Baofeng T1 Review Part 2 – Long Range Test 72 Miles!

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knoxieman says:

Fun little test Lewis, radio is a little too small for my massive hands but would be good for the missus and the kids, I need to get them all licensed, starting with the missus, my kids love playing with PMR radios and I often joke there is more activity on PMR than any other band, I probably do more on PMR ha ha oh well, thanks for sharing and looking forward to more videos from you.

163CTX009's ADVENTURES says:

looks impressive. I’m looking for another radio as my gt3tp has died. nice vid.. 73

Jake Mottram says:

Nice test Lewis. Impressive for such a tiny radio. Always look forward to this test when you review radios. Will you be at any radio rallies this year?

Lukasz Zalewski says:

Thanks for the test. 🙂

Sherjeel Chaudhry says:

138th like and 54th comment so early lol.

fredintheshed1 says:

Great tests Lewis. Rem thats with a UHF antenna as well.

Sam Glaim says:

Amazing little radio with a really low price. Thanks for the test and video 73

Mr Aphoristic says:

Alright Lewis! Great video matey.

Rosco Caladoni says:

Wow! 72.1 miles. Very impressive!!

Daark says:

Wow you’re beautiful

Hamilton Caven-Lewis says:

Legend…. my folks live a few miles below GB3CR can see it from their house….. & catching Llandudno repeater on it…. class Lewis!!

humaxf1 says:

72 miles ain’t bad for a compromise of a very stubby aerial. Is the display frequency only or can you name the channels?

What do u want says:

fred in shed video shows it having lots of interference at 3/4 mile!! so how do you get 
70 plus miles?????

Antonio Parreira says:

Very good,

Cory Robinson says:

I love your review mate. I live here in Michigan and I need this radio I ride motorcycle and would be a good radio to pick up for communication instead of getting a motorcycle radio that costs way more than what it’s worth. Could you please link me to buy this exact model here in the USA? Cheers Cory

Jude May says:

Hi would i be able to have a conversation at 30 miles with this radio then?

Andy Wragg says:

Great results Lewis. Mine won’t be here till next week but I’ve got a couple of projects to finish in the garage to keep me busy. 73s.

Chris Thomas says:

Hi Firstly can I say I love your channel and look forward to your videos being uploaded, I noticed your frequency was on 2m but looked at the spec and the data sheet sheet its 400 to 446 radio so is the data sheet incorrect, ps when are we going to see Mr one nine a lady breaker again that video is hysterical and your buddy there is a star. Cheers Chris MW0HAC

Robert Young says:

Where any of the repeaters VHF?

Edison Santos says:

What is the average range in this Walkie talkie when not on high ground? For instance a small city. Thanks

Paul Sillifant says:

great video mate which makes me happy to know that radio amateur 2m/70cm is still alive in 2018 subs from me 😀

Diego Ocampo says:

Hi lewis, can i change frequency anytime outside without laptop

Simon Templar says:

Undocumented but actually works on VHF also!

Asif Sifat says:

which is the best loge range walkie talkie you ever seen ?
recommended me one of them so i can but it
thank you

gmctech says:

Even line of sight that little dinky portable hit up a repeater 70 some miles away???? Holy freaking cow!

John Wilkerson says:

Impressive. Considering you are in a car….farraday cage. 73 kd8dvr

oscarpont says:

Do you need a ham license for these?

driverfilmsshortwave says:

Handheld QRP Portable! Really tempted by this now!


friend has the possibility to change the franchise of baofeng bf-t1 to 462 to 467. pc software change process, possible. ?
These are family and fraqueness here in Brazil. 462-467.
this baofeng bf-t1 has a possibility to change ?.

What do u want says:

is it just me? i never heard anyone respond back!

Mick Gatz says:

Great Review!, thnx. They are quite an amazing little radio actually. 🙂

Marc Carson says:

Thanks for the test, Lewis. I really like my BF-T1. The blue lanyard was a stroke of aesthetic genius, haha. I wish we had more 70cm around here, may have to set up a repeater of my own.

Michael Loughlin says:

Excellent contacts to repeaters….

Gary g1fsh says:

Well that was amazing mate great video there i did test the WLN and found it managed 1.7 watts on tx and receive was really good. Havent done one of these yet but will get to it at some stage.

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