WiFi Digital TV tuner for tablet/phone – REVIEW

A look at a pocket TV Tuner which receives Freeview and transmits it via WiFi to a smartphone or tablet.
Amazon Link https://amzn.to/2KXIGZz (Affiliated)
Note: The free eye TV app will not work with this:
The EyeTV version of the app is free – *but* the EyeTV app looks for a WiFi network with a name like “Eye TV W 000612” but since my TV device transmits the WiFi name “Meron_320029” the EyeTV app won’t recognise it. So the choice is to pay £20 more and get a free app or pay £20 less then buy a £2.99 app. Or – don’t bother doing any of this. Perhaps go for a nice walk or something.



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rybaluc says:

Unfortunately according to tech specs it is DVB-T / ISDB-T only so it not supports DVB-T2 which is crucial right now. Device is pretty much unusable in a nearest future in some european states as DVB-T has been phased out. For example in Czech republic next year DVB-T TV broadcast will be slowly turned off (switchover take 2 years) in favor of DVB-T2. In UK there is one mux transmitting on DVB-T2 and another one was allocated by Ofcom.

Yapostadodat says:

Love your videos; everything from  the content to your stylish manner/dressing, to your pleasant dulcet tone of voice.  The music at the end of your videos is so great; slow groove, techy and chill followed by electronic bleeps and blurbs when the “electronic wheel” spells out your name.  I instantly recognized these sounds as coming from The Six Million Dollar Man opening sequence when Oscar Goldman is saying “Gentleman, we can rebuild him.”.  These along with other various technology sound bites, like the sound of an old analog modem connecting to the internet, touch my heart and really give me respect for someone else who appreciates their aesthetics.  Cheers mate and good on ya for your love of tech old and new.

Drake Fallentine says:

I agree with your concerns about the software being supported in the future, but in my opinion, devices with rechargeable built in batteries are doomed…(or designed)…to fail in a year or two…guaranteed. And if you disassemble a device that runs on this type of battery, you will find a metallic film pack of folded layers held together with clear tape and two wires coming out of it….and NO information about voltage or mA rating or a manufacturer. With this product, you can plug it into an external supply, but you sacrifice portability. If the product is a tiny video camera or a hidden recorder,…well, the extension cord hanging on behind you is a dead give away.
Always enjoy your videos. Thanks.

jhonbus says:

Thank you for my periodic reminder of why I don’t watch broadcast tv any more.

Jani Akujärvi says:

Love the War Games themed WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) as the WiFi hotspot name! 🙂

Fur Q says:

Hey techmoan ! This could make a great video for you check this eBay listing 123347106468

Timothy Delaval says:

oh i feel so bad i have a juke box i want to give you techmoan but its huge

BuBubbi says:

Here in Denmark most TV providers also have an app where you can stream your TV channels. It works over both WiFi and 3G/4G, so you are not just limited to use it at home. We don’t have that many free to air channels, and even those also have a free app you can use to stream their channels.

Jacob Kenney says:

What the ef. They broadcast Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders in Britain? That seems rude.

Mick Wakefield says:

Dear Sir, will you be supporting Google’s UK tax evasion by uploading more vids. Or will you refuse to rob the British public and Boycott these con merchants ?

Bored Fartless says:

Well done you made the 10 minute mark without the puppets

Dragon Butt says:

>Ramsays kitchen nightmares
>The simpsons
Ahhh british TV

Bolling Holt says:

“Lost in Space”!!!!

breadmoth says:

oi mate, you got a loicense for y’our tablet/phone tv tuner there mate?

Roger Guerrero says:

I have read a lot of comments on here about this device not working in the USA, because obviously they use DVB-T Freeview in the UK, and we use ATSC in the US. I’ve also read that nothing like this ever existed in the USA. That’s not true. After watching this video,, I dug out my TabletTV Plus, which appears to have been a short-lived attempt to do the same thing in America. I tried to pull up their web site and it’s down, and program guide updates don’t seem to work anymore. However, I did rescan channels and sure enough, it still works flawlessly on my iPad Pro 10.5. It feeds either through my local WiFi network, or directly from the device. I also charged the battery but it doesn’t have much battery life, and the battery is non-replaceable. Nevertheless, if you can find one on eBay I think it’s a nice streaming device for US ATSC OTA signals.

Thomas Galea says:

Only downside I see to this is the fact that it’s hosting a WiFi hotspot. It would be nice if it could do that _or_ connect to an existing network for multiple devices to share.

As for the app, I’m sure if someone put enough effort into it, a workaround could be made to use it without _their_ app.

Kurt Angerdinger says:

The problem is the missing DVB-T2 support. There is no DVB-T support anymore at many regions of the world.

XXCoder says:

Does it support captioning?

Andreas Nyman says:

The security risk with the WiFi is that someone could access any security faults in your phone and then might be able to access your private information. And maybe install a backdoor and then access your home network when you connect to it and then your computer. This wouldn’t be an attack towards a specific person but an attack to any open network and any connected device. ALWAYS protect yourself with a password, and throw out any device that can’t be protected.


Try the MAGICTV by TZUMI MODEL 5192 WiFi HDTV Tuner here in the USA

Joseph DiSalvo says:

What’s ADULT Section, ADULT Party, etc.?

CowsRus says:

If I had found that the app had a charge, I would have returned it to Amazon and left a very negative review. It’s not much better than a scam. I’d never give money to a company who trick you into paying more than the price of the product. They know full well that most people will just pay it.

Jacob Kenney says:

This inspired me to download Pluto TV

julosx says:

Some years ago, I bought the then Elgato’s Eye TV Hybrid receiver, for Mac OS 10. It worked well until 2016. After that, nearly half of the channels changed their format. As a result the receiver just stopped working. Despite being plugged onto the roof antenna, it’s unable to catch any channel at all anymore. All of this happened (coincidence ?) after Geniatech bought the former Elgato devices line. Don’t know what to do with this Hybrid things, apart from watching the archives.

It's About China says:

Anyone else notice the multiple “Adult channels” 😛

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