Veikk 1560 display tablet – Review – Recommended

I was really impressed with this display tablet. It was very easy to install and runs without any hiccups. It’s on par with the Huion and Ugee. good pen pressure, no pen wobble
has the advantage of programmable buttons, good cable management, battery less pen.

downsides as with all tablets of this price, screen glare, parallax (distance between pen and actual drawing surface, and not as responsive as a Wacom. If you can afford it get the Wacom otherwise this is a great alternative for the price.

usual downsides
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Cerelia Feiyin says:

Veikk are pretty good for most of their products I’ve been using one of their cheaper products and im happy with it.

Now all they need to send you is a new KB xD

U Jelly says:

Great video! 🙂 I have a general question, what camera do you use to film your videos?

Aika The Shiba Inu says:

Your drawing skills are on point. I’m having troubles with drawing but I’m a lot better in blender I don’t know why

Tonatiuh de San Julián says:

Can you test it in a Linux OS?

nex says:

At that price, I’d almost consider getting one even though I don’t really need it. But luckily Veikk made that decision very easy: It’s HDMI only. Wouldn’t buy at any price.

Of course I wouldn’t dismiss it that easily if I was actively looking for a display tablet. But when I just went to their website to find out whether they offer a slightly more expensive model with better connectivity, all I got was a broken WordPress abomination that only tries to show information about the S640 and A30. WTF? I’d really like to see Wacom getting some serious competition, but this isn’t it. Pleeease Veikk, get your shit together! Having a cheap alternative would be great; but there’s cheap and then there’s too cheap.

ckat609 says:

Can the scroll wheel be configured to increase/decreased loop cuts, and brush size in blender?

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