Xp-Pen Artist 12 (Tablet Review)

Thanks to Xp-Pen for giving me the Artist 12 tablet! You can go check it out with the links below:
15% off code: ARTIST1285, Period of validity: 09/07/2018-10/31/2018, useful on Amazon stores below.(US, CA, AU&UK)
Amazon.us: https://amzn.to/2x5qZRj
Amazon.ca: https://amzn.to/2OckIL9
Amazon.au: https://amzn.to/2QmKUUL
Amazon.uk: https://amzn.to/2NxfJaL
Website store:http://bit.ly/2oEDT58

I really liked this tablet! And I think this is perfect for those who are looking for low budget tablets or are beginners to these since this is only $250! Thanks for watching!

Song Used: Quincas Moreira – Canal 3

Welcome to Kabloosh! I’m Joseph Carroll, and I’m a weird 16-year-old youtube animator that draws stick figures just to be funny. Also, I’ve been animating ever since December 2015, starting off with an animated science project I did for my school, and now it became a crazy and fun hobby I have today. But in all seriousness, I do my best to stand out and bring some awesome content to you guys.

Oh, and I have a pet raccoon named Taneko.


Tablet – Gaomon PD1560
Microphone – Blue Yeti
Programs – Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro

Have fan art or just want to message me? Send them through my email or my Twitter and Instagram page.

Twitter: @KablooshYT
Instagram: @kablooshofficial

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Indonesia Faiq says:

1:34 my favorite part

boymylife says:

I got the same tablet.

N_A_J_M_I says:

My fav part 1:42

*That’s nice*

Rybread Animates says:

Tablet is sexy for a sexy price

MrScaryJoe says:

I got this tablet for my birthday. It’s a great great tablet for its price. However a bit annoying with its drivers. I also have to reinstall it all the tlme

Douglas Cusa says:

Setting the cords takes a entirely

Nathan Havens says:

Hi Joe 😀

90's fresh says:


GottaLook2wice says:

I dont like your hair. Lololololol

Graeme Kevin Hay says:

Wait a second… did you just grab a random photo off the internet to use as your background to your new logo? That sir is a big no no!
(copyright and all that jazz)

Beside that nice video review.


Hey man it’s me Ezelland I just want to say you’re really good at drawing your animated characters and I really enjoy watching your videos

Contempl8 Tech says:

Wow you two did become bffs!! Thanks for the review it helps allot!

Charlotte wright says:

Hey I just got this for Christmas so I’m really excited to draw with it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on it.

Splat M4n says:

1:20 no it is thunderbolt to hdmi

uinkitty animates says:

This is the tablet I have!,it’s very good and has some features

Angry Lapis says:

I have an do-pen g640 drawing tablet

Jacob Stroud says:


Kevin Cespedes says:

This was uploaded on my birthday

HedgehogFilmz says:

Seems like a steal:)

Memory AEBDC says:

I see EVERYONE having a “great” tablet.. 🙁

Simple1DEA says:

I NEED HELP! I bought an XP-Pen Artist 12 and the driver doesn’t work on Macromedia flash or Adobe Animate. The pen pressure loads up but its super glitchy slow and all over the place. This happens on both programs and both my laptops. How can I fix?

Kabloosh says:

I forgot to mention in the video that animated scene in the beginning was NOT animated using this tablet, it was used with the Gaomon PD1560 (My main tablet). Everything else was indeed animated with the Artist 12 tablet (even the thumbnail). I know I already did a tablet review months ago, but I was reached out once again by xp pen and I thought this would be cool to show to you guys and also post something in between my animation upload schedule. Thanks once again Xp-Pen!

Ya-Boi-Insanity says:

1:22 that’s HDMI to Mini DisplayPort, not HDMI to Mac

nekko superfire says:

But this is a design tablet not a tablet… But ok

MAO says:

Dude get a pop filter

2DSPlays says:

That’s nice :3

Sharum says:

your channel is starting to grow dude, its so nice to see that!

Gd Zenex says:

Where is teh 6th grade book?

Pako Radikwata says:


KingMikey10K says:

1:43 brodyanimates did that too

Neas Gaming says:

I always want a pen tablet :’

100 percent says:

I have been animating for 4 years

Septic Animations says:

Hopefully xp pen makes doors so you can replace the one you kicked.

Sheina Tixier says:

Am a Young artist and I got a Xp pen Artist 22 ;))

IThinkCanvas says:

Yee I got that

TheEggplant says:

‏when you’ll have one million subs remember me.

Kurt Werner says:

bruh you need some audio help that mic shouldn’t sound so distorted, it hurts my ears

cg on yt 2018 says:

Where are your Categorys

mushroomAnimates says:

“To wipe my butt- uhh I mean tablet screen!” ok i need to sub now.

AdriCMD says:

1:19 To wipe my butt 😀

Maziri Saza says:


svntrw says:

I bought it as soon as you said it was fun to draw with it, thats what matters most, fun.

Glamrgrl104 says:

How long have you had your gaomon tablet? I’m looking into display screen tablets. I’m a hobby artist but want something to replace my hunion 1060 plus. I’ve been looking at review after review xp pen 16 pro, huion, gaomon. Or wondering if to for a smaller tablet like this one. Does the 12 feel really small?


Yes I want it can I have it

MegaGangsta4life says:

You’re funny as shit, MD this was very informative. Subbed

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