Why is EVERYONE Buying this Tablet??

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It may not be HD.. It doesn’t have the best battery life.. But the Amazon Fire 7 is definitely the best tablet you can get (for $40) so why not? It does Netflix, it has a headphone jack, what more do you want? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Anarcho Toast says:

1. Buy the “With Special Offers” Fire 7
2. Root the device with CWM
3. Install Lineage
4. Enjoy a decent tablet for the price

Ryan _The_Ryan says:

My friend owns a Amazon Fire 7 tablet, and I use it at some times. Here’s the pros and cons.
-Has a microsd slot to compensate for low storage
-Comes with the addition of a voice command system (Alexa)
-Surprisingly great with some high-demand games, like infinite flight
-Durable and sturdy
-Has a function to sideload the play store (can be found how to do online)

-Sharp edges
-Poor camera, and you’ll need to be standing very still for a decent shot
-Very low storage space
-Takes sometime to charge, around an hour and half
-…but the battery dies in the same time it takes to charge

-Bezels are between medium and large, but at least when you want to watch something with a good grip, it won’t block out the screen
-Screen is decent enough for all purposes. None are better or worse than the other
-Colour selection isn’t that wide, but it’s better than some tablets that offer only 2 colours
-Not the best tablet you can find, but the best one you can get for the price, especially at discounts that bank it down to $30

Overall, I’d give this tablet a pass. But just.

T Rex says:

The display is terrible!!!! With that amount of money, I can have iPhone screen.

Big Yams 05 says:

Technophile is the worst word I have ever heard

David Gaboda says:

I have a fire 7 u can install the Google play store on it to get the apps that u want. As well if u keep ur fire from updating u can root it to install ur own rom or just remove the pre installed apps.

Matt C says:

They are cool once you root them

Amazing Havlect / ABFDie says:

I am not buying it

Anubis Smite says:

I’ve got the 10 inch and 8 inch Amazon fire tablets. They are really good!
I installed google play and all the other google stuff . I installed over 100 gigs. My 8 & 10 have 4 core processor . They really are good !!!

Natalie Huerta says:

A-le-ex-aey, wow Linus, wow.

Gaz Jones says:

I’ve got one. Decent for what it does. I wasn’t expecting the world. my daughter went to the USA for a few weeks so I bought it to Skype with her. It’s served its purpose well. And is still going after 3 years. Handy for her too. Id rather her break this than a fucking £500 iPad

tacoduck3 says:

I’m actually watching on an Amazon hd8

ave b says:

Your voice and exaggeration is highly annoying

tendercrispbacon says:

Ads on the lock screen made me return the one I purchased from target.

Isaac Rosato says:

i might get 2012 kindle fire as it has dolby audio

Asad Zuberi says:

I know you from somewhere? Were you in a movie as a kid? Did you attend Izmir American School or work in Pomona tech fair? We met some where when you were younger. I just can’t remember where?

Napoleon Bonaparte says:

Can it run total war?

AndyGames says:


xuNsh1ne says:

3:35 Waiting for the Linus Cat Tips review of the tablet.

Greg Holloway says:

Breaking News.

After taking a huge career hit by Eminem’s diss tracks, rap devil machine gun Kelly lays low by quickly washing off gang tats and hosting YouTube tech review show

Charles Mcgehee says:

I got an Amazon Fire 10.1 HD gen. 7 and the stereo sound beats others I have seen. The Video quality on the 10.1 inch screen is great. The camera is only 2 or 3 megapixels. I have a Nikon for photos. Never use phones. 99.99 bucks. A steal. The apps are never being used. Just Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. I paid a few extra buck to turn off the “with features” And the battery lasts an impressive length of time. Thanks LINUS! It has ALEXA but it is disabled. 15 bucks extra got me a really quality case. Nice and lightweight.

ZipplyZane says:

You’re better off getting a used HDX, which is still a pretty good device. You’ll just need to put a better OS on it.

James M says:

These things are practically uses if you’re not a Prime member though.

wea boo says:

It can’t play fortnite tho

Despiser Despised says:

The tape measure bit was kinda weird.

Mr Dave says:

I got one for my kitchen table.
Works great. The table doesn’t rock anymore!
“Table tablet”

NoahBones 12 says:

all amazon fires are absolutely shit. Even the $300+ ones die after a year, and the charger and ports are shit. The battery sucks. these are not durable.

Xcaliburz Storm says:

well because you can install google play store on it i installed a google play store apk lol .also i have the amazon fire hd 8 late 2018 model . so i installed googple play apk other apk to make it work .

John Small says:

It’s good enough, battery lasts ages.
It’s cheap.

A Tragedy says:

its worth every Pennie have in your pocket right now.

Robert Hjalmarsen says:

Are those limited edition Mackie cr4/5 i spot in the background?

pinkfreud62 says:

These would be good for older people, like seniors, who don’t need anything too complicated & may not know much about or notice a lower quality picture. And it would be good for a very young child just getting into computers.

Jaden .Wilson Lee says:

Ha ha I am watching this for on the Amazon tablet

We are Party people says:

I bought one because my ipad mini 2 died of “internal memory issues” only to need 3rd party software to resurrect it for a whole 2 days before it died again. At which point i was open to non-apple tablet suggestions when a friend recommended the fire 7 to me and at £50 ithought it was a decent price rather than the ~£300 i paid for an ipad

Exploit Entertainment says:

i always watch your videos in 1.25x speed, saves 1-2 mins of time lol

Wizard WhiteBeard says:

Naah, not a tablet, its a phone in 2025


I bought one for my daughter and she loves it lol..

Aphlatus says:

It’s good for reading

just a person says:

Anyone watching this on a fire tablet8?

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