XP-Pen Artist 12 Tablet Review and SKETCH!

Hey guys!
It’s time for another Tablet review! You guys have been asking me to test out several different drawing tablets so I connected with the people at XP-PEN and they let me try out their new Artist 12 Graphics Tablet. It was super fun to work on something other than my regular tablet! I also worked on a painting I had in progress with it. I’m a sucker for colors and this did a great job! Hope you guys enjoy it 😀

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Good luck amigos!

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And here’s the Stand for the Tablet!: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M7XLZ8C

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Kollin Mcballin says:

A fantasy world, with rivers and waterways flowing through the air and other planets visible in our sky

skyplays says:

I would live in a world of fantasy with magic and wonderful looking nature

Wrist Whacker says:

If I could live in any world… It would probably be the Marvel world. Imagine seeing these heroic figures zooming across the sky! Imagine the dust being kicked up by speedsters! Imagine the possibility of actually getting superpowers… only down side is the super villains but it’s totally worth it for the powers!

Lozza says:

If I could live in any world, it would be a world full of magic and fantasy, where anything can exist. It is full of peace. There would be no supreme rulers. 🙂
I followed on twitter, my user is @lolly_loves_art

smilelovecookie draws says:

I think in my world.. there would be waterslides instead of roads, so you could travel with them instead of a car or train 😀 and it would be warm always ofc!
Had that dream as a little child, and for some reason its one of the dreams you keep in mind, and not forget instantly 😀 I was a weird child wasnt I?
But still, water slides are amazing xD
Hm..but also I would love it if everyone had wings (even if the waterslides wouldnt make any sense then) because I wish I could fly and be finally free, that would be amazing c:

I am so weird omg, just read a few other comments..all so realistic and I’m here with waterslides, the child in me is talking rn I guess

Lucrey .D says:

My world! I would like to live in a world were is no war just harmony and everybody has his or her own specialty or power. It would be very modern but for transportation and pet everyone has a own Dragon, YAY, and it would have it’s own stable. Also there are many other species of human beings oder animals. You can job whatever you want and all people would have the same size houses. The landscape would be breathtaking, there would be many mountains very much green but also some nice beaches.

Hoffe Virgorra says:

Another World? I will choose where many fairies and mythological figures live there peacefully

Cindy says:

I would live in a harem anime. I could be the most average and bland character, and yet everyone would have a hard on for me.

KST says:

I would live in the world were all our fantasy’s exist of what we drawn in our drawings! Ross draws love your art!

electric_oven says:

A world pretty much like ours but without all the human made stuff : )

Rizky Fahrulrozy says:

ice world!! so i can see penguin as much as i can, but will watch them while sitting in kotatsu and drink some warm milk. calm, cute and peace

Andrew Mari Malaiba says:

i would live in a world where Pokemon does exist lolol

Barbara Cruzeiro says:

1- Done

2-Nothing would be better than a world where animals could talk haha. I imagine something just like the earth, the technology living with the nature just right, not one canceling the other. It would be just incredible to see enormous animals or creatures, and being able to talk to them aaahhhh would be sooo perfect (now I want to draw something like this hahaha)

Gaël says:

My world would be the world were everybody could do what he wants to, but it would never annoy other people ! They could make appear, portal, foods, blobs, more food, boats, even more food, movie without any limits ! We could finish with a which change for every people, like somewhere it is icy, somewhere else it could be with candy tree and some character of movie we love, of course we would all love to have a maylow (mailow…. Sry ^^’) and we would see a world where every body smile and do what he likes and can reach his dreams ^^ Thx for read :p and sry for my English if there is some wrong world ^^’

Zoey M says:

I followed! I would want to live in a world with really neat technology! As a digital artist, the growing technology industry is super awesome with tablets like this, and I think a world with things like 3D hologram digital art would be really amazing. But on a deeper level I’d like to live in a world where everyone was genuinely happy and there was no hate towards anyone.

Christian Summers says:

I would love to live in a dinotopia like world and live the life of an adventurer!

Solunia says:

I would like to live in a world where magic and alchemy existed so we’d have to craft whatever spells or items we wanted. A mystical natural world filled with beautiful mystical creatures, large and small to roam our world as our companions and friends.

Aqua Keara says:

I would honestly live in a cyberpunk ish world. Just neon signs, huge skyscrapers, but still being able to see the night sky and all the stars. A lot of buildings are overrun with vegetation but everyone lives with it because it’s nice. No proper daytime, but maybe an occasional sunset or rise. One of the main modes of transportation would be either skyways (subways but in the sky) or just parkour. It would be this huge city but everyone would still know everyone and just have a general kindness and familiarity with each other. Goodness, there is so much I could add that I don’t know what else to say! But this is a general sense of the world I’d like to live in.

Vic Lo says:

if i could live in any world, I’d choose someplace where everybody would be happy. There wouldn’t be any suffering, anger, pain, sadness…..etc. Someplace peaceful with beautiful nature/animals. We can be anything we’d want to be, and magical powers exist! (p.s, so do mythical creatures! 🙂 ) i probably sound pretty cheesy, but that’s my fantasy/dream world! and dw, i’ve followed them on twitter !

Ceilingfen says:

Honestly, I’d want to live in a world similar to fullmetal alchemist, as dangerous as it is, you would be able to have some travels and learn a lot from experience

Luka Kim says:

I’d like to live in a world where the entire planet is a huge dog park because dogs make everything better.

Mina Clian says:

I want to live in a world where all the people could understand others by drawings, so without the border of language, and the sky will be purple, because I love purple, and travelling work just by teleporting us by draw the place where you want to go (I’m French so if you didn’t understand anything it’s just normal)

Vishi says:

i would prefer a world with no online ads, physics can be a little manipulated to give the effect of magic
People are a little nice to me and you know all that stuff, and also there are houses on large turtle backs,
i would prefer to have those dreamy and nice fairy elements to be true and especially all the fairy people should have
sarcastic and personalities to them making it fun to be with them, but i won’t want all of them to be like that, it would be too
manipulative of me.
PS: it kinda seemed like that my favorite world is still in its Medieval period so let me mention this this world is completely modern, it has much to offer in the ways of science and technology more than ours anyway.

2003gamer says:

If I could live in any world, I would choose a fantasy world filled with a variety of different things. I would want everyone to be able to have some type of superpower or magical thing. The world would be filled with floating islands, flying people, magic flowing through nature. This is where everyone doesn’t really need a job in order to survive, so everyone decides to help each other out. They all have fun with what they can do and they share their powers like they share their talents. People are designated to help others learn about their new powers and everyone is born with unique powers. Some may be born with similar powers, but their experiences will change that power into something amazing. This world would be so amazing and it is one fantasy that is something I have desired for.

LC Gank Lord says:

I would live in a world where humans could fly an where we had sky-houses

abhijeet sinha says:

If i have to be lived in other world than the world is just here with some change ..no racism,no country boundaries,no visa ,no wars ..we all free like birds .Just love..people smiling.This world would be the most colourful world.

Jan Mark Miranda says:

1. @Yanmakuuu (Followed)
2. I would live in a world where POKEMON EXIST! :>

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