Xiaomi MiPad 3 Android Tablet Review – Premium iPad Mini Alternative

Buy it at Gearbest.com – http://lon.tv/g6h-7 (affiliate link) – Xiaomi’s MiPad 3 is a compelling iPad Mini alternative running Android but it’s not a perfect one. See more tablets: http://lon.tv/tablets and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s – index below:

00:36 – Price
01:03 – Display resolution and size
01:18 – Backlight bleed
02:14 – Not so smart touch display on the bezels vs. iPad Mini
03:29 – Thoughts on build quality
03:45 – Weight
03:49 – RAM and processor
03:57 – No SD card slot
04:33 – Processor and web browsing performance
04:52 – Netflix and YouTube playback performance
05:02 – Battery life
05:22 – Android 7 but not stock Android interface
06:14 – USB-C Port
07:09 – Speakers and sound quality
07:28 – Cameras and photo quality
07:38 – Video samples
08:06 – Gaming: Minecraft
08:14 – Gaming: Grand Theft Auto Vice City
08:34 – 3DMark Gaming benchmark
09:29 – Conclusion and final thoughts

My two gripes with this one is the backlight bleed and the lack of intelligence on the touch display when holding the tablet by its thin bezels. The iPad does a better job of ignoring a thumb that is hold the device while using a finger to scroll. This one doesn’t do that and assumes the thumb is a legitimate interaction with the display.

Otherwise performance is decent. The device is fast and response, the display looks great and on par with the iPad (minus the back lighting issues), great battery life and the build quality is top notch.

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alex quiroz says:

another honest top notch review

Chris Pistocco says:

nice tablet, may pick one up!

Francois Roy says:

You seem to have almost unrealistic expectations about thumb rejection algorithms.
Never seen an Android device doing it so aggressively. Not sure why you’re holding it against Xiaomi on this occasion..

n4c0n says:

I was looking forward to this review. Thanks!

Maximillian Sastra says:

its MIUI not re-skin Android

A. Lawrence says:

I may have missed it but does this support wireless charging? Currently this unit is around $250.00 from Gearbest. Still overpriced in my view. Buying from Chinese based companies is always a roll of the dice as well. http://www.seagate.com/consumer/upgrade/laptop-hdd/

TinBin - Craig says:

nice tab shame no sd card slot

John Galedez says:


JUICEbaseball says:

How does this compare to the FNF iFive Mini 4S for $119.79…? Worth more than double the price? Thanks…

Qban Celli says:

iPAD, iPAD, iPAD, iPAD, iPAD. That’s all I hear in this “review”.

XSportSeeker says:

For tablets in particular I think the chinese brand that won this time is Huawei… Media Pad m3 sounds a bit better. Also more expensive, but you know.
They always seem to be competing. xD I’d go for a Xiaomi smartphone though.

Nithin Saliyan says:

yup it’s not stock Android but it’s miui and it’s my favourite and simplistic UI and it performs far more better than the stock one.

Jakub Janek says:

That isn’t a skin. That’s MIUI. Custom version of Android.

mr.reinis5 says:


Taxi Rider says:

Got a Mi Pad 2 couple months back and it’s awesome. Not really all the worried about updates since then screen is great

The Dark Soul says:

Can you review the Eve V tablet? It’s the best I’ve ever seen

Chester0334 says:

good honest review. I appreciate that a lot. Thanks

Francois Roy says:

The buttons are wrong, and in the wrong order. Ugly.

man0z says:

Holy backlight bleed batman!!

John Galedez says:

Notification Squad

Abhay Sutar says:

360p really?

Marty Anderson says:

did you use a third-person launcher like Nova Lobster. if you do it might enable dual window.

HIGH Res Gaming says:

Off topic but nice dog when he was a puppy what did you do with him trying to chew on everything… I’m struggling with this ATM with my puppy

Doug Turner says:

What if you installed the Google Now launcher? Does it help enough to make you think yo have a real Android experience?

Angultra says:

No SD, no fingerprint, likely no firmware updates. Way overpriced for what it is, Tab S2 blows this out of the water.

xEL DUROx says:

I like your reviews they are very honest. For that money I would just get the Nvidia Shield K1. I saw your review on the Nvidia Shield TV and got it, it has been the best box for Kodi and everything else.

Hugh Dinwiddie says:

Lon, thanks for another good review. I wish you’d take tablets outside and comment on their viewability as compared with an iPad Mini or iPad for those who want to use them that way….like drone pilots. BTW, I’ve got a Spark on order…do you?

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