THIS TABLET IS AWESOME! Huion Kamvas GT 191 Review

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I am not being paid for this review. Everything I say is 100% my opinion. Huion sent me this tablet free for review. They’re an awesome company, 11/10 would recommend.

I use Clip Studio Paint to draw the frames and I edit them together in Premiere Pro and I draw on a Surface Pro 4!
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Winter Fox says:

Kat, mommeh, can i has for Christmas ples

violetsarentblue says:


unicorns 2 says:

I’m gonna become a YouTuber just for free awesome drawing stuff lol jk

Dog Zun says:

Starts at 2:40

Neko Poet says:


that one akward guy says:

woah, boxception.

Keira Osborn says:

You don’t have no freinds, you have all of your fans.

Sneakymcgee says:

I’ll be your friend

AidanFoundMe says:

important question: is she a furry or no? (I’m new)

EnyaKitty254 says:

“I have no friends.”
Describes my life.

Rykathecat says:

I have a surface pro too.


Wilker says:

however, can you play Osu on it?

Miku Hatsune says:

Forever21 is not a fashion shop/ is a kawaii store

Dystorias says:

Katzun you’re so cool (*^◯^*)

MessySketches! says:

I’m pretty sure I’m getting one soon, can’t wait

awsomegamingpotatoesandwich says:

“Friends” I’ve never heard of that mythical creature

Irthric The Dragon says:

Your voice is so adorable!

Pss56 _ says:

1:55 Katzun ~ These cords are important *proceeds to smash cables on the table*.

Pencil Marks says:

Katzun: haha I dont have any friends.
Me: **Intense inhale** I AM OFFENDED!!

JT Yorkie13 says:

damn… I wish i knew about this 2 months ago, before i upgraded into a wacom intus pro… Geezums f*cking christ,

L0st_M1ner says:

Im really glad this is a second monitor rather than a whole computer, i’ve wanted a screen i can draw on like a tablet, but couldnt afford it because of it being an entire computer rather than just the screen

Lee_artiuM says:

She says “I don’t have any friends”
Me saaammmee



pokeZach1 says:

I was JUST looking at this tablet on amazon and ended up not buying it but brought another teblet, now I wish I did buy it.

SnapDragon says:

Cool review! You sound like a salesperson when you babble on Huion should be proud XD Like, can I get a free tablet? Pls? Pls? Hello, Huion

rockets-don't-make good-toast says:

the larger animation channels (jaiden, james esc.) Have already uploaded their videos but I want more, you filled that gap, until I watch all your videos and want MORE!!!!

Katzun says:

This was gonna be up sooner but youtube was such a mess with the monetization
go to my twitter to see me get very angry over it

EarthBoundNess says:

I still use the old surface pro 1 from 2013

Micah White says:

You should do a giveaway of your old drawing tablet… mainly cause I need one and I be broke.

Rosie Rose says:

What app do you use for the art bc I have gotten a Wacom pad this year

BlankZ Animations says:

I feel like that purse is gonna be a thing now……..

juan hernandez says:

Notice how she’s out of breath only after opening the boxes?

Øcto Animations says:

I’m gettin a drawing tablet for Christmas 😀

Poochilli Pickles says:


Yasaki Draws says:

You sound like Jaden Animations…

Ambrosia Games / Animations says:

Jdjxhdvc im late, anyway, I have the same tablet!

Gabby The Awesome says:

Ok Kat, idk if you’ll see this comment, but I have an idea for your ending frame since ik before you’ve said you’re not sure what to do with it (unless u wanna change it every vid which is fine, your endings look nice. This is just an idea and you can use it if you want, I just wanna help since your videos are AWESOME). Maybe you keep the position of the previous vid and the profile pic channel link off to the left like you have it right now, and then on the right side you can have a slideshow of fanart? Then either in the middle, bottom middle, or top middle, you could have “thank you for watching” or whatever. This is just a suggestion. I honestly know that whatever you’ll go with will be great. Thanks for making great videos!

Bàmboo - says:

You actually are the best youtuber. I don’t care what people say negatively about you, they’re wrong.

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