Baofeng 888S UHF Radio Field Test and Power Test

Field test of the ultra cheap Baofeng UHF 16 channel radio the BF888S, a super cheap durable radio thats easily programmed with chirp software, see the radio reviewed and tested here.

This radio is sold in the UK for as little as £10, please note that the supplied dektop charger is fed with plain twin core bell wire that is not double insulated, it is advisable to sleeve this cable.

I got my radios from this ebay seller, they at least came fitted with a UK plug top and a 3A fuse, note that radios supplied with a euro plug are not fused.


American 007 says:

awesome video, im just wondering though, i live in the us, but i dont want to get my HAM licence, can you point me in the direction to get the frequencies i have to program into these radios as to not get hunted down lol

Arnoldo Gil C. says:

hola amigo he observado tus videos de las dos radios bf888 y bf999, veo que enelvatimetro la triple 9 da mas de 5 wats. de potencia, quiero encargar de china unos cuantos de estos pero no me decido cual me recomiendas? hello friend I have watched your videos of the two radios bf888 and bf999, I see that enelvatimetro the triple 9 gives more than 5 wats. of power, I want to order china a few of these but I do not decide which one you recommend me?

Matthew Cunningham says:

Does this radio work with other radio models?

Kalter Krieger says:

What Microfone do you use for your recordings at home? Very nice sound.

caktalfraktal says:

nice tune at the end

sasul says:

which channel would you recommend?

Str8Klownin1 says:

I ordered 2 of these for camping I live in the United States, I am not a ham operator can I still use these radios? What other than the cable and software do I need to do to use and program them? What frequencies can I use here in the states? Thanks

Crisp Cuts Landscaping says:

Can you use them to talk to someone with the same radio like a walkies talkie? Without programming them in the US?

Thomas Bradshaw says:

i got some the same radios and the chargers passed a pat test

ZA777; says:

I Have Got These Walkie Talkies They Are Very Very Good For Range Works More Than 4.5 miles

CH Liao says:

The correct pronunciation is Bau Feng . 宝锋 in Chinese. Literally it means Precious Sword’s Sharp Edge. Nice Name in Chinese actually.

Mamat Utt Kiao says:

are these suit for trekking or hiking?

Lelagi Lance says:

Would these be okay for kids to use? Ages 7-16. Looking for cheap but good quality Walkie talkies for my brothers for Christmas.

Dan 805 says:

Can you add vhf on CHIRP software like changing the frequency on the baofeng uv-5r ?

Avery da wyckoff says:

Copy of my retevis h-777

김영권 says:

hue …. e jen salat goon. cummunication… thanks for your communication system… i buy stock communication … good luck…

Baz D says:

How to you set the power level via the software enabling these radios to be uk legal for PMR channels?

Andrew Sherman says:

Just subscribed, thanks. M0BND, haven’t used my license for god knows how many years, keep thinking about it though. Thanks for the review.

Dominik Musial says:

Hoq do you know if the radio was already programmed for the legal frequency? And if it isn’t how do you change it?

Gert Kok says:

Hi Knoxieman, my local UHF repeater has a RX and TX frequency but I see only one Column for frequency, where in chirp do I set them seperate. 73

Chris Zona says:

Can u use thees frequencies in the USA?

Pedro Cruz says:

Hi! Great video, it made me buy 4x of them :). What software are you using around 11minutes? Thanks

iStarlighti says:

Does anyone know the PMR Frequency In New Zealand?

1987RaPsCaLLioN says:

Do you have a recommendation to make the wire safer, maybe another charger?

mls515 says:

LOL at the YouTube closed-captions at 12:26! Good chuckle, and nice vid.

LarvaCart _123 says:

I’ve added this to my favourites playlist


How many watts did you get?

PreOAP says:

how do you set them low

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