Avoid the UV-5R. Buy this instead!

My new favourite cheap handheld transceiver, the Baofeng UV-5S. Would be perfect for anyone who wants a cheap waterproof dual band handheld for local communications.

Radio: http://smarturl.it/uv5s
Programming cable: http://smarturl.it/uv5s-cable

Programming software: See my blog post for info:

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Railfan Bryan says:

Can this pick up railroad communications?

Soheb R says:

I’m looking for 888 vs uv5r for use indoor only. 4 storey building. Which would u suggest?

Wilberto Noriega says:

Do Not Buy the Baofeng UV-5S . it doesn’t work properly . Bad RX and Bad TX . The video is a videoshop .

yv6eda says:

Hi! I cannot find the radio on Amazon/Ebay! Where do you bought it? Was discontinued?

Pete Smith says:

Problem with these cheap china radios is they lack front end filtering, and sensitivity. Connect one up to a vhf uhf outdoor antenna and they are poo on receiving weak signals, they suffer from cross band interference mostly by high power pagers in the vhf band, but using them for short range communications with the standard zero gain rubber duck, they seem to be ok and work very well. They are ideal if your accessing a local repeater but as a fully functional amateur radio for simplex they are not, and I would advise purchasing a mobile radio as a first rig on entering the hobby, and not a handset as they are very limited. 73

RED MOBILE uk says:

Why the pretend robot voice

IZ0JUB says:

I have 2 x UV 5 and no problems with TX modulation levels. At under 25 Euros each delivered to the front door it ain’t going to break the bank either. The construction is excellent and on a par with commercial two way PMR hand portables, I know as I was in the radio communications business for over 32 years.

Kev says:

I’ve just started to look at Ham radio and found this most informative. Thank you.

Tony Lindström says:

Dont buy UV5-series at all, Buy UV9-series… almost same price and much much better

akush55 says:

the newer jacks style can are encase in a polymer make them waterproof

Gérard mensoif says:

In France, only 5 W radios are allowed. . . I thought, “I’m going to buy this one!” but no

Fred dog says:

garbage receiver . you get what you paid for

Just a Regular Guy says:

its like HAM radio asmr?

Merc Al says:

Damn it no one has any clue wich is the latest waterproof walkie talkie?

nilpo19 says:

Dude, waterproof does not mean submersible.

james charles Stone says:

i have brought the uv-5s very pleased i get 5 9 reports out and about £28.40 bargain m3hnl 73 thanks radiosification

Steven Huffman says:

Im looking for a cheap DIGITAL DMR type radio, but this isnt that bad of a radio.

Dejan Radman says:

UV-5R is the best whooooo whooooo whooooo

Dick Chan says:

I have bought this radio and cannot find the appropriate software for programming. Anyone knows?

Abbir says:

I fried my UV 5R Plus with the wrong adapter so I want to buy another but which???

Marco S. says:

Hy…thanks for the video…is this radio easy to programm? You can do it by the buttons or you need the cable? Thanks

Ken Lyons says:

I tried to purchase this after seeing your view but couldn’t find any available.
I did see this model: Baofeng UV-9R is that the replacement, any reviews on it, both seem water proof?

kg4dmb2011 says:

Waterproof doesn”t mean you should submerge it. It means if you get rained on or splashed

escillon1 says:

The programming cable is a bugger to obtain and is usb type not comma port type!

Adam says:

No where on the radio or it’s packaging says WATERPROOF. Typical bad customer not bothering to even read descriptions.

Saj San says:

Why not use Quansheng UV-R50. Much much better receiver and overall quality than this. I have a UV-82 and Quansheng UV-R50. For 29$ same price as Baofeng but far better performance and have used it for satellite work no issues. Found Baofeng receivers are pretty much deaf vs Quansheng.


fhhsvnggbh says:

You shouldnt be buying this at all if your not a licenced radio operator. You require a licence to use and in some places even own a transceiver.

rob Semprini says:

UV-5R is a great radio. Nothing wrong with it.

spldrong says:

I am interested in this due to the motorola PTT side connector, would let me share my expensive accessories with my cheap radio… do we know for sure that they would work??

Steve Terry says:

it’s a UV-5R in a water resistent case, if you want better go for the baofeng UV-B5, completely different radio.
The knob on top makes it easier to tune and the s meter works

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