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10 hot keys+ 8192 pen pressure+ 15.6 inch + Full View Angle Screen+ 1920 x 1080(16:9 )Resolution with HD IPS Screen+ Dual/Tri Monitor Support + Two-Finger glove+ Screen Protector + Left Hand Mode…
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threequestionmarks says:

If only I had a youtube review channel, they’d have sent me one

Truth-Rationale Scientist says:

Don’t fucking insult lefites, MarsReviews! Don’t be a bitch!

Senior Coolguy says:

fucking shoobie

Truth-Rationale Scientist says:

I’m gonna draw a better version of that SpongeBob fanart you drew.

miksa says:

this video is 100x better than pans review

Ari says:

Adidas trackpants and Nike slides? Why has thou forsaken me?

Smegma Chicken says:

Looks better than Wacom, mmmm might want one.

Citizen HAL says:

Best review of anything ever

Monoloco says:

i find funny that Mars and Pan were both sent Gaomon tablets at almost the exact same time.

Soboba Fett says:

Nao mek hentai

「Loru Apollo」 says:

Dude those drawings are some good shit. You should totally be an artist in twitter and get money for drawing naked cute girls

PopFizzy says:

Remember kids, art gives you power! Use it wisely!
-Butch Hartman.

K.O. D says:

I love this channel.

Lauren Lemaster says:

OMG FACE REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheCartoonGamer8000 says:

Man, I could never destroy a VHS or game like all you hardcore Youtubers.

Some Random Name says:

It looks great but who the fuck thought that your fanbase would ever be able to afford anything over a dollar.

Ryanskii says:

Why are people making fucking tablet reviews

MultiRayman98 says:

Nah I can’t fuck with Nike slides and Adidas soccer pants

EyeAmTheAnimeNiac says:

You drew Spongebob in a BLM shirt giving a NAZI salute. So what side is he actually on?

ThatBugBehindYou says:

So do these chucklefucks think all cartoon reviewers are artists or something?

cause they’re low key accurate.

Lonely Mimikyu says:

Aw man new black robobuddies video

Ben Carson says:

CAnt believe black pan pizza got one too

TheFSF says:

Loved the tutorial

Deku_ Skrub445 says:

Nice video

Señor Socké says:

Every Disney animator who would watch this vid ever: shit fam, U rite lol

GodsBurden says:

Ten bucks says they thought you were Rebel pixels

Manu Sanchez says:

Lol is that Digimon name?

Enver512 says:

You’re the 3rd cartoon reviewer who’s made a video on this lol

jay folk says:

just saw pan pizzas
gonna drop a like so gaomon thinks you look good man

Ghoststorm says:

This is so weird. I just got my drawing tablet tonight.

charboard says:

Diffuse a bomb next.

Nathaniel Emm says:

This is why I love your channel. Burning bridges with advertisers and still actually managing to make a good review, all while being perfectly honest. It’s like you don’t care, but really, you do, but really, you don’t.

Wolf Man says:


FutureZoologist says:

man people bitch about developing an art style instead of actually trying to git good.

BorealBear says:

What’s with all those Gaomon tablet reviews coming out at the same time

zzcolby27 says:

Hey look, it’s solar sands

NoCapsNoSpaces says:

Autoplay started and I thought that it was a joke and the video was gonna continue so I let it finish and got about 3 seconds into the fucking Mr Enter video before I moved the mouse and knew the video actually ended

ZIX says:

How did this non-drawing mother fucker get a tablet review offer

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