Baofeng BF-888S Walkie Talkies


Bert Murphy says:

They only say “over and out” in the movies lol.
“Over” means you are expecting a reply.
“Out” means you’ve finished your communication

MrScotia says:

Sarah is the boss 😉

John King says:

Pretty good walkie-talkies and I’m pleased to see you both giving them a trial run. Cheers and take care…

Kirby Hill says:

Have you been sick or injured?

Chris Duane says:

Why are you measuring distance in miles? That’s Murican. You are a subject of Prince Big Ears. Use kilometers please.

goinghomesomeday1 says:

Love ye’re camping videos. May be your next step will be to get your Radio Amateurs License!

Reza O'Line says:

can you make a video about channel..?? i dont understand radio..

ReinhardvonHolst says:

It took me ages to choose my walkie talkies and I bought that exact pair. I charge mine via an Anker four panel solar charger. The range is amazing. Also go on Amazon and buy spare foam pads for the ear pieces. Peace from Berkshire.

Pan Theory says:


truthfilter says:

you need to have sarah in all future vids

big joe says:

Is this same with this one… How much metre/km is the range?

nptn says:

She IS FITT !!!!!!

Ally Hong says:

Hi, rodster6, Do you interest review other radio, You can contact me through Facebook. 傅瑞碧

Scott Thomas says:

It’s not over and out it either over which mean you want a response and out mean you’ve ended the conversation

Cory Boyd says:

Good stuff! Thx for sharing, good to see you!

Apple says:

I purchased the leadzm le c2 Radio’s are these better? Thanks

goinghomesomeday1 says:

I bought 2 Baofeng’s BF-UVB2 PLUS for my wife and myself when were out walking. Great fun 🙂

drsquirrel00 says:

Be wary of the default channels on these, they aren’t in legal bands. Best to just reprogramme them to the PMR frequencies. Ch16 should scan the rest of the channels, but with a programming cable you can use this as its own channel.

danny brown says:

baofeng very good walkies i have the scanner version link to local repeaters the signal goes for miles.

Matben says:

2:00 que pedazo de hembra !!!!

Wayne says:

Yay! Been hanging for a new vid.

Raymond XL says:

If you put it on Channel 1 through 5 and turn off, press & hold function button and turn on, you can activate VOX. Or so I have been told.

goinghomesomeday1 says:

🙂 If I was in the woods with Sarah its not the radio I would be playing with hehehehehe.Nice demonstration – well done Sarah.

Dave Kirby says:

Are we going to see more of you?

Wyoming Prepper says:

Always happy to see another new video from you

Ash says:

Had 2 of these. They’re ok but u shouldve gotten the uv5r lets u dial frequencies rather than turn thru presets which other people with the dame radion can scan and hear ur comms. Try buying a reporgramming cable and chirp so you can set custom frequencies for safety reasons.

Modest Adventurers says:

Good to see you well

BASHA Dweller says:

Nice review mate. Just bought 2 lots off ebay, cheap as chips and will be really useful. Thanks for sharing. Atb Shaun

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