XP-PEN ARTIST 12 Unboxing Review video of the cheap XP-Pen Artist 12 Graphics Display Drawing Tablet. this affordable beginner graphics drawing tablet from XP Pen comes with 6 programmable quick access keys and a slider bar included!




Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (


Leowo says:

*anyone notice the minecraft remix tho?*

chubb chubbs says:

Would this be good for opentoonz?

I_Am_Shadow CA says:

Is there any sort of tutorial for THIS type of drawing and coloring? I love the simple anime style shading that doesn’t come with the complications of painting but still looks good and not as flat.

charlie merryweather says:

left handies will rise up (do you think the world if made for left handed people

modern studies says:

gubbins is much under used

vivo vince says:

i wish i had one 🙁

Tigglet says:

you should be able to adjust contrast and color depth from your graphics card controls rather than the windows settings

Story & Spice says:

Jesus this is such an amazing review

Karlen Chan says:

thanks mikey just ordered this as my first Graphics tablet.

Dr. Star says:

8:37 -> 8:39 Best British tongue twister ever :v

Lumine Half Wolf says:

is this closed???

Yoga AR says:

People *should* have realised he was being sarcastic at faking puke sound when talking about left-handed people, but I still see one that took it seriously. Oh well it’s just another day on the internet…

Sk1llz Heeler says:

I got this for Christmas

The dam cord bent

hamburgbam says:

Does this tablet work on Linux? (‘d love to try a screen tablet someday.

nebula galaxy says:

Left handed people fight back

Savage Doki says:

I have the XP Pen 3 and I love it. I’ve always wanted a screen tablet. Oh man.

Yoshibro26 says:

Is this still ongoing?

Marie Seltenrych says:

No cleaning cloth or cut finger glove with wacom tablet. It sounds mandatory. Like the grips too. So why not? Price of XP Pen Artist?

modern studies says:

dont have instragram

Dayla Harris says:


Repurify says:

Hmm you call that cheap?

Youtube money must be getting to your head

Ash Ryohei says:

i didn’t buy any of screen protector now it’s scratched…T_T

bdhjz bcdhz says:


Jason Voorhees says:

I have left-handed sister and she can draw the marvel character less than 5 minutes with ink and paper.

This kind of discrimination against left-handed is unnecessary and wasteful. I’d love see more artwork, especially if it’s coming from left-handed people or not.

tibe nosh says:

hi mickey , thanks for the review . it was very useful, I would like to buy a tablet which one will you suggest : xp pen artist 12 or huion kamvas pro 13 GT

Drug Dealer says:

how much are some good tablet

CTTRest Playz says:

bro do you fucking make hentai or what
(no offence)

Fin Mueller says:

I might upgrade to this

TheLaXandro says:

You can have something like a used Surface for less, and it’ll be a fully standalone and therefore way more portable affair.

Yeezy westy says:

I bet you can calibrate that screen. might need some hackin; but it could be done..

Kristan says:

using this on the GO. with my laptop + this hell yeah i cant stop working anywhere. good and affordable device

RandomGirl says:

I saw this video because it says “best cheapest”, and it was the same as I was planning to buy…

Recording In Progress says:

They literally sell a stand for it…

mangochipps says:

Another decent option if you’re looking to get into screen tablets on the cheap cheap is to buy a used tablet PC off something like ebay. Lenovo and Fujitsu made a number of good convertible laptops in the early to mid 2010s which can be had in many cases for under $250. Just make sure you buy one with DX11 capable graphics chip as a lot of software these days requires it to run properly. I do most of my drawing on an older Thinkpad and its been a massive upgrade from working on a traditional tablet imo.

Vixreida Cosplay says:

I feel so gangster in my art glove >:D

hybredmoon says:

Do not buy from gearbest. They have the worst customer service imaginable. Their stock lists are outright lies. Their customer service phone number does not connect to anything. I’ve been waiting two months for a pen display tablet to ship from them. I’ve been lied to several times about shipping dates and when stock will be renewed. Their grand idea of compensation is to give me 3 U.S. Dollars worth of points that are only good for business with them. If you buy from gearbest you are a fool who might as well throw your money out the window. They will straight up rob you.

Freddy Haan says:

do you get a boner drawing that boobies

Salem Deluxe says:

I mean, that’s pretty good for a brand new tablet. I just bought a used cyntiq for like $200. Totally a considerable tablet if you’re looking for that cyntiq feel without breaking the bank.

AndreaFromTokyo says:


Dayla Harris says:

dont buy

Caseko CSK says:

If only they release it yesteryear… I just bought an Artisul D13… I’ve take a look and it seems they sell this one in my local store, and quite cheaper compared to D13… About 140-ish USD difference…

afellownerfer says:


Kitty Kat Mag says:

What Drawing site do you use to draw with, I would really like to know because I am thinking of maybe getting this tablet because it seems to work very well

Jeong-hun Sin says:

There was a time when a lot of companies randomly named things XP when Windows XP was released.

M1gu3l Mun02 says:

Lol I can’t believe the cheapest tablet is $249 I feel poor

DumbDane says:

Just how good are you at drawing… Wow.
How long have you been doing this?

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