TOP 5: Best Android Tablet 2019

►Samsung Galaxy Tab E — Best Tablet under 200
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
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►Huawei Mediapad M3 Lite
✔US Prices –
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►Fire HD 8 Tablet — Best Budget Android Tablet
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►ASUS ZenPad 3S
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►Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 — Best Overall Android Tablet
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Buying the best Android tablet for yourself can be incredibly difficult. More and more companies are developing high-end devices across all price ranges and quality levels and researching every single device that comes out is all but impossible. Luckily for you, we have done the research, and in this video, we will go through the top five Android tablets you can buy. You will see the best picks for budget tablets and for high-end devices alike. Hopefully, this video will help you find the Android tablet that is the best fit for your needs.

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Justin Brown says:

I have Samsung Galaxy s4 tablet. That is the number one android tablet on the market!

Dale Huhtala says:

This is a very disappointing video. Most of it acts as a commercial for these products with almost no critical perspective at all. Prices are the most important factor in choosing a tablet…that isn’t included. 16 GB storage is almost unusable if you are a moderate Android user…talk about that instead of the camera…very few people use tablet cameras. Overall, this is an extremely surface level video with o depth. The final straw was choosing the Tab S3 instead of the Tab S4 as the best tablet. This is the best tablets of 2019, not 2017. Need to improve dramatically…

Evan Brett Spearritt says:

Samsung galaxy tab S3 is so gorgeous and fast ,

Aaron Knobloch says:

Your US Huawei M3 link goes to the wrong tablet (T3).

Hamish MacSporran says:

The android tablet market is a dying market imo


You made review from tablets 2016,2017 and 2018?… is for 2019!!

Neeraj Chaturvedi says:

nice video .It would have been better if you would have given its price .


9:28,,,,,,, 23GB internal storage???

R. Marchand says:

the ASUS 3S 10″is stuck on android 7 and they won’t give an update for android 8. very rare security update also but it’s a nice tablet.

the magicians says:

Where is Lenovo yoga tab 3 pro

Miljan Stanojević says:

12 inch,16:9, hjack, Spen, 6/128, amoled, stereo speakers, sim slot, face id, no fingerprint reader, alubody, good rear single cam…all that in a box, in one tablet and you can take my $€✓

Daniel Williams says:

I just need a bigger cheaper screen so that I can create my Insulations perfectly because right now I’m using my phone 6 inch 21 by 9 ratio which is good but it’s still that’s certain things that I want to do basically I need a bigger screen to do and maybe productivity by editing YouTube videos or something was looking for a real root dual boot tool belt tablet I haven’t seen any good ones that are cheap and reliable and worth my time or so it needs to have a pen so it’s a bit like that he’s available well they’ll be great

Jesse James says:

Why didn’t you mention the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 ???

David Thangman says:


abdGMR111 says:

M3 lite is 32 GB not 16 gb

mrportfoleyo says:

can any of these be connected to an external display via usb-c? or am i better off with a thin chrombook?

King Sachin M says:

Tell me Hindi

George X says:

I loss track of what tablet is being discussed because video does not display its name.

Minom Pnom says:

mi pad 4 says hello

marlon pacle says:

Samsung really? I know the sick of that android. Do not buy that instead buy mipad 4

David Cole says:

The Amazon Fire HD 10 for $99 is the best deal out there. they run this special all the time. Also the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is overpriced at $549 for a Android Tablet. Sure it is fast, but it is a Android Tablet…

Joeygotjokes ! says:

Why wouldn’t you recommend the Galaxy Tab S4, instead of the S3? Isn’t the S3 a more dated model?

Black Magician says:

I wonder why the galaxy tab s 8.5″ with 359 ppi(16gb storage) and tab s2 8″ with 320 ppi(32gb storage) aren’t mentioned for being the best screen tablets on android. Both have 3gb of ram and can expand to 128 gb. It’s great for media entertaiment and digital reading.

Jerrl Evans says:

Why does everyone have such a long-winded introduction?

TheSpaz28Monster says:

I was so happy when it said tab s3 was no.1 because thats the one that i have

Sherry Armstrong says:

so no on the 1 tb simm card for samsung

skydog729 says:

This was published in 2019, however the reviewer is grading the Huawei M3 lite. This was made in 2016. We now have a much better tablet by Huawei call them mediapad m5 pro. After reading that in the description I decided not to watch the video

maikal kujur says:

Where is mipad 4

David Kempton says:

FWIW, I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 at Costco for $129 – and it actually does what I need quite well, but the Huawei Mediapad is cheaper and has better specs.

G K says:

the best rubbish is Samsung

some iranian dudeZ says:

Where are the Chuwi Hi9 Air/Pro or Teclast T20 that have much better specs at a price tag near samsung tab E? Any reasons they weren’t mentioned?

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