Midland X-Talker T75VP3 Two-Way Radios

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Ricardo ski says:

How do I link the hand held to the Midland MXT115 to utilize the repeater channels. Yes I have a license, just got one for $70 through the fcc

hatch82 says:

How’s the voice quality on these radios?

ben terwellen says:

once again, ty great info……..

Marcia Maupin says:

The rlds trying to kill us

t.b. smith says:

thanks for the video, it helped me clarify the directions on the smaller version of radios i just purchased. FYI – early in the video you said that AA Batteries were required, then mentioned AAA later. I would think the latter would be correct due to the small size which are slightly larger than mine.

bpsavransky says:

Can you switch out antenna for longer range?

Survival On Purpose says:

Cool radios. I think the license is free or very low cost. It’s just a hassle any time you deal with the gov’t.

OldPackMule says:

Excellent! Thanks

Terry Wydick says:

I like thanks

Ricardo ski says:

I am amazed at the distance people say they get on there handheld radios. Mine say 37miles, I only get like 100 yards if I am lucky. That’s no BS….any tips or ideas please reply. Yes I have it on high. Yes there newer, brand new from dicks. Use them a couple times a year for hunting

TheSmokinApe says:

They look like great radios…

Leena S says:

Where can I buy this two way radio other than the website you had linked ?   And                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Can I use this radio elsewhere ?

Facts Vs Lies says:

hey bro can you please grant me a one piece of this radio set im student and can’t afford price 🙂

Pheara Lim says:

Will it communicate other brands (like Cobra, Motorola, etc.)?

Terri Stierhoff says:

Channel 10 is the dedicated emergency channel, so stay off that one too unless its an emergency. Just saying… Liked the video.

A Headsup says:

Detroit city airport! Shout out to the home land. nice vid


Looks like a good upgrade from my older 2- ways that I mentioned in WWS forums. Plus NOA

j lin says:

i say 1 1/2 mil in a light Structure town place like new york way less out in open no hills trees might get that

Schuller Survival and Reviews says:

so these would work with the radio in the last video?

Eli Cannon says:

i use high and low and no lilense

akaredcrossbow says:

Just tried mine out on FRS and GMRS on and they couldn’t communicate 1/4 mile or less from each other. Any suggestions of what is going on. Thank You

Barry Dutton says:

Cool follow up, that is a good 2-part series you got up today on these things, good work

manousos rigas says:

hi, i will have to travel by car accross europe for a couple days with a friend, how can we communicate between the two cars without having to hold or press any buttons?

Pheara Lim says:

Another question, can I bring 2 way radios to the airport and fly another countries?

the Vlogger says:

please subscribe to my channel

Angel Hernandez Bernard xD says:

Podrías traducirlo a español ?

Brennan Jones - Bushcraft and Survival says:

I got a set of Cobra microTalk CXT595s. They say 28 miles range, but that’s really only for open water or extremely flat land with nothing blocking a signal. Keep in mind the “privacy” channels are kinda a gimic. Mine has 121 “privacy” codes, but all they do is allow your party to hear one another on that code. Anyone who has the privacy code turned off can hear you if they’re using the same channel. I keep mine in my car at all times, mainly for weather and emergency situations. My buddy and I have gotten a couple miles away from eachother and we were still able to communicate. Thanks for sharing, I kind of like these better than my Cobra’s for a hunting use. Take care Ben. Thanks for the review.

Outdoor Archives says:

Nice radios, love the usb charge for sure. Do these have the privacy tones?

Bill Souders says:

These radios are very weak. Hand held CB’s are a better choice.

Leena S says:

Can I use this in another country ?

Chad Morgan says:

they sound great..tho I don’t like camouflage on outdoor pieces of kit. I’d rather them be something bright colored to stand out if you loose them.

Clear Adventure says:

Can these be charged from a car lighter via USB? Great vid.

Christopher Whitestone says:

Please confirm the following:

If I take out the midland supplied battery pack and put in 3 aftermarket NIMH AA batteries, can I plug in the usb plug and charge those aftermarket batteries? Have you tried this?

Thanks in advance.

Knifeoholic Dad says:

How are these in real cold weather?

MrGhostwolf999 says:

Bigfoot, yes or no?

David Richard says:

I can not get mine to charge how long does it need to charge fulley

mohanty ajay says:

Does this require a license to operate in India

Tom Pawlowski says:

Excellent video Ben!  I have a pair of Midland 26 mile radios which also have the weather function (awesome) but aren’t USB rechargeable which is a drag.   Actual range is about 1.5 to 2 miles (Isle Royale National Park, hilly and wooded).  Are these weather resistant?

Bob Amos says:

We’ve been using an inexpensive set of Uniden radios like these for years. Without recharge ability. You would be surprised just how often you find yourself without cel service. These have always done the job. Might be time to upscale to these newer models though. We do have some of the larger Midland as well as a couple of their base sets in the truck and garage. Always liked Midlands equipment.

Brubble Butt says:

They’re also water proof

PreppingOver50 says:

So what is the difference between the Midland GXT1050VP4 and the X-Talker other than the GXT1050 is 5 Watts GMRS? Would it not make more sense to buy the 5 watt radio? I am shopping and am confused. I called Midland and the lady I spoke to suggested the GXT1050 for distance. If someone could tell me why the X-Talker would be a better buy, I would appreciate it before I pull the trigger on buying one.

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