Midland Two-way Radio GXT1000VP4

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MKF30 says:

Cool review but these can’t go past 1 mile even though it says 36? I live in NYC with hills and buildings, what would you recommend would be best for that? Looking for something good Up to like say 5 miles or so? I have one midland some where(lost it in my move) crank emergency radio and I used to occasionally pick up conversations and receive from NJ and Penn here and there. Also, what happens if you talk on GMRS without a license? Who’s going to find out? Unless you harass someone or curse I never understood the problem with that.

obey conform today says:

License users may use the 8 repeater pairs with repeaters max erp is 50 watts on the repeater.
Repeater output = gmrs channels 15-22. Most bubble pack radios do not have the input freq.
Unless its repeater capable.. do not run 50 watts on simplex mode thats illegal 5 watts max. Minus the repeater users on the 15-22 channels.
Max watts is 20watts if you use 5+ gain antenna. That would put you at 49watts Erp equivlant. If you are north of line A canada us border or east of line C alaska you cannot run a repeater on output channel 19 20 21 basicly. Unless its 5 watts. Making it useless. If they detect your signal in canada and you mistakenly use their pl tone that can cause a problem. Or most likely cause interference on the canadian output freq

Scott F. says:

Nice radios as good info…..Good stuff…

Michael Root says:

What are better these radios or the x talkers 38 mile range walkie talkie

RJ's adventures says:

We use this same radios. We travel full time in an RV. We travel with friends, thought they would be better than CB’s. Best we can get on flat land in the Southwest desert is, Mile and a half… still handy. Not no 30 something miles thou….

Ricky McDaniel says:

The NOAA weather report at the first of the video said in the Carolinas. Charlotte metropolitan area.. lol that’s funny.. that’s in my neck of the woods where I live…

timothy Wise says:

Have you tried to undo the clip on the back of the radio? Mine will not come off and now I cannot remove the batteries. How do you do it

Michael Larson says:

I have 2 and one of them is voice activated so I dont need to push the button on the side, is there any way I can turn this off?

Gray Man says:

Great review.. I am planning to buy one because of 36mile range.. now that you said that it can’t get 36mile might as well find another HAM radio.

Captain Rick says:

They work well on boats in open water, No buildings,tress etc,. to block signal Thanks for sharing!

Andrew Ashton - WOLF says:

We have in UK a system called PMR446 which is similar to FRS/GMRS but license-free at 16 channels insteada 8 channels and since January 2018 we can use external antennas but at 0.5w or half watt.

The PMR446 frequencies are in the name 446MHZ insteada what ever frequency range yours is within GMRS/FRS.

John Gordon says:

thank you so many others have tried and failed reviewing these tools.

Benjamin Wallace says:

How do you acquire a FCC license?

Cesar T says:

Music is WAY too loud

GunsOfMassEffect says:

On the GMRS channels the reason get the FCC license is because you can use local repeaters in your area to gain better reception and longer ranges. If you build your own repeater with base station, you can gain even better reception and distance $75 for the license 10 year time, up to 10 family members on the license.

jake bangga says:

i have also a midland gxtpro1000 and from my house to the place were im driving on it can handle for about 4 miles

Pete Mitchel says:

I been so wanting to get these!!! Glad u did this!!!!!!

Michael Loughlin says:

Not actually waterproof splashproof .don’t think chargers are smart looks similar to our Midlands I binned my charger I just use rechargeable aa batteries 2500 mah and I cut the links in mine and turned 0.5w to three and a half watts still good radios for messing around with

Lioness Roar says:

I have these and with a short Antennas, of 4 inch, it doesn’t reach as far as it advertises!

Winter Craighead says:

great review my friend

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