EyeSpy Spy Linx Communicator Review, Video Walkie Talkies

http://www.DadDoes.Com Today we review the EyeSpy SpyLinx Communicators. The Spy Linx is a video walkie talkie that can send video, sound and texts – all without any charges.

The Live Video Communicator also has Night Vision, so you can send video in complete darkness. All very impressive given the $79 retail price for a set of two SpyLinx Communicators.

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Dagmar Yenice says:

Awesome video! But where can I buy that?

Anuhea Kamahana says:

Great for a cruise!

Maggie N says:

How much was its

Jada Little says:

Found It! www.focalprice.com/MZ0088X/EyeSpy_Night_Vision_Walkie_Talkies_with_Live_Video_Text_and_Integrated.html?Currency=CAD

Firedudejman456 says:

This is a complete waste of money! With all the interference around the neighborhood, the kids could not even play with it. We got it primarily for playing nerf dart tag and their walkie talkies kept saying “interference” on them and would not connect or transmit. They will be going back to the store! Why they make products like this that cannot be used indoors or anywhere near…..oh, wifi or wireless phones….last i checked that is pretty much everywhere!! Huge disappointment!

Lakerguy1000 says:

Cool!! I’ll check it out.

Fireboy says:

no DadDoes camera at 1:41

Bleach says:

DO BLACK OPS 2 care package plez

Thegamer67777 says:

How much ti costs?

uba dubaman says:

can u talk to 3 ppl in that,or u have to buy another spy lix

Ruben Serrano Sistenes says:

Y cuanto radio de transmisión tienen?

John Melgar says:

We’re did you buy it

Evangeline Dispo Lindstrom says:


Fireboy says:

Whats that camera called?

Gabe Thirkettle says:

It’s 79$

first! says:

How do you increase the range on this?

TurtleZip Gaming says:

i might get that for my birthday so itll be awesome

PKYLE146 says:

Is there a back camera??.

hi im josh says:

Where did you get this?

Knapweed says:

I bought this set for my Grandkids. The handsets look and feel solid and they work as advertised – apart from the 500′ range but you didn’t really believe that, did you?

The range is certainly adequate for a toy and kids aren’t quite so obsessed with stats the same way as adults are. Kids have the gift of “adaptability” and I can promise they will have a lot of fun for around $50.

King jellyjam says:

Do the eyespy spyder cam surveillance toy

ratcliffave says:

Better off with a yaesu ft 60r


.where did you by it can I have it please I could end by a Christmas present for my son

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Yep, Nerf wars are great with a video walkie talkie. By the way, we are doing a huge toy giveaway over at DadDoes – $1,400 in toys, 24 winners – ends 11/30. Check it out if you want to try to win some of this (we are giving the SpyLinx away). Thanks

Ryan saisor says:

Firedude, i completely agree with u, This crap is worth nothing. Spynet is better than this and i dont know why they made the piece of crap instead,its pontless buying 1 of these things,they dont really do anything in the first place.not happy.

random uploader says:

I have an older version

Lakerguy1000 says:

They are also good for games like Nerf wars and other stuff. Thanks for all the reviews!!

Ilikescheese :3 says:

there is an alternative called the cybiko but is old

Claudia Chambers says:

leave a link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filthy Commie says:

2.4 megahertz? 

I think you mean Ghz. 

Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does says:

Hi, thanks for watching. They come in sets of two, so only 2 can be used at a time. Not sure if you bought another set if all 4 could be used together? Good question, sorry have not tried it to find out.

Alex Reyes says:

or u could use a smart phone

AJS says:

Yeah it’s basically a phone :/ but Kool toy.

Sjokolade Bear says:

I need mine to have headphones! The truckers are very loud!!! Oh hold up. This not a walkie talkie

Diana Valdez says:

Real cool can you do a full review on youtube and can you show the box

Beck Orion says:

ware could we get it

Jada Little says:


Ryan saisor says:

ok,i now think this communicator is awsome.If we can use these as spy phones,we can be the best spies ever.Also they should know being a spy takes more than gadgets.You need to also learn spy fighting styles or else you will be useless.

TheSkullGamer says:

Where did he buy it you ask? Well I know!

Jibree Allen says:


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