Midland Micro Mobile MXT 100 and X Talker Walkie Talkie Review and Field Tests

This is a combination review of the Midland Micro Mobile MXT 100 and the Midland XTalker Model t75vp3 walkie talkies. These are some pretty sweet radios that have a wide range of survival and prepping communication uses! You can find more out about these radios at the links below!

Micro Mobile MXT-100: http://bit.ly/MXT100
X Talker T75VP3: http://bit.ly/XTalker

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Radio Survivor guy says:

no I use it in simpy radio i get 10km

Francisco Claridad says:

Ill place a base antenna at home


I dig em.

Swamp Fox says:

We use Motorola and Rino radios.  The Rinos are nice because you have topo maps in them.

George Speck says:

what would be nice if, the micro mobile had a built.in repeater


I think MIDLAND makes some great products! Good video JJ!!

Jesse Cabitac says:

Hey bro I really want the two way radio you are reviewing but do you really need a license.

Radio Survivor guy says:

dont let the see it

todd hays says:

We use Motorola cp200’s and old p50’s (which aren’t legal anymore.) Put a better antenna on the micro mobile and get some handhelds with good antennas and I think you would be surprised with the additional range you get.

Paul H Ford says:

How do you does license are the very hard this I can’t read very well but I want to get my license

Jerry Hughes says:

X-tra talk by MIDLAND model:LXT560 I have hand the walkie talkies for about 3 years now haven’t had any trouble with them Lego about 1 mile or less but they’re good radios

Barry says:

One limitation that was unintentional was when you hoist the Slim Jim close to the metal flag pole, that would actually reflect signal back into the radio as well as limit reception. But still, not bad considering what you were working with. Had the slim jim been up in a tree or on the second floor of the house, you would increase your radio’s efficiency by raising the antenna above the obstacles in your neighborhood. Great video.

Radio Survivor guy says:

sam people dont have licens

John Ellsmar says:

Ha! Your workstation is like mine, no matter what’s going on there’s some deer antlers floating around.

Bootyhunter1971 says:

Good video, however your statement about citizens band or “cb” is incorrect. Cb is 4 watts “legally” and the handhelds and mobiles
All are usually 4 watts. Also they operate on 27mhz vs the 462mhz of the radios you reviewed. The nature of radio waves the cb would do better in wooded and hilly areas. Now cb antennas are much longer and more cumbersome as well so it’s a trade off. CB also is more prone to skip where the radio waves “bounce” off the ionosphere, allowing sporadic long distance comms, where receiving those long distance comma might be especially desirable. Thanks for the video. Nice radios. They all have their uses. Tools in the tool box.

Canadian Neo-Frontiersmen says:

Hey JJ thanks for the vid….I have Baofeng UV5R (for emergency only) and Uniden 3799 (for personal use hunting and personal..no license needed in Canada) and booth are compatible by the way. I am really into booth you and Comm Prepper to test booth the base MTX100….wonder how far you get.

ScottyM1959 says:

hey JJ Hardened Power Systems came out with a new box called The Recon 1 check it out

Radio Survivor guy says:

buy uv5r is much better range for your 10km and he get 5watt midland get 0.5watt

Faisal Albaldawi says:

Where cani get a license and would you please make a test and review of midland t55-VP3 WALKIE?

jayw654 says:

If mounting to a structure you can go 20ft above the structure but the total height cannot exceed 200ft so the point is you can go much much higher than a flat 20ft. Also Midland is an American based company but the radios are made in China.

Jarhead6 says:

Thanks for the video JJ! Hope you are doing great!

Craig Diamond says:

The batteries are not old school Ni-Cad. They are NiMH…NiCad are not used anymore…Also there are no “sub channels” they are squelch tones….no security but quieter operation….

Radio Survivor guy says:

I never tramit in a police channel and in never tr on ham channel i use dem in jobs

R DiDDY says:

What are you using to power the micro in the ammo box?

Daniel Grimes says:

I noticed in the last part of the video that your handheld was on channel 1. Isn’t that an FRS channel? If so wouldn’t you have less transmission distance on FRS rather than GM RS?

Radio Survivor guy says:

the use the uv5r the is much then the midland I get 4miles away

hollernathan says:

Does the slim Jim come with a pl-259 connector? And where can I purchase the slim Jim? Thank you

05generic says:

Do you know if signal boosters are available for GMRS, and legal? In a grid down/WROL situation I wouldn’t care if it’s legal. Communication rules.

As I recall CB reaches out a lot farther than a mile.

Commsprepper says:

Check out DPD Productions GMRS antenna double 5/8ths – http://www.dpdproductions.com/page_gmrs.html
The stock OEM antenna can’t compare.

wjf213 says:

Great video. I never seen that base type mount before, but to be honest, I’ve really lost a lot of interest in these radios. I know they’re not for long range, but man, it would be nice if it was more than a stones throw or hand and arm signal range. Plus I hate the fact that they make that beeping noise when you use them. So much for keeping quiet while out hunting or when trying to remain silent. I think for family fun out in the bush fishing or something, they’re okay, but then again a text message works too. haha Keep up the great work.

Commsprepper says:

You will be happy with that radio. CommsPrepper

whiskey papa says:

Nice tests, thanks man.

hollernathan says:

would a 5 watt handheld radio paired with the micro mobile make a difference in the distance you achieved? Thanks

Barry Savransky says:

Can you swap out the antenna on the x-talker for a more powerful one. If so what would you recommend?

will edwards says:

The corrupt gubmint gets enough of my money. Not another penny more. When they follow the laws so will i.

Mehron Berberian says:

I use the x-talker at the deer lease and it works great

hollernathan says:

Is there a reason you didn’t go with the more powerful mxt 115 micro mobile 15 watt? Or is the 5 watt version more compatible with your setup? Thank you

Radio Survivor guy says:

the police see it

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