Tech of the Year: Tablets!

Pixel C. iPad Pro. Surface Pro 4. What do these 3 have in common?

Other Tech of the Year:

Ars Technica on Pixel C:

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Jdm262 says:

I’ve always thought that I’d never get a tablet. But since I started college it’s hard not to get one. They are smaller and more portable than a laptop. I just need to find the right one for me before I go back.

S. HD says:

you didn’t turn on the tablet mode I believe, because it turns the UI to very touch friendly. the only drawback I think is the battery life so I bought surface book with its massive 13 hours of battery life ,but I think it’s too big as tablet so yeah you have to sacrifice something ,but running a full Photoshop and After effect is just amazing!

Henock Sandesh says:

You could have used tablet mode for Windows 10!

Artyte B. says:

The only one that can be a laptop is the surface pro 4. The others are just a tablet with a keyboard.

Tim Dook says:

I’m looking at these $600 to $1500 tablets when I’m here with a iPad mini 2

Let's Talk Tech says:

I feel like the surface pro isn’t really a tablet

Nabeel Khan says:

my surface pro 3 i7 is a full laptop replacement for me .I edit photos and movies and do all my serious stuff on it. I imagine sp 4 must be even better…

Rufus Driscoll says:

If the keyboard for the pixel c is anything like the one for nexus 9 then the lack of android specific buttons really isn’t an issue. you just use keyboard shortcuts. I rarely ever even touch the screen. Pressing two keys at once over having a huge keyboard to fit in extra android keys is definitely not an issue in my opinion.

J.S Acharyya says:


777Edub says:

Love my surface Pro 4! I just put the dbrand skin on it and that made it look even more amazing lol

Game Profile says:

You do such an awesome job with these videos .

Shashank Dogra says:

why don’t you do more Surface products ?

Virat Kohli Fan says:

Seriously, if you don’t want to review the surface pro, please don’t do it for the sake of doing it. You say “you can’t ignore the Apple pencil”, and even try to use the backside as an eraser, but then you ignore the Surface pen, using which incidently you can use the backside as eraser. Also, there is a tablet mode in surface pro, for Gods’ sake enable it!! Using pc mode and saying it only works well with keyboard and mouse, typical apple fanboy…

Let's Talk Tech says:

Apple should create an iPad with 2 platforms: iOS and macOS. That would truly be a 2 in 1

Muhammad Adityawarman says:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 better than Google Pixel C

May Shamriz says:

Can u please do another “best tablets” video of 2017???

nayef AL-khanbashi says:

must have laptop mode in iPad pro .

Let's Talk Tech says:

Except for the touchscreen

Itw0rture says:

For collage what should I pick the iPad pro or the Surface Pro? (My major is Aeronautical Engineering BTW)

Ayodamola Ajala says:

We can all tell mkbhd doesn’t use windows laptops. I use a Lenovo 2 in 1 and I can go on full on tablet mode with almost all apps . The only apps I can’t use are games from 2nd party suppliers. And most even support some touch capabilities

Ashfaq Khan says:

totally baised review. surface pro is clearly king here

dwayne balladin says:

if u want one for watching movies and basic searching needs.. which one?

Rob England says:

You forgot MY ‘Tablet’ the $2,700 WACOM Cintiq Companion 2 with Duo-Core i7, 16GB DDR and 512 GB SSD! (and 1st party Bluetooth 5.0 keyboard 😉

incognitush 19 says:

He mistook the stupid looking charging port of the surface to be an sd card slot

David Y says:


BlueTNT_ 11 says:

it doesn’t have a full size sd card slot thats the charger and it only has micro sd card slot

Ashfaq Khan says:

cmon do a surface laptop review. i am waiting for you

hulio papi says:

surface pro wins of course

bondekya says:

I miss those old videos were Marques is himself. not pretending to be not advertising meanwhile he does on his new videos

Robbie Robinson says:

The surface pro 4 is a laptop, with tablet capabilities.

CM Thomas says:

When you were holding the iPad pro i thought it was gonna fold like paper

Vincent Gagliardi says:

my phone has 4gb of ram

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