Cobra Floating Walkie Talkie Review, Long Distance

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We recently picked up a couple of these Cobra walkie talkies for use on a 650 mile road trip, and for use around our property. Overall they have served us well!

These long range walkie talkies were perfect for our road trip. Instead of having to rely on our cell phones when we had no cell service, these Cobra walkie talkies did the trick. The distance was what you could expect out of many consumer-grade radios although there seemed to be a decent amount of interference in the cities.

We also noticed that with this walkie talkie you need to speak extremely close otherwise it is difficult to hear one another. That said, the audio was clear.

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Paul Valley says:

After shelter, food and water, communication can be one of the most important things to maintain survival safety especially during an emergency. Humans communicate from one persons mouth to someone else’s ears. Radios communicate from one antenna to the other antenna. Holding the antenna as high as reasonably possible for both the transmit and the receive radio will increase the distance. Also the radio is broadcasting/receiving through the antennas and if your hand or body is covering or touching the antenna it can absorb that radio transmission and not let it go as far, especially with those type of radios. I am an amateur radio operator and I agree with all of the posts suggesting you get your amateur radio license. It’s not that hard and it could be extremely useful. The first week I had my license it literally saved some people’s lives. When you get your license I suggest as others have done that you do place a repeating radio station on your property at the tallest Geographic point. This will allow you to communicate between each other and other radio operators extremely longer distances. Depending on how you set it up, you may even be able to communicate twenty or thirty miles away from each other just using handheld radios. And both of your communications would be crystal clear. If you’d like more information about amateur radio or ham radio as it’s called, please feel free to reach out. We hams are pretty generous with our knowledge and volunteering of our time to help out. There’s also a lot of free information on the internet. Take care,
Keep tubing.
Paul – KC8AMD (My radio station call sign). You’ll both get one of your very own when you get your license.

GMRS User says:

You could get your GMRS License from the FCC. It costs $65 and all family members could use the radios. Unlicensed you are only allowed to use the lower channels which are FRS Channels. Channels 15-22 are GMRS only channels and requirea license. You can also get upgraded radio gear that would work with those radios that are inexpensive and could give you much further range due to the amount of power that can e used which is 50 watts. The FRS channels are only allowed to be ue 1/2 a watt/ If you would like more information drop me a line

Joshua Xiong says:

But you two didn’t use it in the video….

Sean Ingalls says:

Get your Ham Radio Technician Class license, very easy 35 question test, Then get a couple of Baofeng 2 Meter handi Talkies. You get more transmit power, thus range, and you can pick a frequency with VERY little interference.

Steven Borgogna says:

I think you two are F’n awesome 🙂 I need to figure out how to continually finance a lifestyle like that. How do you generate income? My wife and I are interested in a similar lifestyle.

Ryan Harvey says:

Next step… Ham radio!!! 🙂

fevo69 says:

You both can get the Amateur Radio License of
Technician [Ham Radio] which is the firths level and you can
operated more frequencies [Channels] and used radio
in the VHF or UHF bands. VHF frecuencies can cover more

The cobra you have now maybe have ½ or 1 watt
of power, with the Amateur Radio you get 5 watts.
You also can get more powerful radios that can be
install in the SUV / truck and in the house and
work with 50watts of power and cover a lot more miles and
with you License you can use Ham repeaters and
cover even more terrain.

Don Poaps says:

They run on UHF and their output is not so hot. Better off getting your ham and using VHF simplex and get about 2-4 miles depending on terrain. If you run an external mag mount on a vehicle and get out further

Yesenia Sanchez says:

perfect couple… love the way yall get along

Brian Worley says:

Are those the radios you need to register with the FCC as a user for the frequency range, not the radio itself? GMRS as opposed to FRS?

Timidater says:


Thai Breaker says:

Talk across the mic. Still close, but across , not directly into the mic. Makes it easier to understand ppl.

neptuno338 says:

vaya manera de coger el walkie…

David Belmont says:

Can’t get enough of the Homestead Porn!
Eggcellent Tips. Very useful for my own future use. I’ve been “planning” my homestead for years and it’ll be e-few more till I actually am able to get started, should I live that long. You two are very entertaining and make a good combination. Keep em coming. Tks.

Oh Asis says:

The police are behind you. I have to crap.

Syed Hassan says:


Benny ofAtlanta says:

why don’t cell phone work ?      cell to cell

bp968 says:

You guys need to get your ham licenses. It took me all of 2 evenings of study to pass my technician AND my general class license (and it’s free to take the test with most clubs). The main advantage is you can use radios with proper antennas. To put it in perspective I use my 25$ baofeng with a 13$ antenna to easily talk to a repeater 20 *miles* away from me! Even simplex (no repeater) you could easily get 5-8 miles given the right conditions. You could even setup a solar powered repeater on a hill or atop your home and get even more range. And that’s just with simple handhelds. If you bought a HF radio you could talk around the globe. If you reasonably geeky you could also setup a property-wide wifi network and have Internet access all over the property. well, if you have internet access at he home anyway.

William Hathaway says:

Amazon has speaker mic available for that radio. You can clip the speaker mic on you shirt lapel. It makes easier to hear the radio and talk without putting the radio in front of your face. They also make chest pouches that you can put your radio in. All I could find on Amazon were very tactical.

jamie buchen says:

can someone please help? I have the same walkie talkie as you two and all I hear is static when I’m not talking how can I stop that? we are both on the same channel

Anvilshock says:

8:37 – that’s about the opposite of clear … The volume only increases massively because your radio has shit mic circuits that crank out spikes of volume when the mic itself is being overdriven. As in, mechanically driven against its stops. It’s loud, but horribly distorted.

Meredith Blodgett says:

I’m new on here. I love your cat. I have 5 cat. I really like your YouTube channel.

bearPower 2017 says:

I have a cobra walkie-talkie

legionofangels9 gameplay says:

how are you guys doing

Andrew Christensen says:

the belt clit also has a flat head screw driver on the bottom, it is used to take it apart.

the MYSTERIOUS Eddie Dean says:

I believe this particular model lacks a MONITOR button.

Mike Turner says:

Ya need ggoooddd battery’s, most rechargeable’s don’t give top notch service, ya get better talk/monitor time with everyready’s alkaline but it’s expensive to buy a truck load of battery’s. So get some eveready rechargeable’s
But the milage they rate those little radio’s well it’s a little deceiving. They may get that range on a body of water with good weather or on like the salt flat’s with good weather. Any buildings, power line’s, vehicles, other electromagnetic signal’s, i.e. TV, CB, microwave, commercial radio, cellphones,anything thay generates a signal, the magnetic field around power lines. All this stuff interfere’s with it. So I’m surprised at the distance they do have. It’s like cell phones, aa cell is fairly close together in cities a little further out of town but your phone’s signal is picked up, amplified and retransmitted. Sorry to go on. Old people tend to do that. Hey read what the guy just below or wherever he will be but he , seem’s to know his ah, stuff about Ham. But for no more than you’ll use them, what you got will do. There I go again. B7ut I’m probably a little late with this news huh?

Myles Nicholas says:

The roger beep is a NASA beep, first used on space travel missions.

Jeremy Flener says:

If it is scanning all frequencies it will run the battery down quickly. Make sure to turn it off.

nbookie says:

boefeng uv-5r. or any of their radio line up. $20 bucks each. program for gmrs, murs, frs and talk for miles. versions that are water proof, larger antenna (that will flex when you drop them) plus all week battery can be had for less than 40 bucks each.

keep rocking you tube with your story!!!

Andrea Cadelano ADVaccount says:

i bought those radios and doesn’t work, basically they cover max 0.3 miles in the city and not more… in the building, we cannot communicate, my wife was is the 15 floor and i was down and i couldn’t communicate with her…
I’m very unsatisfied!!!

Carpe diem says:

Your wife is no dog you can just snip your fingers and she run.

Joey Ah Sam says:

Nextel is dead, you can add att eptt for $5 per month, or use zello for free.

Joey Ah Sam says:

Zello even has the beettledeboop sound on it.

LEE 049 says:

hi are y’all close to the water, can you do an fishing in the area?

Doug Willard says:

congrats on the land move. I’m in colorado on a Mt top and I love it. saw these today at Walmart and plan on picking them up.

Gerrard Aissing says:

get an amateur radio license so you can use radios with much higher power and better quality

Culpepper culpepper says:

get married!

Michael Marquez says:

Roger beep is pretty common, so you don’t have to say “over.” Not Sure why they call is a Roger beep since “roger” is an acknowledgement to an “over.” Older radios had this also, but it was a short burst of static.

Mike Town says:

The first thing I did was buy new batteries, Duracell Long Life 2500 MAh.  The ones that come with the radio are 1000 MAh  Much better.

fevo69 says:

Here is more info:

I think Am Radio is the best solution, and also you get
a lot of new friends and helping hands.

tow master says:

if i look really cool with that i must look off the charts cool with my astro saber

Shihab Ahmed says:

you guys need to do more of these, great job!

Rudolfo St.Louis says:


Kai Grundmann says:

guys… 13 minutes to talk about a walkie talkie and it’s not even a professional one… keep it a little shorter please

Joey Ah Sam says:

You could have downloaded the zello Wilkie talkie app for free. It works well on any wireless network provider.

Gez501 says:

Cobra equipment is good stuff. Its limited range of course, but what would you expect. Remember – read the instructions leaflet. LOL. If you scan a lot then you are using up your battery. LEARN how to set your SQUELCH switch. Turn it back until the background “noise” goes away then call your partner (on the same channel of course). You should make contact. Buy rechargeable batteries and max ampere hour ones. Trees can cut down the range you can talk. It IS CB quality stuff.

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