MIDLAND Walkie Talkie Radio Test / Fall Walk with the P.T.P

Testing the range of our new ($39.00) Midland Walkie Talkie’s Radio’s and enjoying a warm early fall walk. Hope you enjoy and find this video some what helpful, if deciding on whether or not to buy these radio’s. We gave them a thumbs up.



Ok people in a wooded area like this video showed
Your only going to be getting that short range the guy had in this video

If your in a open area like a football stadium or on a airstrip at an airport your going to get the full 36 mile ange

Joseph Roman says:

I have a pair of 52 mile ones

jafpCoT jafpCoT says:

Link to this walkie talkie?

Rhonda Davis says:

I want two

Jill Arnold says:

1 mile

Dafne Cernas says:

love you video

St. Mark says:

just use whatsapp.

Michael Loughlin says:

uhf. ….

Black_ mamba_p71 says:

thanks for the review

John Lumapas says:

Please do BAOFENG BF-A5 😀

Michael Loughlin says:

would be very interesting to see a hilltop test on these radio’s our pmrs on 446MHz have excellent results on high ground well worth the try…..

Joshua Xiong says:

Should of drove a car.

Steve C says:

A mile?, thought they had a 30 mile radius?

Wolf Reviewing says:

Sorry for ultra long message XD
Today i got a new walkie talkie but its one with 400-470 mhz and i know
your ment to have a license in UK for having one below 446 i think
something like that but 9-16 channels are pmr so you dont need a license
i will leave link for the radio on here so you can see BUT i forgot and
this radio has a button on it and its kina like a morse code
cuz it beeps  i guess it is for a call tho if you hold it but anyway i
went on channel 1 and the pmr channels are only 9 – 16 and i press the
beeping sound and it does transmit to other person noone was on channel 1
but im not sure that matters i basically transmitted on a channel im
not ment to so am i done for or is it only if someone elz is on the line
or only if you talk alot it want the ptt button it was like a morse code beeping button but it still transmits it OH NO -__-

here is the link to the radio so you can see maybe i should run now or
throw the radio in a lake or can i buy a license b4 its too late help
meh =( cops havnt come yet so …………..


1kzrider says:

Mine are supposed to get 36 mile. I got around the corner and cut out. These pretty much suck i was in vehicle and wife inside house but, not even a half mile. Not impressed. Feel cheated 36 mile I think if only you pay for the non commercial frequency gmrs or whatever it is you will get longer distance and still not 36mile.

Michael Loughlin says:

I’m just wondering if the American version frs midlands have the link that you cut inside to mod to 3 watts …..

Juan Pérez says:

For city i use Zello and i use the GXT1050’s in areas where have no internet…

Steven L says:

If you cut the squelch off on both radios you can get about 3 miles!


30 mile is line of sight with no interference from trees or buildings

Agoraphobic Adam says:

This is how the verizon guy got started.Can you hear me now. haha
Good video,Thanks.

Michael Fuentes says:

You have to understand the way radio freqs work. When you are in a wooded area like the guy in the video. The trees absorb the radio waves which will weaken the radio transmission. Also power lines and all other electronics and medals will also have an effect on the radio waves. When the company advertises that the radios will talk 36 miles. It means that the radios hold the capability to talk “line of sight” 36 miles. Add terrain features and power lines. it will effect the radio wave it self.

kb3gjp123 says:

Your also on a huge hill top

John Gull Bunny says:

Two gay guys talking to each other

jwkong says:

its a good walk mate.
I used to did my range test just like that with different frequency and model.

and i would say well done.
Cheers mate.

Michael Loughlin says:

you can buy a radio tone repeater which gives these radio’s good mileage in area’s contaminated by obstacles we use one on a radio which stays in the top bedroom on the window sill and it really boosts our signals £59-00 English pounds well spent …..

enigma khan says:

how much mile the Midland Walkie Talkie’s work ,its not clear from ur video 2 , 12 mile or what can u clear that pla how many mile it work ,suree not 36 miles ?

Joshua Xiong says:

Sounds gay.

Michael Loughlin says:

All these company’s give over hyped claims on the ranges of these walkie talkies 30miles. …15miles but in reality this is not achieved unless you’re on top of a hill these radio’s perform better and vast ranges can be achieved regular users in England on hilltops in Wales get ranges upto 83kms using small cheap two way radio’s on 0.5 watt so it’s possible in built up areas you’ve got more chance of seeing a budgerigar doing cartwheels. …great video on the midland I’ve got midland xtra talk which I modded to 3 watts and midland g.9e + which is modded for 5 watts and even these don’t achieve more than 2 miles in built up areas but open space now that’s when they can perform achieving 50+ miles no problem. …….

Jim U says:

it looks like you’re just walking down the street why not take the car but you need to get out of the car to check. this is a useless very non informative video

OKBAOK says:

If you change the antenna to a longer one it will increase the range.

Alex LaDue says:


med algerian says:

is the Walkie Talkie legal in us !!

OKBAOK says:

For you guys info range for two way radio is one watt equals one mile in car to car freeway test straight line of site. And in FRS frequency from channel 8 to 14 you don’t need a license but in GMRS frequency you need one to be legal.

kb3gjp123 says:

It’s not a rip off. It’s just false advertisement on range. It would go further if it bad a great antenna on it.

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