XP-Pen Artist 16 Pro Tablet Review/Unboxing

XP-Pen is having a Lightning Deal on Cyber Monday where you can get a really good deal on this tablet! Don’t miss out!
$359.99 22% off Nov 27, 11:25 AM ~ 5:25 PM PST https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07B1RPVLY
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Swag girl SODA says:

Your art is soo cute I personally love your videos when you draw like step by step I hope one day you can make a video step-by-step of your art style but it’s completely fine if you don’t want to it’s your choice great video soda 😀

karina gentzler says:

Soda: “Its 450 usd so its a really good price for a screen tablet”
Me: “uhhhhhhhh no that’s expensive as heck which is why I’m getting a huion 420 for Christmas”

Jamarley Francis the antisocial gamer says:

Hey Soda I really enjoyed the review thanks do reviews if you want its your channel

AngelKittenAJ says:

Like Sailor Moon?

The Pony Girl Swirl says:


Lily Jarman says:


MLP Rarity says:

You’re so cuteee oh my Gosh! I love you bro you’re my favourite youtuber!!!

Violet ViviChu loves Bill Cipher says:


poupéeoux says:

hhh youre so pretty im dying ;;w;;

The Pony Girl Swirl says:

Sorry if i spelt it wrong!

MM A says:

new sub!

Dance kids Bendyfnafgirl says:

Why do u need 3 computers

Sara Turtle Lover says:

Do you watch My hero Academia? (A popular anime) It’s my fave

Bodhini says:

I have a tablet from Xp-pen it was pretty cheap as well I recommend them

P L U S H I E says:

I am really very new to digital art and still trying to get used to it. I often drew with mouse but I got my hands on a drawing tablet ( no screen, plain pad ). It is a GAOMON 1060 pro and it is ‘only sold in mainland china’ as said on the box but I’m not entirely sure. It worked decently well ! But I had a small problem with it often glitching. I couldn’t find the root of the problem since for sure it cant be the driver nor the tablet itself but my PC since I have a realllyyyyy old mini laptop ( Once again I’m not so sure ). If you’re more used to paper drawing, you should give it a try ! The texture was slightly rough and the pen was surprisingly really light and had a long long battery !

Erica Moya says:

When are you going to make a mlp video

Ew Mcleod says:


The Campbell Channel says:

Have you ever tried a Monoprice tablet? It was a pretty decent price, and I just started, so I started simple. I haven’t tried it out yet. Do you have any opinions on Monoprice?

Carolenas animation corner says:

Whoa I wish I could afford this great vid soda

Soda wolf 64 says:

YAY love ur vid ur the Best 😀

Paracelsus says:

I love the way you say collaborate instead of calibrate lmfao

Lucy Lulu says:

I wish I could buy that, it looks like a great tablet:)

thenameeveryoneforgets 030 says:

Aww the speed paint it so cute! I’m looking for my first screen tablet so thanks for making this video! I will definitely take a look at the tablet

comet wolf316 says:



CyberRonin says:

My pen keeps messing up in Photoshop.. not sure how to fix it.

gummyfox says:

Your art is getting better Soda! Keep up the good work! c:

Jake Tandy says:

did anyone notice she had the karambit aimed at her dogs neck @ 0:40

Rose Moon says:

The more videos the marrier
Sorry if I spelled something wrong I might fail English class

GalaxE says:

Didn’t you just get a new one about a week ago?

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