The £50 Tablet! Amazon FIRE 7 with Alexa Review | The Tech Chap

The Amazon Fire 7 2017 tablet is just £49.99 – and with a better screen, Alexa support and a longer battery life – The Kindle Fire 7 is better value than ever. Buy – | UK:

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dale caldwell says:

It actually has Chrome as an alternative browser, and one can install the Playstore without rooting, which makes it much more versatile.

Mar says:

I need something that can support a pen to write on the screen. can it do that? why does nobody really do that anymore.. having a pen to take notes or make quick drawings or write down mathematical formula or to scribble stuff or just for interacting with the touch screen more precisely and without leaving fingerprints make sense to me. apparently nobody else cares.

Twentiethcenturybaby K says:

Update, it’s rubbish. Keeps constantly saying no wifi network found when my phone and laptop are both working fine on wifi.

rollerblading geek says:

you forgot to say the most basic things about it such as where the volume control is

jasdeep singh says:

first :p

OnlineGamer330 says:

Hahahahahaha, “boing”

SidneiGama4 says:

Does it supports 720 60 fps videos like on YouTube?

Gabriel Canassa says:

Can I get Snapchat. Instagram. And word or OneNote?

Bu5z m4n says:

I just bought this recently. It’s useful for the internet, Kindle, or social media. And watching downloaded videos on the go.
Alexa is useless though.

gogadget go says:

spiffing review old boy, tally ho.

Lixin Zhang says:

Not interested in the Fire, but I still watched it cause it’s a The Tech Chap video.

MrAlphaGamez says:

actually looking to get one, had the ipad air 2 twice and sold it twice as all i did was use it to read books on xD think ill get one of these

Maggie Fok says:

Nice video, I am getting one in black Friday deal. Like your videos and subscribed, xx

Amithkumar BG says:

Amazon tablet are great for reading

Harry Kerr says:

great video as usual Thanks

James Kristoff says:

When are you reviewing the Fire 10..? I have the Fire 8 which is amazing for the price

Sebastian J says:

Spend About 1 Month With That Bloody Agonizing Insignia Flex 8 Tablet As I Did For 3 Agonizing Months…Trust Me Ull Quickly Go Back To And Appreciate The MUCH MORE Reliable Amazon Fire 7 Straight Away…

James Quinn says:

Hi can you download snapchat into the amazon fire 7

Grace Deane says:

Can you use YouTube on this tablet?

Nigel says:

Great video very much like your style, unbias and not ‘elitist’.

fish90pro says:

I have the old one, I basically just use it to view my calendar (use it as a diary) and if my phone runs out of battery.

Surveymods says:

Great video as always. Might not be the longest or the most in depth but it hits all the key points. Keep it up. I know this comment might get lost in them all but i hope it brightens your day a bit, you chap.

21minute says:

Does it support Skype?

Sebastian J says:

7 More Bloody Idiot Moron Dislikes And Counting…

Garrettdx1988 says:

There’s no root for this tablet yet, beware.

MoonHowlerWolf says:


Geoff Fletcher says:

Phew, slow down a bit …

Twentiethcenturybaby K says:

Just bought one of these for £30, I only want it to watch videos on YouTube so pleased with it.

Meth Methanoid says:

Please link to evidence you can root this. I don’t think you can

Tonyo Stark says:

Subbed! Please review the view sonic xg2401 and msi g24c monitors says:

Planning to buy one for my mum who is huge into reading. Would you recommend a Kindle or the Fire? 

James Baker says:

Do you think Amazon would ever try a phone again? Alexa is such a well-liked assistant.

GotUrAnkles122 says:

I have one and its amazing

Ryan Barclay says:

Hey tom
Very well structured review
Definitely a good buy for those who need a simple tablet, does it still offer the 24/7 live customer chat ?
Shame about the lack of processor speed and at least one front facing speaker
Have a great day

Hidde 345 says:

You can get the play store on it to

Christopher Tilley says:

I agree that for £50 it’s a good deal, especially if you’re a heavy user of Amazon services. But, is it better than the other £50 tablets that Argos sells? I don’t think so. I’d rather have one of them and load the Amazon apps I use onto it.

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