The Tablet That Could Replace Your Computer – Pixel Slate Review

The review of the Google Pixel Slate Chrome OS Tablet.
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In this video I review the latest Chrome OS Tablet from Google, the Pixel Slate.
I have the version with the i5 Processor, 8GB RAM and 128GB Storage.
Throughout this video you can hear about my experience using the Pixel Slate as my main computer for over a week. I will gbe talking about performance, battery life , screen and much more.

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Kingshuk Monsur says:

Can it play PUBG with keyboard and mouse plz make a gaming video of Pixel slate

Jimi Arisandi says:

im not first….

the operating system of tablet is defently android and my need from laptop or pc is windows os wich is using for 3d graphics design aplication, such us blender or 3ds max etc etc. wich is blender 3d aplication not in android yet.

ziggy8757 says:

too much money for a tablet…you could buy a macbook pro with that money…doesnt make sense

Cap E8 says:

Please unbox more cheap phones!

Marcos F. Molina says:

From all the 2 in 1s out there, this offers the poorest value. Google shouldn’t release unfinished products. A lot of lost potential.

Imtiaj Uddin says:

Can u play pubg mobile in it??

usman abdulkadir says:


Mr. Dupree says:

2018 anyone?

Ansuman Giri says:

No need of a Pixel with high end specifications when you can have a Chromebook at $250!

matthew s says:

if your not keen on the keyboard, maybe …
Accessibility >> Enable dictation (speak to type) >> Send your voice to Google to allow dictation into any text field. [ on ]

toroha7 says:

Another terrific review!!!!

seem2002 says:

0:58 That Candy placement is just *Amazing* .


I am first bro plzz pin

Adrian Craciun says:

Wazzap alex.seara bună!

William Hart says:

Not at my budget , thanks for the look around have a good day .

future3 says:

So we have tablet, thats a very poor tablet. Apps that most likely will never be optimised for it either (many popular apps haven’t even been optimised for the new iPads yet). You also have a laptop but with the attached keyboard you cant actually use it on your lap. All this for something that will eventually cost you upwards of £1000…..sign me up!

Umar Abid says:

for the price, you can get 2 in 1 laptop which might be better. I don’t like this os.

Kareem Abdullah says:

Brilliant review, nice tablet 7

Rollen Yamson says:

The screen is amazing but the new Ipad is beast except its to thin

adil jiddawi says:

Nobody demostrates android apps in action on this tablet 5th review i m watching now.

Salsa Dude says:

Nice tablet, quite pricey though

kleen937 - samuel says:

Too expensive…

Maan Rai says:

Thanks For The Awesome Video

JBJ ZumpingZapaak says:

Google Come with GPS

Nikka M says:

The configuration you got with core i5, 8gb RAM & 128gb storage is $100 more expensive than the Surface Pro 6, plus Google’s keyboard is more expensive than Microsoft’s. You’re completely right – no one would buy this over a Windows laptop PC and the advantage of being able to run Android apps is lost if performance as a tablet is lacking. Hate to say it, but Google have failed with this.

Shailene Woodley says:

Great review…

Luke Travels says:

Hughe potential. Google need to spend couple millions on the firmware. Create quality apps for viode and pics editing and actually can be really good. Nice review

finite tuning says:

Thank you! For my 2 cents worth, you have it above and beyond other reviewers. Stay vigilant and thorough my friend.

I'm stupid but, says:

Google coulda made this cheao and so many students would buy it. If they just focused on making the software work with the hardware, it would be better. With less lag this could be the go to cromebook for all students but sadly its ginne becime a niche product.

Lerson D'Souza says:

I really wish Google redefines the Chrome OS and make the tablet experience more closer to desktop …

Robert Johnson says:

Great review, Sir!
You hit the nail right on the head. Tablets are wonderful devices, but they are not as fully functional as a windows laptop, and nor are they as handy as the average smartphone. It’s a luxury item that will only appeal to a very small crowd.

Aindriu Mac Giolla Eoin says:

just for a browser lol

Mark Marson Padama says:

Can I get a highlight and a heart Alex? Love from Philippines!

Diuran says:

The Tablet That Could Replace Your Computer – NO! never too expensive and very slow even for high spec too choppy.

VilBear says:

Can we play PUBG on it ??

King says:

Can u play windows games on it? Like forza horizon 4?

paulb4uk says:

Its nice but i would rather buy a laptop at this price awesome review .

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