Baofeng T1 Review Part 1 – Review, Test & Programming

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Jhun Bibat says:

Can they connect with the baofeng uv-5 series?

Andy Wragg says:

Great video Lewis. I ordered a pair of these yesterday (after seeing the video) for me and the boy when we go walkabout outdoors. Also ordered a cable. He’s not a licensed amateur and doesn’t want to go through the hassle of getting one (yet – If I can get him talking via PMR who knows). I noticed that these radios also have 1w transmit power, not exactly legal for PMR in the UK. Anyhoo ATB!! 73 – M6UAW – Andy

Neil whitaker says:

Hi im can I transmit on ham using this (obviously when licenced)

Buck Sanipass says:

I’m new to this, but I’m looking to buy this T1. My question is, can I communicate with my friends Jeep CB?


So easy to program using the correct cable that contains the programming chip.

jimmy gerilius says:

I have one of these and 2 more on order. They’re cheap in price. I started to mod the antenna connection; removed the coiled ant, and installing PCI UFL to sma cable (2 inches) inside. It’s a tight fit, and lifted the trace where antenna was soldered. I might try to install where the led is. I’ll use the housing portion of flashlight reflector and install SMA chassis mount there. My goal is to use a dualband rubber duckie antenna as I am interested in 2M/VHF as well. Amazon has 2 for $36… I cant complain 🙂

xtratalk1 says:

Great video, very well put together with all the info you need. 73’s mate 🙂

Vic Green says:

The problem whit this test is that you test it against a ham radio station whit a big aerial. Test it from Baofeng T1 to Baofeng T1 and you will see the range is about 500 meters only.

MegaPibbles says:

What a pity it can only be programmed from a PC, I don’t own one ☹️

Simon Templar says:

These actually work on VHF as well!

Steve Smith says:

Hows about trying it with the “mobile” unit?

Kevin Hall says:

Just arrived. Pack of 2 from GearBest was on special. No programming cable, quite expensive and sold separately and another long wait for shipping! Wasn’t that cheap after all … very sneaky of them.

QRP HF radio says:

Don’t tell Roger its not a true Baofeng whilst hes receiving his withdrawal therapy . Pirates, pirates, roody pirates!

John KD8DVR says:

another great video.. 73

Dark Shadow says:

Thanks for the reviews on this. I have been considering one of these for my kids to keep in touch with me. Right now it’s a toss up between these and the WLN KD-C1

fredintheshed1 says:

Thanks Lewis for the shout and the link. Ive returned the fav by adding a card to my own T1 review linking this video. I look forward to your range test results as i know you had better results than me.

linuxbrad says:

9:18 Relay? Having trouble finding more info on this one – what is this feature and how does it work? Thanks!

George Speck says:

looks like a cordless phone battery.

Swizz says:

Wow – £13!

I’d probably go for these over a legal pmr for the price, size & usb charging.

Have you tried it with Chirp? Thinking of non Windows users.

Merc Al says:

You have any idea? Wich is the best walkie talkie like for battery and range the top one and about the baofeng wich is the latest one and best one?

Pete Shulver says:

Make the screws a little shorter (use a file) and the back will screw on tight without the belt clip!

Michael Loughlin says:

This looks exactly like my hytera pd365lf radios….mine have got digital portable radio going down on battery cover but mine are digital analogue sets…..and uhf stamped on the rear of the Ariel…..

supra's Phantom 3 Pro says:

Hi I’m new to your channel and the hobby, so if this is a daft question I’m sorry
I have just purchased 2 of these after your review, if I set mine up the same has you have do I need a licence to connect to a repeater ? or any of the other frequencies you have programmed in
I’m in Denton Manchester, any advise you can offer would be great.

Also could you help on a good antenna for listening to pmr, and dmr from home I’m using a ar8200d which I have just purchased thanks Supra

Steve Lewis says:

I’m trying to descide between the BF-T1 and the UV-3+ ????
I’m studying for my foundation and have just purchased a UV-82 – I don’t know a great deal about these radios yet.
I’m looking for a small radio as a backup to the UV-82 or just to use when travelling light but I’m not sure if I’ll miss not having VHF and other functions the UV-3+ has that the BF-T1 hasn’t.
I can get the BF-T1 for £10 and the UV-3+ for £13. Does the smaller size of the T1 make up for the loss of VHF frequencies ?
Help and Thanks 🙂

Marco Lopes says:

The back plate screws on plastic holes? Damn… they will be ruined if we need to take battery out…

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