Baofeng T1 mini radio – 446 Mhz PMR – 2018 review

Baofeng T1 BF-T1: 9100A walkie talkie. Review and real life range tests of this tiny Baofeng BF-T1 radio mostly used on the 446Mhz PMR band here in the UK. Smaller than a Baofeng UV5R and with just 1 watt output.

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gw0mof says:

Hi Fred, Nice report on the radio, Have you seen the Baofeng UV-3R, also very neat radio with commonly available phone battery.
Get your ham licence its easy to pass will give you more contacts.
73, George.

rpcomms1 says:

Nice vid fred!,can radio display text or channel numbers instead of freq display for discrete use?

Rio West Fm says:

6:17 What song is this? please

Diego Ocampo says:

Why do you need to program it? Just bought 2yesterday just for event communication with staff. Zero knowledge in radio. Pls educate me

jerome grzelak says:


Jason Bayless says:

This is a great radio can do vhf as well I use as a pager for fire calls cant figure out how to get it on repeaters but receiving is great. Great video

Dave DX says:

Hello fred Great video have you got a link for these radios. 73

Stephen Thom says:

I have a couple of Baofeng 888’s, if I wanted to add to or replace would you recommend I stick with 888’s or one of these, like you, I only use them on PMR

Apollo Raiders says:

Baofeng BF-ti radio mostly used on the 446Mh

Vic Green says:

Hello Fred, I made a nice Antenna mod for this Baofeng T1 Radio, can i share the link whit you?

John Smith says:

Great little radio better than paying 30 40 quid for some argos kenwood models I have seen them for about £23 a pair cheap has chips 73s


friend has the possibility to change the franchise of baofeng bf-t1 to 462 to 467. pc software change process, possible. ?
These are family and fraqueness here in Brazil. 462-467.
this baofeng bf-t1 has a possibility to change ?.

Reg Natarajan says:

Really useful video. I was about to buy one without the programming cable since I already had a normal Baofeng cable. Your vid showed me the error of my ways. 🙂 Glad I watched before buying. I’ll still buy, but I’ll buy a bundle.

Michael Loughlin says:

These look similar to my hytera pd 365lf analogue digital radio’s enjoyed the video Fred.

Baron Czeska says:

Frequencies in the video do not correspond with each other.

Joel Caulkins says:

Great video Fred. I have looked at getting a couple of T1’s but was confused about the frequency coverage myself. By the way, somebody sent the author of Chirp one of these radios and he posted on my Bitx Ham radio group that Chirp will work with it by the end of the week. So should be soon. I agree, probably only good for PMR or as the call it in the US FRS, family radio service.


I want to put the open frequency here from Brazil that is 462 to 467 in UHF, DOES IT SUPPORT?

Robert Cheong says:

CHIRP now supports the Baofeng T1. I just made changes to my radio using CHIRP when the 9100 software failed me.

stephen gunrunner hanson says:

great video Fred I have two Binatone Terrian  750s  And they get out better then that radio better sound and a great range we use them when out fishing or shooting  looks ok but I would think Baofeng in name only

Arief Rahmat Pamungkas says:

how long range or distance real test?

Aero Snake says:

Do you need a license in the EU to use this?

MARKCO12 says:

Another great review Fred, Have you done a review on the UV-5R that would be intresting , have you thought about an base antenna for PMR, there seems to be a growing intrest in PRM net, anyway thanks Fred keep up the good work, by the way you are resposible for me returning to CB radio after 30 years away, thank you………………….!!!!!

rpenarroyo says:

you can set to vhf and uhf VHF as RX and UHF as TX Good for my crossband RPT … the problem is i cant have a free programing software online can someone pls link it tnx 73


can you answer me by kindly what is a range of frequencies that comes over from manufactures look min. I want to buy a few more things from yourself, do you have an order to get my doubt it goes from 440,470 Mhz?
Do you know that, Simon, my friend?

Ronni Zag says:

Does the handsfree are capable of being microphone apart from the handsfree operation? Thanks

Tamás Zahorecz says:

little antenna not best range

Dextrose Ranoco says:

fred how can i program our repeater have tone guard 177.3mhz then have offset 044.040 how can i program that in baofeng t1? please help

coatipanama says:

Hi, I found odd the frequency that showed up on the screen, can it tune outside 5,10, 12.5, 25 50? and does it really had VHF? thanks

Bruce Clark says:

Love your channeland content.thank you for the personal time and effort to provide it for us. Cheers from the states!

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