-Beep  Copy That                                                         ATB  Terry     God  Bless

Elite Survival Reviews says:

love these!!

lionel .02 says:

Can you send me a peair of the walkiekis talkies at bel havin from Tyriq Cromer

Citizen J says:

Thanks for the nice video on the functions of the radio. Happy Independence Day.

kingcod 306 says:

first like and comment

Khan Vang says:

Nice radios, but the rechargeable battery and base doesn’t last long. I have a pair (older model) and just use rechargeable AA batteries.

TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness says:

Brian, was there something inappropriate in my comment? I see it’s been removed.

Atro785 says:

I wish they had better range on them or maybe Midland would come out with a replaceable antenna version that you could swap out an antenna optionally which would increase it’s range. Would probably need more power to do that too though.

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