Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 | The Best Budget Android Tablet! | Initial Review

Pretty Much The Best Budget Android Tablet of 2018
Mi Pad 4 [4G]: http://bit.ly/2Bap5lf | $219.99 | Coupon: GBTAXM4LTE
Mi Pad 4: 8″ | 32GB/3GB | http://bit.ly/2Thwgzl | $159.99 | Coupon: Expired
Mi Pad 4: 8″ | 64GB/4GB | http://bit.ly/2zbgldE | $195.99 | Coupon: Expired
Mi Pad 4 Plus 10.1″ | http://bit.ly/2QM1zkr | $295.99 | Coupon: Expired


Gearbest 12.12 Sale: http://bit.ly/2Lek1jI


If you have any questions feel free to ask

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StykBoi says:

WTF? This thing is like $300 to $600 for me when I look It up can you tell me why?

J Boost says:

Hiv, I received my mi pad 4 yesterday, its nice! One thing, did it come with a “Usim” card? Mines wifi and 4g and it has a card inside

Ark Execusioner says:

Im feeling some IPad Mini vibes…

rajas mhatre says:

Superlike for 1st min …best ever seen

Mixed Yóútúbér by Samuel says:

Best unboxing video

Nahuel Velazquez says:

Muy bueno , traiganlo a la Argentina

Ace F says:

coupons expired

JK Huang says:

Is it support pen writing?

Tomas Gaming says:

Looks good but budget for me is lower than the price of this tablet. I rather would buy used tablet.

βeta Bros says:

Bro can u give me tab

nig ward says:

Go for cheapest ipad if you jave more budget its worth every money

Life Kommando says:

More Videos About The Mi Pad 4 That I Have Made
Quick Starters Guide: https://youtu.be/jq6YxCXtpXA
How To Root: https://youtu.be/6W58-61Js6c
PUBG Mobile Test: https://youtu.be/DdmKKwq7MNU
Gaming & Discoveries: https://youtu.be/Jdh6iMbVTF0
PUBG Mobile Tweaks: https://youtu.be/gpM4X5IASTw

Lambo Calrissian says:

Can you install Windows 10 on this and dual boot?

Mr. Creepz says:

Getting the 3gb model for gaming soon.

10,000 subscribers with some videos challenge says:

*Ipad 2018 : Am I a joke to you??*

Mark Bear says:

Total copy of Ipad Pro

cosmin huzum says:

Best deal,snapdragon 660 for 150$,How?

Rey says:

y u no use night mode on 9gag??

Fabtech says:

Does this have any Problems with Netflix streaming, like some cheap phones (no hdr/ low res due to codec and dark colors also due to codec???) Would like to buy it for watching Netflix and YouTube.

Robert Hjalmarsen says:

My experience with xiaomi: delightfully affordable and surprisingly decent

icerink239 says:

can it output to a monitor?

βeta Bros says:

Best video

KWCH says:

After hearing many times of the word “phenomenal” is actually making it less phenomenal

Reiiz says:

Still waiting for the day a tablet can run a ps2 emulator smoothly.

Then i buy one.
As a portable emulator

Rith x says:

They actually trying to copy iOS feel.

DamnSon YT says:

You can play PUBG MOBILE???

Cryip Threk says:

For mi pad 4 users how y’all doing withthe tablet for multitasking? Lagging or lacking already?

Joseph Fiore says:

What happened to these things? They’re listed at $100 more now!
[edit] Ah… the Coupon Code expired. $250 for the 32gig seems like a lot without the deal.

df3yt says:

I don’t under stand the 8″ tablet market. Phones are so close to that size…I would think 10″ would be ideal for tablets.

Tomáš Grus says:

Its stupid copy of ipad

Oblivion Lord says:

quite a beautiful tablet

Bredah says:

give away them controllers please :3

Sunny says:

Great quality video

gvi341984 says:

Large battery with no fast charging? That’s terrible and kinda ruin the experience

HUNTER NG1 says:

Dude everyone is stealing your videos

Franco Scarabotto says:

The coupon is still alive?


Test these games
PES 2019
Asphalt 8/9
Fifa 16

Handy Dandy says:

Can I have a link for the Xaomi Mi Pad 4 165$? Everyone I find is like 222$-350$ 🙁

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