Cobra MT245 PMR446 two way radio unboxing review

Cobra’s latest PMR446 two way radio. Micro USB charging capacity. 5km range.


gutierrezgto1 says:

Thanks for replay I don’t see any button stuck but I charge them overnight it seem to be ok now thank you.

Kent Watson says:

Any way to tell when they are fully charged?

sevenman96 says:

they look good but are very basic

chris Rendon says:

what are the headset for these ?

gutierrezgto1 says:

I buy this radios for my son but one of them is making a noise like alarm Thea only way to stoped is removing the battery any ideas? Other question is how much time need to be charge? Pls awnser. Thanks

VerminSniperUnit says:

What would you recommend these or mt645? What advantage does the mt645 have over this model? Gd review!

Reubs2V's says:

i have these they are sick

VerminSniperUnit says:

Thanks for the reply.. Ok what about binatone 750 terrain or the cobra 645? Which would you recommend? Cheers!

Max Persson says:

Tanks I will buy dis radio today

Dougie R says:

I’m sorry to be a killjoy but I purchased these radios yesterday and they are nice but they do not go 5Km “NOW WAY” I think on factory testing they had clear line of sight I lose contact with my girlfriend at home after about 1/4 a mile away , so I am thinking and looking for a mod to turn up the watts….?

Chris Phillips says:

umm dude you forgot something if you hit the power button twice fast you get the weather forecast

Melissa Lidemark says:

its not working

Sharon Hagen says:

I have only used these once and they got put away with the batteries in them ? I have been charging them for about five hours and I dont see any sign of them working yet ?? How do I tell if they are charging or not ??

GoodKarmaBandStudioD says:

Is there a way to turn off roger beep?

Prince Buster says:

press the power button two times and it will put it on radio

NEON_FIRE Does Stuff says:

Can u use every channel without a license like are there gmrs

Cosmin Ren says:

The jack input, is it 2.5mm or 3.5mm?

Juan Guzman says:

The battery do sent increase up or does it charge still

Wrim's Airsoft says:

Is there any way to turn off the roger beep?

Random Films says:

I got onto police radio on these

Nick Curry says:

Just bought these radios, they work fine. I have had in charge overnight, the flashing battery indicator scale in the display indicating charge level has not increased to indicate that the batteries are charging, is this usual, or does it indicate the power lead isn’t charging? Many thanks.

surfing irish blogger says:

How do use the ear peace

HandyRadio says:

Yeah very basic. 8 channels, volume control, roger beep, 1 call tone. I’m sure people are buying them because they’re Cobra.

Dillon Chambers says:


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