Baofeng BF888S range test and quick review

I bought these radios to have communications with my daughter when I am at the field. So far they work great. At 4 km no problem with many homes between us and a very large wooded area. In straight line I am sure I could do much better.


Deontae Louistal says:

When I get the radios I just turn both of them on then I talk and I can hear the person?

Robert Mock says:

Thank you! I am going to get mine soon then. Great video thank’s for the reply

The Pursuit says:

hello, is it possible to communicate with other brand?

George Gardinier says:

did i miss where you got them, program with the computer, with chirp, why 440 uhf than vhf, if uhf, you could try the gmrs frequencies if you can do lower power but who would know if you were 2 watts, ha

Juan Andrade says:

hows the battery life?

levert. GOMEL lewis. says:


Vismund says:


donramonavila says:


Dean Rock says:

Can you get a extended battery for them

mohammed alyafai says:

thank you for video

Kevin K says:

Can these listen into local weather, police and fire frequencies?

Sang Thanh says:

This is good ? I need help , before I bought it

MrFreeman1776 says:

what language was this video in?

Mark Caldwell says:

They are around 1W not 5 as the makers state.

Erick Morales says:

Do you have to press the button to speak through the earpiece? thanks!

Anthony Neville says:

how many miles

Arya Dega says:

What antenna you used on the video?

Matt Jones says:

I would not get this radio, because for 10 dollars more, you can get a uv-5r shipped, which is dual band, more power, more options, can take aa batteries, etc.

Robert Mock says:

Do I need a Ham license to use these radio’s

Joe M. says:

I have a pair for ATV riding… most of us carry them. 400+cc Racing quads is what we run… These are fun with the ear piece inside our helmets. Laughing at each other from a distance when we bail… but like you use it for, my son and I carry them hunting… fishing… quading… everything. We play where cell phones don’t work so these are a must… Great review video.

Bailyn Hall says:

to say baofeng right is BOW-FANG

Kevin K says:

love the actual range test. I’ve been considering buying a few for my kids, and will buy for sure after the actual real range test. Thanks for the review.

Jane Georgievski says:

About 6KM in open area, with 17cm long antenna. EXCELLENT!!! And, about 200 METER!!! in a town area. DISAPPOINTING.

cyberjack says:

yes theirs many ways to get “privacy”codes … and easy to do. not much point having them really.

Jared Trombetta says:

Autoroute 40? You’re in Quebec?

Being Human says:

thanks for your review .
Helped me alot

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